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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Referendum II - We Will Win Again!

The more astute amongst you may notice an addition to the blogroll in the side column. Dominic Cummings writes today;
Dear Vote Leave activists…

Please get in touch with friends and family who you know are onside. Start rebuilding our network now. The crucial data to collect: name, email, postcode, mobile (full address if possible). If we need to set up a new entity — a campaign, a party — you will be able to plug this straight into new data infrastructure and we will try to grow super-fast. And it looks like we will need to…

Remember: we won last time even though the Establishment had every force with power and money on their side. They screwed it up because they do not have good models of effective action: they literally do not know what they are doing, as they have demonstrated to the world in the farcical negotiations. They are screwing up their attempt to cancel the referendum. Beating them again and by more will be easier than 2016.

Also, don’t worry about the so-called ‘permanent’ commitments this historically abysmal Cabinet are trying to make on our behalf. They are not ‘permanent’ and a serious government — one not cowed by officials and their bullshit ‘legal advice’ with which they have herded ministers like sheep — will dispense with these commitments and any domestic law enforcing them.

And next time we will not close down — we will try to ensure that votes are respected and the malign grip of the parties and civil service is broken, as Vote Leave said should happen in 2016.

Spread the word among those you know…
Now that's a mind I can happily work for!

In contrast I offer you the EU's angry midget, the Pole who can't keep his gob shut. The credulous little fool actually seems to believe that the signatures on the 'revoke' petition are genuine and that the verified 350,000 Waitrose shoppers who strolled about in central London carrying correctly spelt and pithily contrived bijoux placards in a range of Farrow and Ball colours were worth 1m of us normal people - they being so intellectually superior to we dumbass Leave fools, I suppose. In a comment aimed at Hof and his chums - who really don't want Farage littering up their ideologically pure chamber, Tusk said;
Let me make one personal remark to the members of this parliament. Before the European council, I said that we should be open to a long extension if the UK wishes to rethink its Brexit strategy, which would of course mean the UK’s participation in the European parliament elections. And then there were voices saying that this would be harmful or inconvenient to some of you.

Let me be clear: such thinking is unacceptable. You cannot betray the 6 million people who signed the petition to revoke article 50, the 1 million people who marched for a people’s vote, or the increasing majority of people who want to remain in the European Union
I have a feeling Tusk will eat those words.

For anyone in any doubt as to why those revoke clicks don't count, see Brendan O'Neill on Spiked


rapscallion said...

"You cannot betray the 6 million people who signed the petition to revoke article 50"

But apparently its perfectly OK to betray 17.4 million people who voted to leave his accursed oligarchy

Cedric Pugh said...

So what are you going to do, to prevent the EU from offering continued, conditional, EU citizenship to UK nationals who want it, direct to them, personally? That is the sort of thing that Tusk meant.

And why would you anyway? Why should it bother you?

Rossa said...

Just seen Tallbloke’s analysis. He’s been on the Leave march. This is an extract:

15. All these other options, except revoking A50, are ONLY available AFTER the WA is signed. (Ask the EU – but this is the case)
16. So, if WA is dead, and it is, the whole indicative votes farrago is pointless. They have already all been proposed and rejected as amendments anyway.
17. Therefore we have either WTO or Revoke A50.

He said this to ITN the other day. The rest is here.

mikebravo said...

Nobody here is going to stop anybody from doing anything. How could they?
Why do you continue with such bone questioning?

Mark said...


Is that what Tusk actually meant?

Where there are "Europeans" so there is "European" soil. Well we know what that sort of mindset led to 70 odd years ago don't we. You'd think a Pole would have more of an understanding of European history.

It doesn't bother me in the slightest if they give EU "citizenship" to Venezuelans, North Koreans or whatever.

He does realise that he would need to give multiple "citizenships", possibly hundreds to individuals remainiacs. Which is only fair I suppose as they are SO much more worthy.

Or maybe it was a vote for each of their genders.

Cedric Pugh said...

