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Friday, 3 March 2017

Swedish establishment still the same Nazis

Ask me to name the most continuously Nazi European nation and I have no hesitation in nominating Sweden. Sweden was ahead of Hitler's Germany in inventing crude racial myths of Aryan purity, all that Volk cobblers around runes and race superiority, and had some of Europe's most repressive laws that equalled Franco's Spain in their Fascist reach. Sweden also fell victim to that fashionable Socialist and National-Socialist fake-science, Eugenics. George Bernard Shaw wanted a humane gas to kill the poor, Virginia Woolf wanted her own T-4 programme to kill the mentally subnormal and all believed passionately in controlled breeding to produce a master-race. The UK Labour party quietly dropped Eugenics from its manifesto some time in the 1930s, but Nazi Germany and Sweden never did.

I recall that in addition to being appalled by the Vietnam War in the early 1970s, we were horrified that Sweden still practiced compulsory sterilisation for those failing to reach an IQ minimum. It was pure Nazi T-4. Sweden only halted compulsory sterilisation for dim Swedes in 1975, after the Paris peace accords. Except of course for transexuals. Men and women wanting sex changes in Sweden had, by law, to have their balls lopped-off or their wombs pulled out. They carried on doing this until 2012 - yes, when I was building Olympic facilities in London, Swedish versions of Caitlyn Jenner were being castrated by court order. 

So it comes as absolutely no surprise that with such a poor history of social governance, the Swedes have also screwed up massively on immigration. Maybe to make up for a dip in the population caused by their sterilising tens of thousands of their own people, Sweden decided to import economic Moslem migrants, who, as Katie Hopkins reports, now commit the same crimes over and over again;
'here we go; this is what I've handled from Monday to Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape....violence against the police, threats to police, drug crime, felony, attempted murder, rape again.

'Suspected perpetrators; Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, Muhammad, again, again, again. Countries representing all the crimes this week; Iraq, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia...
Of course that shouldn't be a surprise. Nor should Sweden's outright denials that anything is wrong. After all, they told the exact same lie for the whole of my youth and adolescence when they were ripping the testicles and ovaries from the poor. 

Note: Postwar Swedish fascism was far more extensive than this; for a researched source see


Mr Ecks said...

I am increasingly thinking that outside military intervention is required against both Sweden and Germany. Once before the world stood by and did nothing while European internal politics went haywire --and the world paid a terrible price for it.

Invade, defeat the govts and enable those Swedes/Germans who aren't crazed, cowardly leftist cucks to regain control of their nations.

AndrewWS said...

"Men and women wanting sex changes in Sweden had, by law, to have their balls lopped-off or their wombs pulled out."

I thought that was the whole point of being a trannie?

Budgie said...

Socialism, whether national or international, is a curse.

Unfortunately the type of personality that thinks mankind is self sufficient and perfectable are ever swayed by the blandishments of the utopianism that socialism peddles.

Raedwald said...

AndrewWS - I am reliably informed there are shades of grey and being in a permanent 'pre op' state is a comfortable option for many. Not, however, in Sweden.

Poisonedchalice said...

Over the years, I have deliberately tried to avoid being anti-Islamic in any way. This is because I once owned a property in Morocco and made a few Moroccan friends there; two of which I am still in touch with today. But my position has definitely hardened towards Islam and perhaps this is brought about by our politicians.

As to the Swedish army conscription; I wonder why? Against a resurgent Russia? Really? Or could it more likely be a government response to impending civil war? But whose side would the army be on?

Anonymous said...

It was some years ago now but a statement made by a senior Swedish politician defines for me what is happening in Sweden. He explained how Swedes 'have to be nice' towards Muslims, because in 30 years 'they will be the majority'..and we should hope that they too treat us kindly when that day comes. The white guilt he demonstrated must be absolutely huge. However what right does he claim that he can oversee the ethnocide of his own people?

In this world the 'them' in Us and Them is the political class and their globalist backers, the 0.0000001 per cent. In their day the Nazis tried to destroy several ethnic groups in Europe. Today the globalists plan to destroy every ethnic group in Europe. The difference between the two is methodology. Mass immigration begat multiculturalism and multiculturalism is destroying natural human diversity: the nation.

Don't think they won't stop at Europe either. If they get their way the world of the future will be culturally flat and two-dimensional. Sure the world will still have people but the only other thing will be how many. That is all.


rapscallion said...

Why do I have the awful feeling that the newly conscripts to Sweden's Armed Forces will be predominantly Army. What's the betting they could raise quite a few Muslim divisions.

It sure as hell won't be used against any external "enemy"

G. Tingey said...

Slight problem
That was the Daily Nazi (Mail)
Can anyone believe any of it?

Mr Ecks said...

This is the age of the Internet Tingey--it should be easy enough to check.