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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Con Coughlin: Saudi-funded Islamism better than Qatari-funded Islamism. For some.

It's always good to know there are some certainties in life, and Con's willingness to parrot the message of his contacts at the MoD are amongst them. Sometime, though, during his most recent lunch, he must have confused the reality, for today's column is contorted even for Con.

Although he half admits that Brit Islamist killers have well established links to Salafist / Wahhabi  extremism from KSA, he points out that Qatar, too, sponsors terrorists who want to kill us, and selling 24 Eurofighters to Qatar is a mistake. The Saudis are our real friends, Con says, despite them funding a network of terrorist madrassas, mosques and Islamist infiltration, despite them exporting Islamist imams intent on the destruction of the west. He doesn't have to point out that KSA directly pays the salaries of 2,000 MoD staff and offers lucrative if ostensibly corrupt employment opportunities to retired officers and civil servants who can influence procurement decision making, as well as being a source of assured profits to the global arms manufacturers headquartered in the UK. 

Clearly, for Con and his MoD chums, a few score Brits annihilated each year by Islamist killers is a reasonable price to pay for such lucrative wonga.


Sackerson said...

"KSA directly pays the salaries of 2,000 MoD staff" - didn't know this - source?

Raedwald said...

From a 2005 piece

MOD - Directly employed by KSA - 161
DESO HQ, Riyadh - 56
DESO London HQ - 81
RAF Al Yamamah trainers / technicians ~60

The real figure is believed now to be many times this number - they never admit the FTE equivalents in FOI responses

Sackerson said...

This should be publicised more. A disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Who does Con the defence wonker, work for - really?

Budgie said...

I'm less bothered by minor idiocies like the KSA paying for a few of our military men to fight their fights, than I am by Mrs Maybe signing us up to the EU defence force.

According to (Brexit) - May has already agreed to the EU's proposals for the UK to participate in the ‘European Defence Fund’, and the ‘European Defence Industrial Development Programme’, and the ‘Permanent Structured Cooperation’ (PESCO). In her Florence Fantasy she offered to sign a defence treaty with the EU (as well as delaying Brexit).

anon 2 said...

Yes, Budgie (@ 16:20).
Personally I always figured formation of armed forces was the chief aim in founding the euSSR. That's why I have no children: I wouldn't contribute to fighting against and subduing the British People.

Anonymous said...

Cripes if you ever had any doubt's about shariza Maybe, then cast them aside, this fucking EU daubed cow is seriously considering backing some canuck rail firm againts our primary ally and trading partner and in so doing becoming the darling of Mutti, her German industrial backers and the enemy of Britain since 1914 and before.

FFS this wimmin PM is so fekking off the reservation and is out of any and all control.

Whose side is she on - certainly not Britain's.

anon 2 said...

Anon @00:00: If I could give her the benefit of doubt earlier - I can't now. That is to say: she's fully aware of the symbolism inhering in her vulgar necklaces. She knows the Elvis's words: "Put a chain around my neck, and lead me anywhere," and that's what she's saying to the euSSR.


Bring back capital punishment - at least for that offence.