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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

With thanks, time to move on.

The debt owed to Nigel Farage cannot be understated. Without him, David Cameron would never have agreed the Referendum. And as a Conservative, I am doubly grateful; without Nigel we would never have reformed our party, culled the EUphiles and shifted course. At the time of the EP elections, I simply repeated here what Conservative Home had printed as advice to Conservatives - to refrain from voting.

Farage's commitment yesterday to withdraw from 317 seats won by May in 2017 clearly hurt him deeply and has stunned many readers and contributors. However, it was the right thing to do. Only the Conservative party can deliver Brexit. But I'm sorry to say it may not be enough for an overall majority; we must still fight over Labour seats in which the Conservative party can win. There will also be seats in which my party can never win. There will, no doubt, be an app soon available to advise on the best way to vote tactically in such seats to secure a pro-Brexit MP.

Yesterday at least has allowed us now to turn our guns onto Labour's reckless and hopeless spending plans, and the undermining of the power of the peoples' vote by the illiberal anti-democrats. And on globalist warmongers such as Hillary Clinton, who want to use their foreign influences to undermine British democracy in a last-ditch effort to prevent us casting them off.

Oh. And remember what happened last time that Labour had a cunning spending plan? Your grandchildren will still be paying for it in 2049.



Jack the dog said...

I think what Farage has achieved is incredible.

One of the few current politicians worthy of respect and even fewer who have made the country better.

I salute him.

Mick said...

JTG - +many

However, it might be slightly more subtle than it first seems. Farage has effectively come up with a vote ratchet. He's assuming that the Tories will not lose any seats that they currently hold, which is reasonable. This means that the worst-case result is another hung Parliament, which given what the bookies are quoting may well happen.

For every other seat, it doesn't matter if he splits the Leave vote because the ratchet keeps out Mr Corbyn and Ms Swinson. Perhaps TBP wins the seat and gives him some leverage, but even if they split the Tory vote and the incumbent is returned, no harm is done.

If TBP do end up winning some seats in a Hung Parliament he can be king-maker and demand the destruction of the dreadful WA (it's what I'm hoping for). Sadly my guess is for a tiny, unworkable Tory majority with TBP winning nothing again. There are too many of the usual suspects on all sides who will simply be re-elected, so the music returns to the start of the song....

However, the other glimmer of hope is that the nice shiny new Speaker might actually uphold tradition and prevent the destruction-by-Opposition that we've been suffering.

For me it's somewhat academic at this stage. I can no longer vote TBP, so will be spoiling my ballot paper again.

Dave_G said...

We get the leadership we deserve hence the recent (long) run of Globalist, shill, morons incapable of tying their own shoe laces and the future doesn't hold out promise of any difference.

Those that don't like Farage probably have such opinion because he speaks his mind and exposes much truth about matters that .gov consider best kept quiet. As small a difference Farage made, a difference it was and a noticeable difference indeed - which, sadly, is why the likes of him will never be prominent in Parliament and even offers of Peerages have been made to keep him away from a seat in the Commons.

Whatever Farage has achieved he has done so, in my opinion, against an establishment that managed to 'disappear' him at his last GE effort and, likely, shut down his more vociferous aspects ever since.

Farage may be considered to have 'succeeded' only if there appears someone in Parliament ready to take up the reigns of exposure and stand up for matters that the general public have real concerns for - a voice for all of us who are severely under represented - as Farage did during his tenure in the EU Parliament.

Yes, we owe Farage a lot and we have let him down and the public down by denying him a seat as an MP (I consider his missed opportunity at South Thanet to have been 'stolen' from him).

PMQs would be a much more entertaining prospect with his presence.

DeeDee99 said...

Nigel once again demonstrates why I admire and respect him so much: it's Country before Self/Party every time with him.

And the "grateful CONs" repaid his statesmanlike decision by announcing their candidate for Hartlepool which they have NEVER won and where Richard Tice, Chairman of the Brexit Party, is standing.

And that is a lovely example of why I loathe the CON Party. Expressing gratitude, Raedwald, butters no parsnips. The CON Party's action yesterday was despicable.

Sackerson said...

"Only the Conservative party can deliver Brexit." But will it? And if it gets a substantial majority, does that make it more, or less likely that a genuine Brexit will be re/negotiated?

JPM said...

Deliver "brexit"?

But you haven't a clue what it is.

It is the triggering of a chain of events, but many of them will be unpredictable, and completely beyond the control of the UK government, let alone voters here. None of them are forecast to be generally beneficial, whatever the hedge funds say, however.

It will only be understood in retrospect, many years hence.

If any of its instigators are still alive come that day, then I think that today's young will want their revenge.

decnine said...

I missed the bit where the Conservative Party "culled" the Europhiles. My constituency MP was expelled for voting against the Government; then she was re-admitted. Odd sort of cull.

Boris may have forgiven her. I have not. And I will vote against her.

Mark said...


You seem to know exactly what what it means!

Many years hence? Oh I don't know, five at the outside.

Oh the twitter hell we will see!!

JPM said...

After years of threats and intimidation, what Nigel Farage had concluded was that the best way to put the pressure on the Tories, to make sure they deliver the “real” Brexit that neither they nor he have ever actually promised but which he has now unilaterally decided he wants, is, yes, that’s right, to not contest them in a single seat, anywhere in the country.

Boris Johnson’s deal is still “not Brexit”, he made that clear, but he then made clear that the only way to deliver this non-Brexit, which he doesn’t want, is to give it an absolutely free run come polling day.

Is there no limit to the credulousness of Leave voters?

This should be as good a test as any.

DiscoveredJoys said...


