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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Geert Wilders is a prybar, not a national leader

Geert Wilders scored his greatest success back in January, when the electoral threat of the PVV forced incumbent PM Mark Rutte sharply to the right. With full-page adverts on 23rd January in all the national papers and an interview for tabloid Algemeen Dagblad, Mr Rutte had a blunt message for the Netherlands migrants and Moslems - Get Out if you don't like it. Rutte wrote "We feel a growing unease when people misuse our freedoms to spoil everything, when they have come to our country for freedom. People who don’t want to adapt, who attack gay people, who shout at women in short skirts or call ordinary Dutch people racist." Those who wouldn't adapt to Dutch social liberalism should leave. "Be normal, or Begone".

Rutte declared back then that yesterdays election was not about the EU, tax, economics or public services but national identity. "There is one question to be answered. What sort of country do we want?". Last night he had his answer. And I think that we should welcome the result, which I interpret as strong support for a Dutch identity that means freedom, liberalism, tolerance and above all, social congruence. 

Rutte's view that the Dutch have rejected the 'wrong sort' of populism is, I think, correct. His own declarations from January were the 'right' kind of populism. Voters like his strong message, but also trust him to be fair. And Wilders was given just enough encouragement to ensure he continues to act as an effective prybar, keeping the new centreground levered to the right, and most importantly keeping the question of Dutch national identity to the fore. 

The Netherlands is a smart little country. 


rapscallion said...

"The Netherlands is a smart little country."

I'm not entirely sure about that statement Radders. Remember Rutte has been PM for some considerable time and is a EU fanatic through and through. You don't get to be PM in any Western European country these days unless you have some seriously good EU federalist credentials (UK excepted for obvious reasons) Words are cheap, but I encourage you to look at his actions over the last 10 years or so. Any muppet can stand up and say what he did, just like BrownClown did with his British jobs for British workers stunt.

Is there any evidence to substantiate his Jan 23rd statement? If so, how long after the election will it be quietly dropped - until the next election that is.

You can call me a cynical old ba$tard if you wish, but lets just say I have plenty of political examples of why I'm so cynical.

Personally, I think the Dutch have blown it.

Poisonedchalice said...

I'm with Rapscallion on this and I await the evidence to the contrary. "Be normal, or begone" - Rutte does not have the powers within his own country to do this; and the EU certainly would not allow him any mass deportations. Well lets wait and see; but I'm not holding my breath.

Sobers said...

Yes as other say, this isn't a rejection of 'populism' its actually a victory for populism, except they will expect what Rutte rhetoric promised to be delivered. The establishment have been given a chance to redeem themselves, if they don't, watch this space...................

Mr Ecks said...

Rutte has been playing at talking tough with the Sultan of Scum. In fact Rutte is just another sell-out cuck. He is better at bullshitting than Camoron was.

The Dutchies have made a serious error in not voting for Widers.

Dave_G said...

I fall onside with Radders in this - Wilders appears to be the Dutch equivalent of Farage only on a (slightly) different ticket but with the same end result.

In both cases they forced change where change was reluctant to be adopted by the establishment and we can see how that's panning out for the UK as far as EU membership is concerned.

Maybe Wilders has done all he needs to do to start the process of change and that, in time, the rest of the population will see his determination as good for their country too.

Anonymous said...

"Mark Rutte sharply to the right."

Yea, that was so easy for him.

Now the election is in the bag, watch him execute the exact reverse manoeuvre.

Anonymous said...

"and most importantly keeping the question of Dutch national identity to the fore"

Which wouldn't even be a question if the European ruling class hadn't imported millions of folk from incompatible cultures.

The Dutch haven't always been the cuddly liberals we know today. They won't always be either.

Rossa said...

Dave_G. At least Wilders has 19 seats in the Dutch Parliament, a result far better that Farage could ever hope to achieve with FPP. That's what you get when you have proportional representation, there's (nearly) always a coalition Govt. Even if PVV doesn't get to be part of the executive, Wilders can and will continue as a high profile person in opposition to Rutte if he backtracks. I think the result may well rattle a few cages in Brussels even if most think they've managed to turn back the 'tide of populism'. Same will happen next month with Le Pen.

The Blocked Dwarf said...

Haven't seen a News yet today but if GW got 19 seats that's damn good going, whatever you think of his politics. Last night's German TV news was suggesting he might get 14. Think GW's supporters can be very proud of that result.

And the Dutch are weird, always have been, the most socially liberal but self-puritanical at the same time. A cross between Calvin and Tim O'Leary. "you can do whatever you like, just don't expect me to".

The Blocked Dwarf said...

Correction: Last night's ZDF news spoke of GW getting 14% of the vote, not seats. But his result is still very respectable.

Raedwald said...


Yep - any sexual perversion you like, as long as you dispose of your recycling in the prescribed fashion. A nation whose rubbish police can prevent Dutch citizens re-entering the country if they have an outstanding rubbish fine..

Anonymous said...

See the way the media whores are running interference for the globalists? According to them Wilders lost the election. No he didn't. He was never going to win, especially on a ballot that looked like the payroll for small football club.

