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Thursday, 2 March 2017

A line in the sand for Europe, and another migrant Summer

No, not about the upper house doing a bit of virtue-signalling from the, uhm, somewhat damp red benches. That will be reversed. And if Farron and similar idiots really want to know how their jejune posturing looks to the 1m Brits in Europe I'd be delighted to tell him. No, this is about our old enemy, Turkey.

Erdogan is going through a democratic sham process to grant himself Franco-like powers, following the text-book route to dictatorship with the instruction "Next, pass Enabling Act". There are 1.6m Turkish citizens in Germany and 110k in Austria who can vote - and Erdogan is desperate to downplay his evil dictator persona for a liberal democrat one, so wants to extend his campaign tour to the two nations. The answer likely from both is Nein. 

Austria has simply said no. The total Turkish-origin population here is 360k, and Erdogan's visit would 'disrupt' their integration. Germany is using Turkey's arrest and detention of a Die Welt Journo, Deniz Yucel, to prevent Erdogan reaching out to the 4m Turkish-origin Germans. Both nations are likely to accommodate regime opponents, and Kurds, whom Erdogan is doing his best to slaughter. It would be like the UK hosting a State Visit for some brutal Salafist head-chopper. Oh ... I see. Sorry.

The Somalis, Ethiopians and Nigerians on the streets of Rome will no doubt be kept out of sight of the EU's unelected Nomenklatura as they meet to feast and drink this month to commemorate the Treaty of Rome, but will nonetheless serve as reminder of the hordes of migrants waiting in Libya to cross this Summer. Add to those a million more Iraqis and Afghanis in Turkey pushed over the border by a furious and petulant Erdogan denied his pretence at being a democrat, and Europe is facing an issue that puts the petty virtue signalling of our party funders retirement home back in its place. 


Anonymous said...

Darron and House of Lords as usual beneath contempt. Why do all of our elected representatives turn out to smell and act like excrement? Surely some underemployed academic could research this?

Anonymous said...

This sight cannot deal with the name Farron. It comes up as Darron...

Anonymous said...

The ONLY way to stop the flow of migrants is to remove the motivation. With any luck the Empress will be removed and an adult re-think of an EU wide migrant management plan. Or is that just wishful thinking?

G. Tingey said...

"Remove the motivation"

How to make the countries these desperate people are freeing from, more attractive.
Like democratic & without murder-gangs roaming the streets & fields.
Got any suggestions?