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Friday, 22 March 2019

People v. Parliament - the chasm widens

It seems Brussels voted yesterday to kick the can a little further down the road, with political stasis until 12th April likely to mandate a further long extension, and the Brexit Party storming the Euro elections on 23rd May, with the UK pissing away £1bn a month into the bribe fund of the crooked Federasts for the foreseeable future.

The petition figure of 2m is impressive but meaningless. Even if it reached 17.4m it would still be meaningless; it is open to fraud, abuse, hacking and manipulation. The map is instructive. The greatest proportion of clicks are from Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and Edinburgh. In contrast, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle, Belfast, Cardiff are hardly to be seen. And this is the important message, for should (God forbid) the nation descend into civil strife over Brexit, these are the battle lines.
Of greater interest is the latest poll from ComRes - worth quoting in full below
  • Approaching half of British adults agree that if the UK left the EU without a deal on 29 March it would briefly cause some uncertainty but then ultimately work out ok (46%); four in five 2016 Leavers agree (78%), as do one quarter of Remainers (23%).
  • Approaching nine in ten 2016 Leave voters agree that it has felt as if the EU has been trying to punish the UK over the Brexit negotiations (85%), as do nearly half of Remain voters (46%).
  • British adults are split over whether Theresa May is right to try a third time to get the EU Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament (38% agree vs 39% disagree).
  • Only one in ten British adults say they trust MPs to do the right thing by the country over Brexit (11%), while seven in ten disagree (68%).
  • Overall, Theresa May is the most favourable politician with over one quarter of voters saying so (27%).
  • Overall, Jeremy Corbyn is the most unfavourable politician with most adults saying so (56%).
  • One in four 2016 Remain voters agree that it would have caused fewer problems had the UK left the EU without a deal as quickly as possible in 2016, rather than spending the past two and a half years trying to negotiate a deal (23%), compared to approaching four in five Leave voters (77%).
Although you wouldn't think so from reading this blog, or indeed any of the political press, May quite astonishingly retains the confidence of a significant part of the public. What she said about Parliament on Wednesday resonated widely - so widely that MPs are whining today that she 'endangered' them (as if many weren't due anyway to be pitched from their cozy sinecures at the next election). 68% of voters don't trust Parliament to carry out their democratic mandate. Brexit remains, as it has been, the people of Britain vs Parliament. The ComRes poll confirms it.

Even M.Macron recognises the chasm between People and Parliament; leaving the EU conference yesterday evening he said
The EU in a very clear manner has today responded to a British political crisis. The British politicians are incapable to put in place what their people have demanded. Their people voted for Brexit.


Stephen J said...

Yes that map is very instructive, I will know where not to move, should I wish to.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Perhaps May is basking in the 'Daughter of Thatcher' effect? Except that Thatcher was more often right than not and didn't keep putting off decisions.

Perhaps Corbyn is basking in the 'Understudy of Wolfie Smith' effect?

DeeDee99 said...

Nigel Farage's threat in the DT to "tear the Conservative Party limb from limb" if the CONs betray the Brexit vote may have focused a few minds a Central Office. They will do everything they can to prevent the UK from taking part in the EU Parliament elections.

I hope the ERG and DUP refuse to back down and block the Surrender Treaty.

John Brown said...

The reason Mrs. May “astonishingly retains the confidence of a significant part of the public” is because a large proportion of the public have not been paying full attention to the debate and are therefore believing Mrs. May’s lies when she says that we will be leaving the EU when we sign the EU’s WA.

They haven’t grasped that the “Future Relationship” negotiations haven’t even started and that the EU’s WA will seriously weaken our negotiating position with its clause that we cannot exit the EU unilaterally and that as a consequence every single country will vote to keep us in the EU until they get what they want.

Mr. Macron has already said he will use the backstop to get everything he wants from our fishing grounds.

It is worse than remain in that remain at least had Article 50, and this was always the intention of our remain PM, Parliament and civil service.

This WA should never be signed under any circumstances and the only way to leave the EU is without a deal. It was really always going to be the “only” way to leave and a Brexit PM and Parliament would have spent the last 3 years preparing for it.

Whether we sign the WA, or leave with no deal, or even revoke Article 50 the EU will be out to get us.

decnine said...

