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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Erdogan's hired street thugs intimidate Europe

I posted recently on Austria and Germany's refusals to allow the nascent fascist dictator Erdogan to campaign in their countries for support for the April referendum for his Turkish equivalent to the Nazi Enabling Law. Voters in Turkey are divided, and the Turkish Diaspora living elsewhere in Europe who can still vote may swing it. Of 4m Turkish-origin residents in Germany, some 1.6m can vote on this issue.

The latest to feel the rent-a-mob fury of the psychopathic Erdogan are the Dutch; they refused to allow Erdogan's foreign minister to land in Rotterdam, to headline a street rally in support of the Enabling Law. In retaliation, Erdogan's thugs are besieging the Netherlands Embassy in Ankara.     

Austria banned a further Turkish senior official from a proposed rally in Hörbranz on Friday on the grounds of risk to public order. 

Europe gives refuge to many tens of thousands of opponents of Erdogan's regime, not terrorists but professionals, intellectuals and former public officials, who otherwise face detention and torture in squalid Turkish jails at the hands of the Erdogan regime. To allow the very thugs who command the waterboarding to campaign openly in the countries of refuge of their victims for even greater totalitarian power is utterly unacceptable and European governments are doing exactly the right thing in repudiating these second-tier thugs.  

I expect Erdogan to throw half a million migrants into Greece in a tantrum of furious petulance. Let's hope Hungary's, Austria's and Slovenia's fences hold. 


DeeDee99 said...

No country should allow the representatives of another to carry out rallies or a political campaign in their land.

The same goes for the French Presidential candidates and the UK. We should not allow it.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

That Brussels greenmail's been spent then ....

How many hundreds of millions of Euros did they hand him?

Anonymous said...

And this is the person that stupid woman Merkel thought was OK to do deals with. Why hasn't she and her bad judgement been kicked out of office yet?

Poisonedchalice said...

Bit of a headache for the EU project then eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 13:19

'And this is the person that stupid woman Merkel thought was OK to do deals with.'

Because they're all (the political class) appeasers now. Steadily filling our lands with Muhammadans for over half a century has very serious consequences: this demograph wants power now.

'Why hasn't she and her bad judgement been kicked out of office yet?'

Cowardice and an inability to understand the problem and deal with it.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last - Winston Churchill


Anonymous said...

Apropos the above and special attention to the second stage:

The Three Stages of Jihad


Cascadian said...

So one NATO member threatens another NATO member, whatever next? Netherlands mobilizes its 40 hour/week, pony-tailed military, what will the trade unions say?

Europe finds a further way to advertise its complete vulnerability to Islam.

As for fences, they are impotent against the attraction of unlimited welfare on offer, the gimmegrants will continue to come. Germany and Sweden are destroyed, Britain too if we are honest and it will only get worse.

Boggart Blogger said...

Just as the left's inciting more rioting in immigrant suburbs of French cities has backfired giving Le Pen a modest boost even in polls commissioned by mainstream media and the arrival in The Netherlands of Muslim agitators has boosted Wilders, so will the left's efforts to bully us into accepting Islamification continue to help those who resist the cultural colonisation.