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Friday, 29 March 2019

They're Frit!

In the words of the grocer's daughter from Grantham, they're Frit. Oh yes, MPs really want to cancel Brexit, are committed to cancel Brexit and now have the means to cancel Brexit, but just don't quite dare do the deed. Somewhere in their mendacious, fraudulent half-wit hearts is either a residual pang of conscience or a spark of rationality. They are aware at some level that to cancel Brexit will mean their own destruction, savaged at the polls, despised by those they ask to cast ballots for them. Most MPs put one duty before all others - way in front of country, constituency or party - and that is their duty of self-interest, their obligation to themselves and their own wealth and advancement. That's why they're Frit.

So on this day, when we should have been riotous with joy at being free from the malign clutches of the Federasts, these craven narcissists will choose the path of deferring their cancellation of Brexit. A path that keeps us in the clutches of Brussels in a half-way measure. And their pusillanimity will turn around and bite their arses; Farage will storm the EP elections, Cummings will lead us in a crushing second referendum victory and finally we will cull this foetid House of its betrayers, frauds and liars and fill the green benches with those who represent the interests of the people of Britain and not solely those of their own discredited patrician elite.

Bring it on!

Update 14.43
May loses by 58 votes (286 Ayes to 344 Noes)
So get your walking shoes ready, all you knockers for the forthcoming EP elections!


jack ketch said...


I would have hoped that after Leavers' recent experiences they would have learnt that mortal 'saviours', especially politicians or wannabe politicians, nearly always have feet of clay. Only a few short weeks ago people were eulogizing JRM, Bojo, Davis etc etc and that despite all the evidence to the contrary...even after Bojo and Davis betrayed you all at Chequers! This week Cummings has already shown his true colours and the cut of his jib.

DeeDee99 said...

Today the CON Party has officially betrayed the British people by failing to Leave the EU with a NO DEAL, since Parliament has twice decreed that the proposed Withdrawal Treaty is a very BAD DEAL indeed.
The CON Remainers have sowed the wind - and the Party will reap the whirlwind.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm in agreement with the Ketch creature.

Farage and Cummings may provide a few matches but the torches must be carried by serious people.

It is the one thing that always nags away at me - how do we end up with the politicians that we now see in our Parliament?
We are too susceptible to words.

I could relate to Tony Benn's views on democracy (I could never be sold on his socialism) and would prefer deep thought and a quiet voice; and the problem - as I see it - is that all the tub-thumping is drowning out the perfectly reasonable arguments for leaving the EU.

Having said that, I have never regarded a UK Parliament in such low esteem.
But, then, they are trying to sort out the legacy of previous incumbents, who should never have given the people of this country over to EU control in the first place.

Mr Ecks said...

Ketch--Your shower of shite were always scum and you supported them even tho you knew it because you are constructed from the same low quality matter yourself.

One of your EU heroes Macron has commented on the plight of an 80+ years old woman seriously injured after being clubbed by his cop thugs at a Yellow Jacket rally. He said that he "hopes she learns wisdom from the experience". He hopes she is suitably intimidated by the violent thuggery of her wannabe EU masters.

That is the kind of scum you endorse , support and wish to see this nation in the hands of. You are a loser and will stay a loser.

Raedwald said...

Yep, Ketchy is good value - an intelligent Devil's Advocate and a blog 'vanitas' - having him watching over my shoulder sometimes even tones down my own pomposity and tub-thumping

But our own behaviour imperils our ability to engage in reasoned argument. We get a good number of hits here but the average dwell time on the blog is about 1.4 minutes - just long enough to read a shortish post. Long wordy posts don't get read. So the need to get a message across whilst readers are using mobile devices - as the majority are at this time of day - means simple, strong posts with the grey areas cut-out.

We are where we are.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

We can't win a second referendum, because of course "Just Leave" will not be one of the options.

If there's one thing the people in charge have learned from this farrago, it's that the wretched plebs cannot be trust to vote correctly.

So the choices on offer will both/all come down to various flavours of Remain.

Dave_G said...

We will only ever be led by those that the system/establishment allow to lead for the use of bribery, blackmail and corruption is rife and your internet browsing history is certainly not private.