Deliver "remain"?

But you haven't a clue what it is.

It is the triggering of a chain of events, but many of them will be unpredictable, and completely beyond the control of the UK government, let alone voters here.

Anonymous said...


They don't even know what they have now. No-one can be bothered to read the treaties, including the politicians, EU law is enacted by SI without debate and the media, especially the BBC, haven't bothered with 'Europe' for 40 years.

Meanwhile 'the project' grinds on because no-one in the UK knew what they were voting for in 1975.

DAD said...

@anon 09.11

I 'knew' when I voted "NO" in 1975 what the future for the UK would be in the EEC. But I was wrong, the future was far worse that my fears.
I have always opposed the EEC / EU, and will always will.
Mr Farage was correct to withdraw from certain Conservative seats, it will mean resources can be concentrated in seats that are potentially winnable. I would have preferred him not to withdraw from any Conservative seat where the future MP is a 'remainder'.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Indeed, Nigel and UKIP caused a massive shift in UK politics without even winning a seat.

It's a shame to see the death throes of UKIP as a party going on right now, with the latest leader resigning after only days in office and the membership trying to trigger an EGM to get the Party-killing UKIP NEC out. I'm not sure there is much to salvage now. It would take a massive effort and a really charismatic leader and willing NEC to bring the party back from the brink.

A sad end for a party that only 3 years ago helped trigger the biggest shock in UK politics and a massive shift in political direction.

RAC said...

Totally in agreement with that which DeeDee99 posted at 07:36, every word.
Cons are disgusting and will not get my vote again ever.

Span Ows said...

DeeDEe 07:36

Indeed, I made that comment at the end of yesterdays thread. But it's worse: they did it only a few hours after Nigel's strategy press conference and they aslo dumped their local boring candidate an dreplaced him with their more popular regional guy who has a non indigenous name.

Snide scumbags. Party party party.

I suspect Nigel will make further concessions before thursday and expect the CONs to kick him in the teeth again.

How you can be a member of this Blue Labour charade Raedwald I do not know. Yes they are better than the alternative but they are far to the left of Callaghan in the 70s, nothing Conservative nor Tory about them.

Thud said...

More angels dancing on the head of a pin nonsense, out is out and the 'purity' fanatics can carry on the fight to their hearts content later. I'm just happy we don't get commie Corbyn, everything else is gravy.

Span Ows said...

Nigel Farage says: "It's almost comical. I’ve gifted the Conservative party nearly two dozen seats and I did it because I believe in leave. If they believed in leave, they would stand aside in Labour areas where the Conservative party hasn’t won in 100 years and will never win."

Raedwald, as a memeber of the blue hue lefty party, what is your opinion here?

Span Ows said...

I think he has cleared the chances of him being blamed for no Brexit/hung parliament etc and put the ball firmly back in Boris' court...

We await with bated breath the Conservative response...

APL said...

Raedwald: "Only the Conservative party can deliver Brexit. "

But after three years, three years, it's worth writing once more, three years, YOUR party has betrayed the country again.

Tory party got us into the EU, Tory party conspired to keep us in the EU the Tory Party refused to get us out of the EU.

Yep, this 45 year SNAFU, is of the Conservative parties making. YOU own it.

RAC said...

@ Span Ows 13:16 & 13:18
I think your answer is in the article title...

"With thanks, time to move on."

Translated from Con speak....

With thanks suckers, time to move on, you'll have forgotten about this in five years next time we need you.

RAC said...

@Thud 13:04
"out is out"... Brino isn't out,unless you're a johnson apologist.

If expecting the government to honor the result of a democratic vote makes one a "purity fanatic" then I won't expect you to say a word if commie corbyn were to refuse to accept a tory win and call his rabble onto the streets.

John Brown said...

I am totally convinced that unless we leave the EU now we will be at the mercy of a chain of events many of which will be unpredictable, and completely beyond the control of the UK government, let alone voters here. Our laws, and policies (economic, taxation, foreign, military, environmental, energy, immigration, trade etc.) will be made by people we did not elect and cannot remove

For instance, it is far more likely that the EU globalists will trade away our NHS in return for cheaper tariffs on German cars and French food than any UK government who wants to remain in power at the next election.

We owe Mr. Farage a great debt for what he has achieved against the globalist deep state.

However, Mr. Farage needs to recognise that such is the power of the deep state it will not be possible to make a clean break. Perhaps he does and is playing a canny hand.

If BJ achieves a majority at the coming election we will have a good chance to leave the EU’s treaties without Mrs. May’s permanent backstop. From this position we can continue to fight for our eventual freedom.

Any other outcome will either mean the revocation of Article 50 and the end of meaningful voting in the UK, or more likely, a second referendum.

The deep state has been working since the very beginning on a second referendum between a “credible” (viz the worst possible deal they can think of) and remain.

I have thought long and hard as to which option I would choose at this second referendum and have come to the conclusion that however bad is the “credible” deal it is better than remaining in the EU as it will not be possible to continue the fight for our freedom whilst our government, MPs, civil service, judiciary, educational establishment, quangos, NGOs and MSM etc. are corrupted by the EU using our tax money.

This is why Mr. Farage needs to do all he can to ensure a Conservative majority at this election.

However, it will definitely not be Mr. Farage’s/TBP’s last chance to gain MPs as the “negotiations” with the EU will continue for many years and we will need for a long time a government/MPs who are prepared to work for the benefit of the UK and not the EU.

Span Ows said...

JB 22:11

Yep. I think you are right and Nigel knows. The Lisbon Treaty - just on the horizon - and all it entails is a massive danger to the UK