Well, Tusk was addressing the EU Parliament - over tedious heckling from ukip - and not the UK Government or media.

He makes a very good point. If Article Nine of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights has said "citizenship" and not "nationality", then the EU would be compelled to offer it. Maybe the international court will rule that it still must?

It would mean, sensibly, that an independent Catalonia could not dictate that all its residents lost their Spanish nationality, for instance, and the position here has parallels.

jack ketch said...

I admit DC's comments raised a smile and some nods of agreement this morning when I read them, particularly this bit :Those of you in the narcissist-delusional subset of the ERG who have spent the last three years scrambling for the 8.10 Today slot while spouting gibberish about trade and the law across SW1 – ie exactly the contemptible behaviour that led to your enforced marginalisation during the referendum and your attempt to destroy Vote Leave – you are also in the pirate category. You were useful idiots for remain during the campaign and with every piece of bullshit from Bill Cash et al you have helped only remain for three years. Remember how you WELCOMED the backstop as a ‘triumph’ in December 2017 when it was obvious to everybody who knew what was going on — NOT the cabinet obviously — that this effectively ended the ‘negotiations’? Remember how Bernard Jenkin wrote on ConHome that he didn’t have to ‘ruin his weekend’ reading the document to know it was another success for the natural party of government – bringing to mind very clearly how during the referendum so many of you guys were too busy shooting or skiing or chasing girls to do any actual work. You should be treated like a metastasising tumour and excised from the UK body politic.

But as to the rest of what he said, someone badly needs to take him outside and beat him to death with a rolled up copy of our Constitution (if we had a written one).

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of people living in Britain now who have dual citizenship. It's only a problem when they pay a visit to the other country, get thrown into jail, and expect Britain to get them out.

Don Cox

Mr Ecks said...

Anyone applying for EU citizenship needs to be deported over there sans their worldly goods.

The EU is trying to help us tho'. Yesterday--in one day--they:

1-Tried to take over the Inet and psissed off both the yoof and a lot of business folk. Including so I hope lots of remainiacs.
2-Tried to force Europe onto Berlin time.
3- Decreed new cars after--whenever 2025?--will have speed limiters and on board snopping devices.

Short of going around in T-shirts say"Yes we are the tyrannical bastards you say we are" they could hardly be doing more to help the LEAVE cause.

jack ketch said...

Including so I hope lots of remainiacs. Mr X

Very much so.

Cedric Pugh said...

How would anyone know that they had applied, Mr Ecks? And why? What harm would it do you? Surely the whole thing isn't all about spite? Maybe it is, for you?

Raedwald said...

2-Tried to force Europe onto Berlin time.

I think they have forced Europe onto Berlin time - but it's been done twice before. Once by Hitler, resented deeply as a manifestation of Nazi power and rapidly abolished following Liberation.

The second time was following the 1970s oil crisis - to save European nations billions in energy costs. To repeal it now, at a time when (a) the EU is about to go into deep recession and (b) the climate kiddies are holding EU wide protests about not reducing energy usage, is a particularly dumb move.

It will mean greater costs and greater energy use throughout Europe. German manufacturer's, already reelng, must be feeling very grateful towards the idiots in Brussels.

Raedwald said...

ignore that greengrocer's apostrophe in the last sentence.

Plantman said...

Pugh @ 15.54

"That is the sort of thing that Tusk meant"

Pleased to see that you're keeping up the mind reading Cedric.

The offer's still open!

Plantman said...

Raedwald @ 18.34

Please, please R think carefully . That might be construed as an "ethnic hate crime" if as I suspect it's an English peculiarity.

(perhaps Ketchy - who seems to be our resident expert on all things German will enlighten us from his profound knowledge with the German equivalent - if it exists)

Cedric Pugh said...

Well, Flower Pot Man, since he repeated almost verbatim, some words of Guy Verhofstadt's used absolutely in that context, I'd say that that would be very much the sort of - sort of, note - thing to which Tusk alluded.