Farage was 'got at' (personal opionion) and we've seen how so many other contenders have been 'put in their place' with little real effort other than a closed-door meeting.

I would like to see the transcript of May's meeting with Merkel. I would like the public to have access to EVERYTHING that is said behind closed doors - it is, after all, PUBLIC business. None of this 50-year blackout (Dr Kelly, Dunblane et al) crap.

I would like to see the current media collusion first EXPOSED then killed off and access to the TRUTH made more widely available. I would like punishment - REAL punishment - for politicians that fail or refuse to do their duty.

Just ONE of the above desires would suffice - for now.

Anonymous said...

"It is the one thing that always nags away at me - how do we end up with the politicians that we now see in our Parliament?"

Probably because most voters are not habitual liars, and are easily deceived by those who are. Mrs May is only the most extreme example.

Voters have thought that a party manifesto has some relation to what the party will do if elected to power.

Don Cox

Domo said...

It takes 11 men to maintain a 2 man security team, minimum.
hours in a week divided 35 hours (minus holidays)

Once you account for supervision and reality, it's likely more like 15

650mps x 15 armed police is 9750, almost a third of the MET Police,
Add in senior civil servants, spouses, children, the entire police force couldn't provide the men even if it wanted too.

They shouldn't be frit, they should be terrified.

Not to be taken as planning to assassinate anyone

rac said...

Votes mean nothing anymore.
We are living in occupied territory.
Withdraw ALL co-operation.
It is not OUR government.
They answer only to europe.

jim said...

Frit? more like rabbits caught in headlights. As with a house that has been let go to rack and ruin so Parliament is faced with a big political repair bill however this mess resolves.

At this stage I almost hope for 'no deal' and we spend a bracing couple of decades in the cold wide world. This won't help the British people at all but it will force our political class either to vastly improve their act or to copy one of the failed states. Because the repair bill is political and we people will be paying it for a very long time.

Today's FT contains an excellent article that crystallises our situation, 'EU faces big Brexit question: should UK stay or go?'. Because we have not taken back control at all. The UK hard right have long been keen on a more US style of government, think pay your own way and trailer parks. They may nearly get their wish, long past that wish's sell by date, we will end up floating Mid-Atlantic with very little connection to either the US or Europe. That is what Brexit is all about.

Bill Quango MP said...

They may nearly get their wish, long past that wish's sell by date, we will end up floating Mid-Atlantic with very little connection to either the US or Europe. That is what Brexit is all about.

Yes. I can see that. The world's greatest historic trading nation of all time, just sitting alone impoverished. I can see that.

Or, I could.

If I were a deluded remainiac who can only look backwards and considers Maastricht the higest point attained in human civilisation.

Its a trading cartel. We can join any trading blocks that we want. Only next time we should be sure to check out the small print that says, "Your country may be repossed by federalists if you do keep up euro payments for propoganda to be used against you."

Mr Ecks said...

Jim--Absolute remainiac cockrot. If you are dumb enough to think that is what no deal is about the rest of your tripe is too dumb to bother with.

You deserve to have your skull fractured in several places by EU goons instead of some old lady.

Anonymous said...

"At this stage I almost hope for 'no deal' and we spend a bracing couple of decades in the cold wide world. This won't help the British people at all"

On the contrary, it will help us a great deal. It is exactly what we need.

Don Cox

Jack the dog said...

Jim you're talking utter bollocks!

Pat said...

Don't forget the upcoming local elections.
No idea what Farage will have in place for those, but UKIP will have candidates. Perhaps we can convince politicians which way the wind is blowing without inadvertently supporting either May or Corbyn.
Indeed demonstrating displeasure at those two would seem a worthwhile end in itself.

Cedric Pugh said...

I wonder what the ERG have got on May, or - a fortiori, as you would say - her husband? There seems to be no other explanation for her lamentable grovelling to them.

And the security and intelligence services were always intimately connected with the Tory Right.

I just wonder, what the little state-within-the-state have been doing through all this?

Andy said...

It does seem rather odd that those who have a burning ambition to govern this country want another country to do it for them.