I will not say that individual MPs are traitors (though the behaviour of some of them invites it). I do say that Parliament is institutionally treacherous towards the citizens of the UK.

Mr Ecks said...

The petition is shite. Bots etc same as 2016 and every remainiac signing under every live email address they have. I have had 6 at one time or another etc and I am not a tech type.

Cedric Pugh said...

Petition to leave the EU with no deal: 370,000 in six months.

Petition to cancel Article Fifty: 2,500,000 in two days.

No, neither carry legal force but they are not "meaningless".

Turnout for Farage's walk: fewer than 100.

Mr Ecks said...

2 million is fake--as above. They know this is their chance to wreck and hope that enough bullshit will do it.

As for Farage--the walk was a stupid idea. WhoTF is going to
across the UK trying to find a marxch. Jarrow is a sacred cow of the left anyway. Organised at the last minute. A hopeless plan.

A GE needs to be any second vote. Not a rigged 2nd vote circus.

Stephen J said...

Well here is a YouTube that says otherwise Cedric:

The point about any march is that you have to be fit enough to participate, and you have to have the free time available.

Note that there is an awful lot of support for those participants from people who can't be there.

RAC said...

Cedric Pugh you may think you are being subtle but your liking to piss on the fireworks is very noticeable and tedious.

Dave_G said...

Cedric said No, neither carry legal force but they are not "meaningless".

'Meaningless' as the original legal vote to LEAVE was? If the 'leave vote WAS meaningless then why did 16.8M vote against it?

The reason there is no substantial protest in support of leave (as opposed to the irresponsible, Globalist-paid-for remain hyseria) is that leave WON and in a democratic society the 'winners' would rightly expect their wishes to prevail - so why SHOULD they protest?

You Remainers don't seem to understand the wider implications of your refusal to recognise a democratic decision and the need to uphold the result.

Reap what you sow.

Mark said...

Is it that the EU now want us out?

Absolute surrender was their preferred (only) option of course but even if they get that do they really want a potential block of up th 73 "MEPs" aligning with other "populists".

The Europen "parliament" is a pointless rubber stamp of course, just there for show, but it's not sold to European "citizens" as such (and I'm sure many of them actually believe it's part of a genuinely democratic structure)

Some dissent is allowed as part of the theatre but how would they deal with serious opposition in this "parliament" that wouldn't go quietly?

Just askin

Dave_G said...

I find it difficult to believe that all 27 EU members voted to adopt this delay. Certainly Italy, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Austria, Hungary etc all have very good reason to be as obstructive as possible to EU motions much as the DUP were to Treason May and capable of extracting their 'pound of flesh' for their co-operation.

What did the EU concede to get this delay through?

Equally we hear very little of the ground swell of public (and business) opinion from Europe. I can't imagine for a moment that European businesses aren't VERY concerned for their potential lack of trade opportunity with the UK, given the trade imbalance, and suggest the discontent with EU leadership is as great as ours is with our current Parliament.

But, as ever, all we see/hear is what the Globalist Establishment WANT us to see/hear i.e. Remain protests, stupid poll results and fabricated belief in a desire to remain.

Other than the official EU line does anyone, anywhere, know what the PUBLIC and Business feeling is across Europe? I'd go to our 'responsible, unbiased and trustworthy' media for answers but......

Cedric Pugh said...

Of course they want the UK out, Mark.

Emmanuel Macron has just castigated UK politicians, for being incapable of "implementing what the people have asked of them".

Make what you will, of that populist language.

Mark said...


It's difficult to conclude otherwise now, although when they actually decided this would be interesting to know.

How May's deal can be passed now when even the EU are making it clear they don't want it (and clearly will not change a full stop).

But fuck me, there's still the possibility!

Bill Quango MP said...

Portillo on This Week responded to the 2m petition by saying it was meaningless. And suggesting Andrew Neil was being less than his usual journalistic rigorous self for even mentioning it.

When asked why, Portillo replied that a poll for leaving the EU on "X" date, with or without a deal, would also garner hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of votes.

Bill Quango MP said...

Curiosity only: Has moderation cured the troll infestation?

Or are you reading the wind up and then deleting ?

Dave_G said...

@Cedric - "incapable" (of implementing...)???

