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Thursday, 20 April 2017

I'll miss Gisela and wish Bob well ...

There had to be casualties of course. Few regret the abandonment of his political career by Osborne; the Commons will be infinitely improved by his absence, and the housebuilders' brochure that is the Evening Standard, an organ that once was a newspaper, will no doubt benefit from his family wallpaper and soft furnishings expertise.

Gisela Stuart will be a real loss. The Labour Leave campaign leader was a boon to the cause before the referendum, and did much to counter the swivel-eyed loon barb thrown at we outers. She is transparently straightforward and shines as, well, just nice. 

Bob Marshall-Andrews is a Medway fixture and I wish him well in his move to the Lib-Dems, despite my wanting to see that party destroyed in Parliament. I can't imagine Medway without Bob; a rebel and maverick who used to publicly but pointlessly prompt the Labour leadership to give him a job. Rochester is a bit twee and has pretentions, but remains more Tesco than Waitrose, sandwiched between Emily Thornbury's white van Strood and Borstal. Chatham is as rough as a badger's arse, the home of pale, scabrous and violent Chavs, and Gillingham houses aspirational but just-coping NHS workers. Bob has done a great job there, transcending party. I wish him well.  


DeeDee99 said...

Sorry to see Gisela Stuart go ..... she was one of the few Labour MPs I have any time, or respect, for.

I'm glad to see the back of Osborne: he can pretend to be a journalist over at the Evening Standard, which they have to give away 'cos no-one will buy it. He can rant about Brexit as much as he likes - if she's got a clear mandate to negotiate the deal, anything he has to say will be hot air which 98% of the population won't even read.

I hope Soubry and Morgan decide they can't stand on a Theresa May Manifesto and walk away from politics. The loudmouths don't represent their Constituents and it's about time so-called Representative Democracy did just that.

Going to be interesting to see who else walks during the next few days.

Oh .... and the CPS won't be cancelling any prosecutions linked to fraudulent expenses at the last Election. With a bit of luck that creep Mackinley will be charged.

Anonymous said...

"Chatham is as rough as a badger's arse, the home of pale, scabrous and violent Chavs, and Gillingham houses aspirational but just-coping NHS workers."

Echoes of Rupert Brooke, distant echoes :) .

Dave_G said...

I left the Rochester area in 2000 but your description of it and the surrounding towns sounds as valid today as it did then! Spot on Radders!

rapscallion said...

Yup, got a lot of time for Gisela Stuart. A German by birth as you know - but a very keen Brexiteer. I feel much the same about Kate Hoey - a very good MP by all accounts.

As I said the other day, May now has the ideal opportunity to rid the parliamentary party of Remoaners.

As for Chatham, yup right again. The only decent bit was the Royal Dockyard. The rest was rougher than an armadillo's No2 suit (only ex RN of a certain age will get this joke)

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with that Raedwald. In a chamber mostly filled with straight forward idiots, chancers, money-grubbers and sociopaths (and according to statistics two or three psychopaths) she stood out.

From what I've seen so far the Ministry of Truth has come out for the Lib Dems - yes I'm afraid it's that obvious. Radio 5 Live is all over the youth vote (busy interviewing 16 year-olds like they did last year) and we know how they think that will help progressivism and other assorted multi-cult objectives.

A tedious 50 days ahead and broadly a rerun of last June.


James Higham said...

Soubry and Morgan need to go.

Anonymous said...

Put another way R, barring a very few notable coves, just who the fuck would you keep?

RAC said...

"Alone and ahead" Yes that'll do for me, twas all I wanted in the first place.

RAC said...

I've flaming well done3 it again, posted in the wrong place, sorry.

G. Tingey said...

And my current rightwing Labour MP _ Stella.
I hope she retains her seat.