Raedwald said:

'The Netherlands is a smart little country.'

Not really. For the Netherlands citizens of Dutch origin: 50.3 per cent. White minoritization is the plan. It begins at majority minority (two to three years for the Dutch), transitions to absolute minority then drifts towards ethnic oblivion. Mr Rutte's 'wrong sort' of populism is in fact the survival mechanism we all have, and historically it has really only just been turned on.

It may be too late for a People who cheered as Lancaster bombers dropped food on them in the latter part of 1944. The Dutch are close to the English: biologically, linguistically through Frisia, and of course culturally. I for one will will mourn when they become a minority in their own land. The globalists will cheer. Job done.


Anonymous said...

Not with you on this Radders, I think the Dutch people are in big trouble and with Rutte installed again the status quo ante will resume unaltered imho.

Admittedly Rutte made some welcome noises but so what? Plus, the faux spat with Erdogan helped his [Rutte] case immensely - see how the Internationalist blob come to the aid of an illiberal colleague when the chips are down! Brussels-Ankara and Berlin all played a blinder indeedy! So, the federal charade goes on and the little Dutchies will get what they voted for - ethnically cleansed.

Cuffleyburgers said...

I reckon the Dutch election can best be described as the Unspeakable in pursuit of the Uneatable.

It's a shame they can't both lose.

Wilders is an obnoxious bastard but his interventions have extracted at least the appearance of moves in a sensible direction from Rutte. I share the scepticism of fellow commenters here that there has been a seachange in opinion at the political leadership level but presumably his feet will be held closer to the fire by the media and electorate than they would have been otherwise.

I think more generally across Europe, and despite the best efforts of a pan-European political class (which is much more united that the peoples they govern, which explains the utter tin-eared approach of the EU), there is an important upheaval taking place.

It is slow of course, the bastards have been building this for decades and will take time to correct, in fact a revolutionary change would be even more dangerous, but over the course of the next few years things should change for the better in this respect at least. How we will undo the damage that has already been done I don't know. People are sick and tired of the lies and corruption and with a few hiccups the direction of travel will change.

And I still think serious violence can be avoided.

Anonymous said...

What is the dutch for Angels dancing on a pin head ?

They are being replaced in their own land and they voted for the people that are facilitating it.

Smart, they aint.

anon 2 said...

Anon @ 20:39 - "They are being replaced in their own land and they voted for the people that are facilitating it.

Smart, they aint."

I do believe you're right, but it wasn't ever thus.
Thing is, the invaders AREN'T at all smart. Those desert-dwellers never figured out (and taught the world) all about dykes and keeping the ocean out. Indeed, the invaders may be defeated by Nature herself - because Holland won't turn into desert .... more like a swamp :)

And then there were windmills. To mention a couple of other interests that grew in Holland over the centuries: how about law-writing in the vernacula; and gem-cutting. Etc.

So who's going to handle all that, once the expertise has evaporated?
The drowning rats?

wiggiatlarge said...

Rutte turns to the right in an effort to blunt the appeal of Wilders, claims his win is a rebuff of "populism" having used populism to appeal to more voters, how much of his new found faith in playing hardball will actually be converted to policy, we shall soon see !

Cuffleyburgers said...


There is an excellent post on this election at Tim Newman's blog:

who says exactly what I wanted to say but much better.

Budgie said...

The idea that we can retain an open liberal society and at the same time remain British (or Dutch) increasingly looks like an illusion. I don't like what Wilders offers, but Rutte seems similar to our own lying establishment.

The prevailing orthodoxy is the culture that has held sway since the 1960s. We are all children of our times. So much so that changing it is literally unthinkable (vide: the BBC). So our culture feels uncomfortable with Wilders, Le Pen, or Farage.

Of course one of the lies we have been fed is that it is only the current culture which is quintessentially British (or Dutch). Any reading of history shows that to be complete tosh. The character (ie the culture) of the British has changed markedly over time.

I increasingly believe that the only way out (avoiding the inhumanity of the C20th left or right ideological extremes), is to adopt and modernise the sort of robust patriotism espoused by Dr Johnson. Of course we will get no where unless we also re-adopt Christianity.

anon 2 said...

Budgie @ 11:56 - "Of course we will get no where unless we also re-adopt Christianity."
Precisely. The communist/marxist/postmodernist franco-germanists recognised that Christianity maintained its foothold and access to government (wealth and power) through "education." They failed to understand, however, that the literacy and knowledge so propagated grew and developed through love of, and continued search for, Truth ... So they took over education and put worship of Marx (and Men), ignorance, and lies, in place of that Truth (which is God Almighty).

And so we are where we are, without knowledge of whither to look but backwards and south.

James Higham said...

Have to disagree with this, Radders, it has open doored precisely what the issue is, Rutte has dropped the posturing next day that won him the election.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Exactly. That is what I have been saying all along. If you have a clear objective, like UKIP or the Green Party and you get enough votes, it does not really matter that you get few or no MPs, it is still sufficient to sway the larger parties in your direction.