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Thursday, 28 September 2017

British independence websites blocked by EU government in bid to stop referendum

Brussels, 28th September
British authorities have accused the EU government of blocking websites aimed at spreading information about the country’s independence referendum. The move is part of a crackdown on the British independence movement to prevent the vote, which includes the confiscation of ballot papers and the deployment of extra police officers to Britain. Separatists hope the referendum will go ahead on 1 October to decide whether Britain, an autonomous former nation in the European Union, should declare itself an independent country.

The EU government has insisted the referendum is illegal and is taking action to stop it, including the spreading of information seen to promote the vote. Earlier this week, police summoned 17 people for questioning over the development of web platforms related to the referendum. A police spokesperson told AFP the people were suspected of “disseminating a website for people to participate in a referendum declared illegal by the European Court of Justice”.

An organisation which manages how users find websites with the extension .uk was raided by the EU security police force, Politico reported. The .uk Foundation, which manages the register of domains ending in .uk, was forced by authorities to block websites with information about the referendum.  The raid came shortly after the ECJ ordered the foundation block websites related to the vote. The homepage of the site now displays a message stating: “This domain name has been seized pursuant to a seizure warrant under the Judicial Authority and is under its administration.”

A spokesperson for the British government told the Guardian the move was denying people the right to freedom of information online.

Remember, they can't rewrite the result of 23rd June 2016. We may be the last nation allowed independence in Europe. 


Cascadian said...

Very drole Raedwald, but I fear you have it wrong, Ms Maybe's instincts are precisely to remove internet freedoms and legislate wrongthink.

The second last paragraph would therefore read somewhat like this:

A senior spokesperson for the British government told the Guardian that the government had prepared a proper course of action for all voters, it is available at to vote/, any ballots received contrary to this advise will be destroyed in accordance with EU guidelines.

Joking aside the Catalan referendum will be historic, perhaps for violence if the government tries to suppress the will of the people. At a minimum it will invigorate another round of tax avoidance and Basque-like civil disobedience.

Anonymous said...

Of course it will be the last referendum on the whether to remain or leave the EU. You can bet your last dollar on that. The EU will not allow it. The best that can be hoped for in future is that the EU collapses which is not that unlikely.

Anonymous said...

It's happening as we chew the cud down in Catalanshire.

FREEDOM! Kratos to the Demos! For the Catalans to get out from under the jackboots of Berlin and Madrid: I hope and pray!

Anonymous said...

To all Catalans, don't let the Fascists from Madrid intimidate you, exercise your democratic rights!
Interesting to note the EU bureaucracy is keeping it's head down; it should be in shame for not supporting a free and fare democratic exercise. Europe IS heading for war under the yoke of the EU, for the same reasons as usual: unrepresentative, over taxation, socialist population controls.

DeeDee99 said...

The EU is a newer incarnation of the USSR.

Why is anyone surprised that it behaves like the model it's based on.

Dadad said...

I think it was Gorbachov himself who said that the EU is the old USSR, dressed in western clothes.

Mr Ecks said...

As much as I hate the EU and the S-pain-ish(sic) (Remember 1588!)--I have to point out that --while I welcome whatever trouble the Catalans cause--they are notorious leftists and leftist anarchists.

If they get independence-- and good luck to them just to damage the EUSSR-- Catalonia will be a nightmare zone of leftist bullshit. Worse likely than the EU already is.

The joke is that the EU could safely let them go and Catalan politics would be even more poisonously "progressive" than the rest of the EU except for the Catalans desire for independence. Of course the Pukes in Brussels are control freaks and dare not allow anyone to think and decide for themselves. And thus Brussels and Madrid must fight "their kind of people" in Catalonia despite the fact that the Catalans are mostly good little progressives anyway except for their love of independence. Quel irony no?

G. Tingey said...

We could have a second referendum, couldn't we?

Dave_G said...

@Greg - if 'they' want the original result reiterated and slapped in their face then, yes, bring on a second referendum!

The prospect is less worrisome for the Brexiteers than the Remoaners who are seeing their position undermined by the very organisation they wish us to stay shackled to.

The much-promoted 'cliff' we're headed for seems more like a gentle slope into warm waters; arrogance has replaced argument and intransigence is piled on top of ideology.

Second referendum? Pah.....

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Is Catalonia really seeking independence, or is it like the SNP's "independence", ie nothing of the kind since they intend to rush straight back into the clammy embrace of Brussels?

I ask in genuine ignorance.

Poisonedchalice said...

... but as it transpires, the web pages were replicated across the Azure platform in S Ireland and Norway in both .com and .net top level domains, thus rendering the actions of the EU impotent. The result was a resounding success! Britain voted out of the EU and the long term prognosis for Britain is excellent, whilst on the other hand, the EU will now slide into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Well OK, I'm not so much pro Catalanshire more anti rajoy and his proto Fascists and a breakaway from Spain would inevitably speed the demise of the GermanoEmpire.

RAC said...

Don't know anything about Catalans, but if the eu is against them then the Catalans must be in the right and I wish them luck.

Rossa said...

Meanwhile in Kurdistan......

rapscallion said...

G Tingey "We could have a second referendum, couldn't we?"

No, we bloody well can't. This was the first one in 40 years, and it was a bloody struggle getting it. Secondly, when you lose (again) and by a larger majority you'll just keep asking for another one, and then presumably yet another until we come up with the "right result" a la Eire and Denmark.

Budgie said...

G Tingey . . . .
We could have a third referendum, after a second referendum, couldn't we?

What magic, or even principle, makes a second referendum more sound than a first referendum? Or a third referendum? Or even a fourth?

Personally I'm not happy with the result of the last general election. A lot of thick young people (who shouldn't have the vote anyway) were fooled into voting for a bearded Lizard. That means they didn't know what they were voting for. People under 30 shouldn't have the vote, but older people over 55 should have two votes because they are wiser.

I demand a second 2017 general election.!! When do I demand it? - Now!!! Comrades!!!! All stand!!!!! Straight bullshitting, dishonest politics!!!!!! For the MusIim, not the Jew!!!!!!!! My party's views are crystal clear!!!!!!!!

Budgie said...

The EU's policy is to break up nation states into regions, like Scotland or Catalonia. That's what the Committee of the Regions is for. The EU pretends not to notice, even occasionally sides with the nation. But it's all bluff. It's called divide and conquer; it's as old as the hills; and it's coming to a region near you.

plantman said...

Results of the 4 General Elections preceding the referendum

1992 Winner CON % share of vote 41.93
1997 LAB 43.21
2005 LAB 35.19
2010 CON 36.05

2016 Winner YES % share of vote 51.9

I propose therefore that all legislation enacted by the four Governments elected in 1992 - 2010 is regarded as invalid and without democratic basis as it is very obvious that the electorate in those elections were too stupid, too prejudiced, too racist and not sufficiently aware of the true facts to give a legitimate mandate

Cuffleyburgers said...

Well actually radders the Catalan situation is much more subtle than you make out.
Many Catalans are appalled by the illegal and anticonstitional antics of the Catalan gov't which has for decades been abusing its powers to brainwash school children and generally enrich themselves personally.

Imagine Alex salmon on speed and taking a 3pc kickback on all public works contracts in Scotland.

Personally I am all for self determination and I think the Madrid gov't have handled this badly.

However the Catalan gov't really are utter wankers.

Cascadian said...

As usual, with breaking news, you will be totally uninformed (all the better to support censorship by the EU) if you rely on the lame stream media. Better you read RT or Zero Hedge and apply your own censorship biases.

Sp correction on my comment above droll not drole-doh.