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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

The Sanctimonious Dwarf

There's something about little men with little hands that makes them a pain in the arse. Bercow. That NZ mass murderer. Yaxley-Lemon. All little men with little hands. The rest of us just get on with life but these littluns can't leave it alone; unless they're poking, aggravating, baiting, trolling and seeking attention they can't stay still.

It doesn't actually matter that on this issue the sanctimonious little Bercow may have been right. It was the way the revolting little narcissist rolled in his moment of global notoriety like a pig in a pool of fresh shit. He's simply such an objectionable arse that nothing good can come out of the speaker's chair whilst his undersized buttock cheeks perch on the edge of it.

Like the bent Gorbals Mick he will live in infamy as one of the worst speakers in modern history.

I've been listening on the radio to Parliament for many years, since Margaret Thatcher flung that challenge to Callaghan "He's frit! He's frit!", at that time with George Thomas in the Chair, a voice of authenticity and passion. Then came Bernard Wetherhill, the exquisitely polite ex-tailor, and after him Betty Boothroyd, who brought a touch of gaiety to the Chair that never detracted from her authority. Then it went downhill. For the past eighteen years we've been served by a bent blunderer and a narcissistic destroyer. Please God the next Parliament will bring us a speaker worthy of the Chair.
(The title is not original; as the DT reports:- Bercow’s love affair with the use of his larynx has always been warmly received, of course. In 2010, one interruption provoked health minister Simon Burns to call the diminutive speaker a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf”.)


DeeDee99 said...

The little poison dwarf is revelling in his unaccountable power and is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to gain revenge on Ministers and MPs who have had the temerity to object to his appalling behaviour over the past 9 years.

But, on this issue he is right. Treason May has learned from the EU and is attempting to carry out their usual policy when a vote goes "the wrong way" - refuse to accept the result and make them vote, vote and vote again until they get it "right."

The Establishment daren't make the British people vote again, since they expect an even larger majority for Leave. But the sheeple in Parliament are a different matter: most of them are weak, cowardly, open to bribery and terrified of a general election and losing their seats if Brexit is cancelled. Treason May aims to bully enough of them, plus a few Labour MPs, to get her Surrender Treaty passed at the 3rd, 4th or even 5th time of asking if necessary. And like everything else to do with this current Parliament, it is an abomination.

Sackerson said...

On this occasion he was right, though. Mrs May can't make Parliament keep voting until they give the "right" answer - the UK is not one of your common or garden satrapies.

Anonymous said...

Let's thank Gina Miller too. She tried to de-rail Brexit by making the government bring in legislation to invoke Article 50. Well they did that. As a result they will need legislation to revoke Article 50 notice.

Sometimes our 'elite' can be too clever.

jack ketch said...

Does anyone, Remainer or Leaver, disagree that this current government has treated not only the population but parliament with utmost contempt?

If it be true that we get the government we deserve then it is doubly true that Parliament gets the Speaker it deserves. May has been a player far too long not to have known how Bercow would react (Rechnung ohne den Wirt) and it fits so nicely into the '9 month extension' plan.

Bercow is a throwback, reminding us that there are 'offices' in public life that actually wield quite incredible, unaccountable-in-the-main and ancient powers; Coroners, Speakers and Church Wardens, to name but a few....yes seriously Church Wardens in the Anglican church. Bercow reminds us that "Westminster", "Parliament" and "Government" are NOT one in the same. We should celebrate him for reminding us all that Parliament isn't just a talking shop for people who would struggle to find a 'real job'.

And Raed, I find your dwarfphobic comments disturbing. As I have always said to the Bestes Frau and PORG in the Entire World "all God's good gifts come in small packages!".

Stephen J said...

Yes it's a funny observation but is so frequently true that we all recognise it....

Like Randy Newman:

Mind you.... I am not exonerating our larger than life PM, somehow even though she is not so short, she definitely qualifies as a short person.

Raedwald said...

Ah, little women are quite different Jack - I don't think my ex or any of my ex-girlfies was over 5'4". Bless them all. They don't have the same issues as little men.

DiscoveredJoys said...

