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Saturday, 18 May 2019

Boris and Nigel?

In terms of political big beasts, they don't come much bigger than Boris and Nigel. As the realisation dawns on the Conservative parliamentary party that they're about to get a severe thrashing, their minds are turning to self-preservation, and they're looking at Boris in a new light - as the only Big Beast the Party has got who can go toe-to-toe with Nigel Farage.

A general election before 2022 now looks inevitable. The country really doesn't want to vote for Corbyn, but the parties must give them alternatives for whom to cast their ballots. Remainer MPs in strongly Leave constituencies are finished - this parliament is (hopefully) the last we'll see of Anna Soubry and Yvette Cooper, and good riddance. However, voters will not be impressed if the Brexit Party puts up candidates in constituencies defended by solid Conservative Leavers - Raab, Paterson, John Redwood et al. And to do so could well split the votes of the centre-right, allowing Corbyn in by default.

Of course having both a Leaver Conservative Party and TBP on the Treasury benches would be a dream outcome - bringing government with principle and direction, a united voice talking to Brussels and an outward, Internationalist, bold and confident Britain to make a new place in the world. But we'll have to see.

For now, we're still campaigning for the EP elections in five days, and my party leader, Mrs May, has just launched her campaign with a glittering event held in the CCHQ launch venue pictured below,  attended by a reporter from the Daily Remain and a gerbil. Hey ho.



rapscallion said...

"Of course having both a Leaver Conservative Party and TBP on the Treasury benches would be a dream outcome"

You are of course joking aren't you Radders. You still do not appear to see that the tories are toxic, and Lieboor are no better. Farage would be a fool to go into coalition with either of them, seeing how they've betrayed every Leave voter and democracy itself for the last 3 years. If I were Farage, I'd be telling Boris or whoever will be the next leader to "shove it"

When, oh, when, are you going to realise that the tories have left it too late, they have sat around and watched May destroy everything whilst sitting on their hands and trying to find their non-existent balls.

As Martin Daubney said on Thursday night at The Brexit party rally in Wolverhampton, "There was no bigger cheer than a working man's club this week for Ann Widdecombe in a coal mining village. Something incredible happened, A pit community village stood on its feet and cheered a lifelong Conservative"

Those words should send a shiver down the spine of every labour and Tory members.

r_writes esq. said...

That would have been, indeed was, my choice for a dream team in regard to the negotiations...

Farage would be ennobled and made Johnson's deputy. Any tory that won't serve in a cabinet with those two can do a "gavin" and "shut up and go away".

The thing is as Rapsacallion says...

It's all too effin late, and what is more Johnson showed his unworthiness when he voted for a new customs union with May's treaty, he is not trustworthy.

So nothing new there then.

Cheerful Edward said...

Your comment re the ex-pit village implies yet another repetition of the myth.

Peter Kellner writes:

A YouGov analysis of more than 25,000 voters suggests the following division of leave voters in the referendum, linked to the 2017 election result.

• Middle-class leave voters: Conservative 5.6 million; Labour 1.6 million.

• Working-class leave voters: Conservative 4.4 million; Labour 2.2 million. (A few of the remaining 3.6 million leave voters supported smaller parties; most did not vote in 2017.)

So the largest block of leave voters were middle-class Conservatives, followed by working-class Conservatives. Just one in eight leave voters was a working-class Labour supporter. To be sure, had even half of these 2.2 million voters backed remain, the result of the referendum would be different. But to suggest that the referendum’s 17.4 million leave voters were dominated by working-class Labour supporters is simply wrong.

You have about the same number of working-class supporters total, as Remain ones who bothered to sign the Revoke petition.

JohnofEnfield said...

I’m afraid you are correct. The Conservative Party will never rule again. There is no coming back once we have cast our votes this week. Farage is the focus of the Leave vote. The Remainer vote is split across the other parties & TBP has such a big lead it will benefit from the PR rules. When it comes to the inevitable GE all I can sense is that the Conservative vote will be wiped out more than Labour’s. There will be no pact between Farage & the Conservatives. This will lead to s minority Labour lead government and the break up of the U.K. & we will end up as a a vassal colony to the EU. Then you will see real anger in the populace.

decnine said...

The account of Anne Widdecombe being cheered in a (former) pit village doesn't surprise me. I am old enough to remember news reports of East End dockers cheering Enoch Powell.

I want the Conservative Party to be destroyed. The corrupt organisation that has sustained Theresa May for nearly three years must go.

So must the cozy Westminster bubble that allows our 'betters' to ignore our instructions to them. I hope that is what Nigel Farage means when he speaks of changing Westminster for Good.

Cheerful Edward said...

In what way is Anne Widdecombe remotely like Enoch Powell?

I would have cheered her too, but not for the reason that you assert.