Surely Macron meant to say UNWILLING to implement?

We (or, should I correctly point out, Remainers) blindly lead the way to anarchy and totalitarianism by refusing to support a democratic process that is being usurped in front of all our faces.

Parliaments actions may set a prescendent in that they could, should they refuse to implement 'the will of the people', simply disregard any and all future wants by the electorate.

By their actions they now indicate that they consider themselves superior, they are uncontestible and that they are 'the word of law'.

Do you understand that you are a willing participant in thowing away all your rights? NOTHING you seek need be enacted. NOTHING you want changed need happen. Where is the incentive for Government to do what 'you' want if they can piss on your bonfire of democratic rights and simply IGNORE YOU?

Mock me. I know your type and you surely will. But if you can't see what is happening right in front of your face then your mockery is hollow, as is any argument you make for Remain.

Raedwald said...

Bill - they've mostly dropped away
I just delete OT trolls that try deliberately to substitute a troll agenda or that are plain fake-news bollocks - only a couple a day now

It's still a pain in the arse. I'm in my workshop routing picture frame stock and coul do without it.

Span Ows said...

Cedric, hard of understanding? The march is LIMITED to numbers. This is INTENTIONAL and following police advice.

Re "meaningless"...yes, these petition numbers are completely meaningless. (now over 3 million...are you excited?)

Span Ows said...

Interestingly, nearly ALL the darker coloured areas (most signatures) are Labour or Lib Dem constituencies, most Labour MPs represent a constituency that voted Leave though. Bristol West and Brighton Pavilion seemed to be winning with almost 7% of the total voter population of that constituency having signed...amazing (not). Still meaningless

Span Ows said...

hehe, just looked at my post re a similar petition back in June 2016:

"...if you go to the petition map you can see where most signatures are coming from: London, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton...yes, you get the idea: [edit 1620 hrs] a student/millennial/snowflake brigade are on a mission..." plus ca change!

K said...

I don't think the petition is being significantly gamed but they are lying about how easy it is to game it.

You don't need a hacked email address for every signature. You just need a single domain with wildcard emails enabled. For example, check the headers for any email from Amazon and while the Reply-To header will be something obvious like the Return-Path header will be something long and unique like

So in essence every Amazon customer, perhaps even every email Amazon sends, has a unique email address. Do these security experts on the BBC really think someone at Amazon manually creates all these accounts every day?

There are plenty of ready to use commercial services for this. Amazon SES, Send Grid, Mailchimp, etc. but they're probably not a good idea for this as they'd suspend any new account with lots of activity (you could hack a legitimate account and hide the spam under normal load).

The catch is that it's easy for someone to spot thousands of email sign ups from the same domain and this is most likely why the petition numbers are so slow to update. The site isn't overloaded but is saving up signatures to process in batches because the larger the batch the easier it is to detect repeated domains.

Anonymous said...

Is this fake news?


jack ketch said...

Anyone seen 'Budgie' recently? Not like him not to comment.

jack ketch said...

Is the petition (nudging 4Mill now) meaningless? Probably...but...remember the people who will decide if it is or isn't meaningful are the self same people who were (and are) saying "We will respect the referendum vote" or "honour the vote" (neither of which means 'comply with'). In other words our own dear whimsical darlings elected to the House of Commons. Our MPs will decide how much meaning it has....

Raedwald said...

My own view is that the 'petition' is nothing more than a Deep State dirty trick; only the Grey Men have access to an email database of previous petition signers for which they can mass-fake confirmations. Using the servers of their old Oxbridge chums to promulgate the fraud fits the picture.

In three months, when tha database has been analysed and shown to be fraudulent, and football fans, home bakers, motorcycle maintainers and others discover their identities have been hijacked, it will be too late.

No, we must disregard this obvious piece of Black propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Tinfoil hat stuff, Raed.

Span Ows said... need to find out what people say 'tin foil hat' to, I don't think you quite get it.

jack ketch said...

The site isn't overloaded but is saving up signatures to process in batches because the larger the batch the easier it is to detect repeated domains. -k

I suspect k is right about that, it has been noticeable that instead of constantly updating as it did at the start, it now updates in large chunks only a few times an hour as far as I can see.

Just passed the 4 million mark.