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Monday, 11 September 2017

Blair excoriated in withering dismissal

For those of you who have not yet read Matthew Norman's shredding of Bloody Blair in the Indie, I urge you to create a quality ten minutes with the tipple of your choice and savour the flaying of any shred of political credibility from Blair's permatanned hide. Turn away now to avoid a brief extract, as they say ...
For most of the past year, he has been attempting to use the issue of Brexit and the resentments it has unleashed as the catalyst for the formation of a new centrist political party, which he could control from offstage. Any doubt about that was removed by the movement of his lips when he denied it to Marr.

The glib vagaries that served him superbly in the mid-nineties boom times – the cultivated vagueness evident from his vacuous witterings about conjuring up some magically EU-friendly immigration constraints – are out of vogue. Theresa May could have told him this, but there is no appetite for bland reassurance and vapid rhetoric when people in full-time work cannot afford to feed their children, let alone to buy or rent a decent home.

If Blair is a kind of tragicomic Napoleon gazing across the sea from Elba, he is no longer a good general. He isn’t even the bad general of cliché. He isn’t fighting the last war. He isn’t fighting the war before that. He is fighting no war at all outside his own narcissistic head. The war he is fighting is the one against his own irrelevance, and that was lost a long time ago.


Michael said...

No shame.

Perfect politician.

Budgie said...

Corbyn's new EU policy is lifted from Blair via the Labour Blairites. I don't think the young Corbinites realise that the old left in Labour were anti-EU. What a complete shambles Labour are in. If it wasn't for Mrs Maybe's rare talent Labour would be following Blair down the plug hole.

Sackerson said...

It's just saying the obvious, far too late. I was asking friends out of the blue in 1999 whether they thought Blair was mad; and although I was in a bomb-proof absentee-landlord Labour constituency I voted Conservative for the first time in my life in 2000, just to make a point that obviously no-one would notice. In the same way I voted Leave without any hope - especially after the murder of Jo Cox - that a majority would do the same. The best phrase I've seen recently about TB is "unflushable turd". Maybe he keeps trying in the hope of some kind of secular redemption - saved by love of people the other side of the footlights that he'll never meet.

barnacle bill said...

A man I would gladly try to kill with my bare hands if we were to ever meet. Even to this day I have a loathing for this man and all that he did to our once fair land.

Poisonedchalice said...

Labour leaders have a sorry and long history for being shite. Look what's happened to Corbyn's Islington -

Dave_G said...

Another 'plus' for J R-M in the making here..... the likes of Bliar, Camoron et al ALL seem to be beholden or corrupted by those skulking background elitists pulling the puppet strings - guaranteeing their puppets a luxurious life of contentment provided they press the establishment line and destroy all that WE hold dear.

J R-M would appear to be immune - whiter-than-white, cleaner than a nun's gusset etc - the only 'hold' the elitists have over him being their ability to prevent him becoming PM in the first place.

Off-topic I know (sorry) but a distraction from joining BB in throttling the life out of Bliar if he ever crossed my path.

rapscallion said...

@barnacle bill. Indeed. I was round a friends house recently, and to cut a very long story short he asked whether I could kill somebody. "Give me an example" he said.
"Oh Easy", said I. "Tiny Effin' Blair".
"No worries, I would have absolutely no compunction about burying an axe in his head for all the damage he's done to this country"
"You're kidding me"
"No, even though I know I'd go to prison for it"
"F*ck me, you do hate him don't you"
"you've noticed then"

Like you, I find it hard to put into words the sheer loathing, visceral hatred, and deep contempt I have for that foul creature of Satan.

Anonymous said...

Blair got away with it because there are people who shield individuals like him - especially after they leave of office and the work is done. His reward has been significant to say the least. Now take Cameron, who in their eyes failed, and contrast the absence of any significant reward.

Blair is a highly successful globalist who was recruited by the elite back in the mid-nineties. His remit was to establish in the UK the no nations, no borders ideology that underpins the globalist agenda. He succeeded in many different ways:

Huge increase in inward migration to destroy the nationhood of the indigenous peoples.

Introduction of 'hate crime' legislation to shut people up or put them away.

Identity politics and the vilification of white heritage.

European Union ideals and the inevitability of a federal Europe, or UN Bloc One.

Blair was a Bilderberger attendee; is a recipient of the EU's highest honour the Charlemagne Prize and, from George W Bush, America's highest civilian honour the Medal of Freedom. Blair is virtually untouchable.


James Higham said...

He really does have no shame and thus withering attacks are water off a duck's back.

Anonymous said...

Steve, I am in awe of you. You are so wise. I always look out for your comments, thank you!

Raedwald, I love your site, thank you!


Anonymous said...

To Dave_G:

I don't see how you can claim that somebody is immune to globalist influence when he is in thrall to the Pope. The Roman Catholic Church is the original global social media organisation, which has been brainwashing kids since even before the birth of Mohammed.

Don Cox

mikebravo said...

Bit of a leap Don.
From his claiming to be a RC to being in thrall to the pope to being a puppet of globalist, corporatism.

As for brainwashing children. Which historic group is immune from that accusation? Socialism/communism perhaps?

Anonymous said...

"As for brainwashing children. Which historic group is immune from that accusation? Socialism/communism perhaps?"

They all do it.