It seems like the ideal solution, almost a Twin State one. Now, where have we seen that before?

Dave_G said...

I'm 'all in' for the suggestion in the OP - there's absolutely no way that Government (ours or Europe's) - note, no Greengrocer apostrophe mistake ;) - should be allowed to subvert the public and that battle lines have been drawn (again).

If the EU themselves want their own 5th column working from inside to destroy them then keeping the UK there is a good way to go about it.

This puts them in a quandry - how do they let us go but make sure we 'suffer' as an example to other countries? Will the EU manage to do this themselves (by obstructing any business deals) or will they rely on Britains own 5th column - the mandarins - to make the necessary complications?

Either way, the EU would be better off waving us goodbye and the incentive offered by Cummings' column is certainly a boost to my own personal hopes for a future free of dictators.

jack ketch said...

(perhaps Ketchy - who seems to be our resident expert on all things German will enlighten us from his profound knowledge with the German equivalent - if it exists)

Not sure it does, nor indeed if I am, but off the top of my head I suppose the heinous crime of the dreaded Grocer's apostrophe might have some passing equivalence with misuse of 'tun' (pronounced 'toon') which is the verb 'to do' in German and uneducated Germans will often say things such as "I do shopping go" or "He no German speaking do ".

Another pedants favourite would be the use of the dative case when a preposition should rightly take the genitive but that has almost become 'accepted' practice now.

Sackerson said...

We "won" 17 years ago, when Lord Justice Laws ruled that Parliament is sovereign and cannot abandon its sovereignty. His analysis of the status of "constitutional instruments" like ECA 1972 has since been upheld by the Supreme Court with reference to other case law, I understand.

If we do not detach ourselves from the EU now we can do so on another occasion... and try again and again. Be of good cheer.

Of course I think we should do so now, because of certain financial and military threats on the EU's horizon and because of its essentially undemocratic nature; and also because it will free our hands to face other difficulties such as what may well be an imminent global depression.

The fight will never finish, as far as I am concerned, until we succeed; and even that will only be the start, since we also have to reform our British political system.

Val said...

Where can I sign up?

Raedwald said...

Hi Val - he hasn't got a site as yet, but we'll keep watching closely

Plantman said...

Raedwald - I have seen comments on some sites (not this one from memory (or rather lack of it)

But the word is being put round that a spoiled vote figure is no longer given at the count - a cabal trying to take the sting out of any "Spoil your vote" campaign.

Just for everyone's information I have just had it confirmed by the Electoral Commission that it continues to be the rule that the Returning Officer at each count must give a spoiled vote figure

rapscallion said...

@Jack Ketch - aka traitorous scumbag

We DO have a constitution you cretin, it's just that our "constitution" has been so long in the making (since 1215), that it actually isn't neatly contained inside ONE document. It resides in many Acts of Parliament, Like Acts of Succession and Acts of Union as well as the crowning glory of the 1689 Bill or Rights. It is the latter that forms the very basis of the US constitution, but you wouldn't know that because you're an idiot. It is ink on paper or vellum, but it IS written.

jack ketch said...

has been so long in the making (since 1215) Rapscallion

You think the Manga Carta was the start of our 'written constitution' ?That is a common misconception but demonstrably wrong. Not your fault of course, I don't suppose a Quran school education covered the finer points of our constitutional history.

Span Ows said...

Can anyone confirm whether no deal will still not happen? despite all the 'votes' and shenanigans has anybody actually ruled out "no deal" (yes it isn't really 'no deal')

As far as I can see it will still happen...

Span Ows said...

Rapscallion 19:05

I think Jack is a good bean at heart, he just needs to be told by a politician with contract in hand that he has a right to live. As an Englishman I know I have that right, and to breathe and marry and do what I wish as long as I don't break any laws. pity those poor Europeans that need to have such natural rights granted by a written document. How great must those elite politicians must be; I hear they will also maintain global climate temperature rises below 2 degrees C, such Gods that live amongst us!