I'm no fan of Bercow. But when Umpires put themselves into play (right or wrong) then they open themselves up to criticism of partiality.

Of course a quiet word in May's ear would have denied the media many column inches and also Bercow time in the spotlight.

JohnofEnfield said...

Let’s stand back a bit and marvel at the depths to which May & the remainers are prepared to stoop. And we’ve still got a 1 1/2 weeks to go! How many times is she prepared to prorogue Parliament until she gets her Bill through? How many ministers have to resign or threaten to resign before she herself goes? And then, I notice, Hammond tells us on Sunday that it is too late for no-deal Brexit. Traitorous people all. I I don’t care how big or small they are.

Sackerson said...

"Up the airy mountain,
Down the rushy glen,
We daren’t go a-hunting
For fear of little men."

The Fairies, by William Allingham

Pat said...

I trust, at the next election, there will be a serious challenge for the seat of the speaker.

John Brown said...

I don’t think it is right that the Speaker’s constituents (Bercow/Buckingham) are treated differently to all other constituents.

Either under represented because the Speaker has no vote in Parliament, or over represented if the Speaker uses his powers to favour a particular cause.

And no contesting of his position in GE’s by the main opposition parties, which is surely undemocratic.

Once a Speaker has been appointed by Parliament he should resign as an MP so that his constituency can elect a replacement and can then be treated as all others in the normal way.

Dave_G said...

The speaker may have his (many) failings but provided he works by the rules then he's doing his job. Much the same as we might decry tax avoiders who are fully within the law and doing nothing (legally) wrong.

But I find it difficult to believe that Bercows pronouncement came as a 'surprise' to anyone at the top and, rather, it might still be part of a carefully crafted plan.

The way the Government acts so duplicitously you can't but suspect anything and everything that happens is done so with purpose.

mongoose said...

It is interesting to note that the last fortnight has seen some semblance of brinkmanship and negotiating skill from Theresa and her cabal. How much might they have achieved if they had deployed this skill outwards instead of inwards?

Remember! Cameron: "It is a mistake; not a disaster." All else flows from that.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald writes: "Please God the next Parliament will bring us a speaker worthy of the Chair."

The Speaker is elected by the MPs. There is much more to desire, such as "Please God the next Parliament will bring us at least a few MPs worthy of representing us."

A small handful worthy of being Prime Minister would be good too.

Best regards

jack ketch said...

seen some semblance of brinkmanship and negotiating skill from Theresa and her cabal. -Mongoose

Indeed, today they seem to be deliberately putting out both 'messages' or 'threats' ie that Bercow's ruling means both a "No Deal" or a "No Brexit" are more likely.

Mark said...

This is not some run of the mill fudge, where the usual "we don't like this answer, come back with the right one" can really work.

The one thing - largely unspoken but quite implicit - over the years has been this tide of history meme: it's inevitable, we can't stop it so get used to it (likewise with immigration but that's another matter).

This allows the cynics, the cowards and the self serving to rationalise their betrayal and convince themselves that they are acting in the countries best interests.

Imagine how this meme would have been reinforced by a 2016 remain vote. Politically the EU would have been strengthened massively by the abject surrender of their most awkward antagonist. I wonder how they would be behaving towards Italy and Hungary today. I wonder how much more they would be pushing the single state. The underlying economics is that of the madhouse, but what's economics other than barbarous yankee voodoo? Nothing to trouble European philosopher kings building shangri la.

But they lost.

It's not inevitable and it can't be fudged. The question was clear: In or out and we chose out, not some slightly different emphasis on in.

Dress it up how you like, rationalise it how you like but they have to simply ignore the largest democratic vote in British history. A referendum where the choice is "stay" or "stay" or maybe "stay", "stay" or don't leave. I'd almost want such a referendum just to see how project fear would apply.

I've referred to them as "vichy jackals" a number of times. But the actual vichyites, I suspect weren't smirking and full of themselves when the sat down with their German overlords.

How can these people be so blind to what they're doing?

Cedric Pugh said...

No, the country is as divided over whether Bercow is a good Speaker as it is over so much else, Raedwald. It's Donald Ducked, dear chap.