Domo said...

I echo, the Tories are ruined.
Boris could have saved the day right up until TBP launched, then it became too late for sure, possibly too little as well.

Too many "leavers" were whipped in to signing to surrender document for the threat of "splitting" the vote to carry water.

RAC said...

Roll on the 23rd for a test launch then on to a GE with TBP. It's right and proper that the Conservative Party should be standing in the corner facing the wall and thinking about what they've done,or more properly, not done.

( ha ha ha)

Cheerful Edward said...

So, your "revolutionary army" would not consist of rugged builders and ex-servicemen, but of curtain-twitchers, car-polishers, geranium-waterers, and church flower-arrangers, it would appear.

Raedwald said...

Your quota is up for the day, Edward.

Dave_G said...

I'd love to think that the electorate did the right thing and threw out the establishment parties for 'something greater' but we underestimate the depth of control they have and all that is needed is to sow seeds of doubt in the voters (say by rigging the vote so the presumed support isn't as big as expected) to 'postpone' the change we are all hoping for.

The UK's election process is 'worse than 3rd world' examples so easily open to abuse and we've seen what the establishment can do to a GENUINE (if unexpected) result like the original Brexit vote so their interference where ever they want to whatever extent they feel is necessary is a big threat.

But Boris??? No - as others have commented, TBP needs to keep well clear of the likes of him. Shit sticks and the smells linger. No amount of scrubbing will clean Boris (or any establishment Remainer) of the taint of treason and any new party needs to be immaculate, fresh and cleaner than a priests sheets (with all the preconceived implications that implies...).

RAC said...

Don't think the Cons will win outright in any GE this decade, best they can hope for is no overall majority and tag along with TBP.
Why would they want a leader who "can go toe-to-toe with Nigel Farage",it could lead to more years of deadlock. JRM may possibly be a safer choice.

Span Ows said...

I am pretty much 'of a feather' with the other comments here (with one glaring exception of course). I am from a VERY Conervative family with more than one ex member, letter deliverer, election volunteer/counter etc. ALL are now paid subsrcibers (and a couple of donors) to TBP. At leats three considered/considering being a candidate in the coming GE.

This realignment is really incredible and it won't change just because jolly too-much-baggage BoJo rides into town.

Change time. Hope NF keeps his nerve.

Raedwald said...

RAC - My feeling is that the Tories will follow the Liberals - but remember that Reformed Conservatives and TBP need about 325 MPs between them, that incumbents have the advantage and that a 35% vote share will only win TBP about 40 seats first time around.

mongoose said...

The problem would be getting enough of a Commons majority to stifle all the Remoaner elite bullshit so that the Executive could just get on.

Such an (electoral) pact as you mention probably won't come about unless Farage is v bright and careful indeed. But if it did it would be at the price of a clean FTO Brexit or an abrogated WA. Con and Brex would trounce the rest. Bojo would be PM, Farage could be whatever he wanted to be and in charge of the negotiation of the future relationship.

This is the highwater mark of the Remoaner BS. This is the time the WA is at it's most likely to pass. Clear heads and calm thinking are called for. The Tories are usually nothing if not ruthless - this whole mess could be buried with Treason May and 25 pensioned of Sir Humphreys. Burn the fucker down and start again.

Dave_G said...

Raed's suggestion that TBP may only achieve around 40 seats is valid although the implications that arise from such a result will be far, far more relevant as it would immediately 'put to bed' all the Remoaner calls for compromise, second votes, cancellation etc. More importantly, for me anyway, is it would be a real poke-in-the-eye to the media that has thoroughly and disgracefully manipulated public opinion/perceptions.

decnine said...

Cheerful Edward said:

In what way is Anne Widdecombe remotely like Enoch Powell?

I would have cheered her too, but not for the reason that you assert.

18 May 2019 at 08:59

Edward, I think you just failed the Turing test.

Mr Ecks said...

Rubberspine Johnson--whose main interest in life is the well being and advancement of Rubber Spine Johnson--is a big blubbering "beast" who --like Breathe-Smogg --could not even stand up to let alone see off Treason May.

If Johnson is going to stand up and go NO DEAL and do whatever is needed to break the back of remainiac Tory trash MPs--if needs be having police/troops outside the HoTraitors waiting to arrest any remain voters for said treason--then maybe--just maybe. Otherwise forget it--he is what the Yanks call a broke-dick and an EU crawling compromiser to boot.

To Hell with him.

Gary C. Sawyer said...

The old bag is looking a bit thin of late.

RAC said...

Big picture (Australia) globalists take another hit........
" The economy, immigration and push-back against the insufferable climate-change nonsense appear to be the top issues that led to Morrison’s surprising win. None of the pollsters or media saw it coming. The BBC are stunned:"