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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Boris laid an egg fit for a curate

Yesterday was vintage Boris. I usually imagine him assuring anxious aides who are begging to see the text just hours before a speech is due to be delivered "Don't worry. Got a few ideas scribbled on a napkin. I'll wing the rest ...". Yesterdays speech, I suspect, was actually written in advance and cleared first by Mrs May. No cod Latin, no jokes about the War and only a hint of seaside postcard (sorry, Thailand). 

There was also nothing for Remoaners to pick apart; it's hard to criticise someone bestowing hope, love and best wishes to everyone. What are they to protest? "No, we don't want good relations with the EU, we want, er .." so it was clearly written as a proper speech, all sunlight, optimism and rolling uplands. That's fine. I can buy into that. But it's not premier league stuff - mostly forgettable in ten minutes. 

With one exception. The edible part of this curate's egg was the Foreign Secretary's warnings of the danger of a nation polarised by the Brexit vote. He's right. It's not enough to dismiss the 48% with "You lost. Get over it."

First, we have to leave. All the Soros money and the Gina Millar show need to play out, the Lords need to make their red leather benches damp and we need to get to March of next year. After that we have serious work in re-building a nation; those 48% are Britons, our brothers and sisters, with a share in and commitment to the United Kingdom every bit as great as ours (if mistaken or confused). Boris was spot-on with this one warning; our most urgent task after Brexit is not to secure trade deals, but to rebuild One Nation.


right-writes said...

Those 48% are mostly socialist robots Raedwald, bent on denying their naturally conservative human traits... (we are all conservative).

The rest (of the 48%) are globalists and corporatists who have enough to gain that they are willing to forfeit their futures to protect their bank balances...

The bankers, the Soros's and those others that do not care about the children.

DeeDee99 said...

We're not one nation and I doubt if we ever will be again.

Decades of mass immigration; enforced multiculturalism and Scottish nationalism are as much to blame as the EU referendum and the refusal of a small percentage of mainly Elite Remainers refusing to accept the result.

BoJo's speech promised a "liberal" Brexit and continuing high levels of immigration..... "the people we need." I didn't see that on the ballot paper; people didn't vote for a "liberal" Brexit. They voted to take back control - including control of immigration.

Pandering to the globalists, who want the ability to import as many people to the UK as they deem necessary to continue, is not going to help create "one nation."

right-writes said...

Yes following up on DeeDee99, that word "liberal" in this context actually means...

We mean to ignore you and carry on...

Johnson proved that later on when he suggested that those that were concerned about having their culture serried and forever being told to share an ever shrinking infrastructure with more and more newcomers, are reactionary faragists.

It seems that he is more May than Farage.

I don't trust the bastard.

rapscallion said...

I smell a large rodent when I'm promised rolling uplands and "rebuilding the nation", especially when told to share our ever shrinking infrastructure with even more uninvited immigrants who we don't want and can't house. And that should I not share that "liberal" view, I'm a raging xenophobe or something.

Personally I'd prefer the "blood, tears, toil and sweat" routine. Then I'd know I was in for a proper fight, BoJo's version is akin to having the wool being pulled over my eyes.

I smell sellout

Peter wood said...

I agree with rapscallion, beginning to sound like a sellout. what a 'May' speech! All lets be friends and hold hands. No wonder Barnier is getting more aggressive- there's nobody to opposes him.
Looks like the only people who have the clarity of thought on Brexit that's needed inhabit the back benches, such as JR-M and Dr. Redwood.
where is the leader we need?

right-writes said...

@Peter Wood: "Where is the leader we need?"

Hazarding a guess, he is currently hosting a phone in chat show on LBC, between the hours of 19:00 and 20:00 Monday to Thursday and 10:00 to 12:00 on Sunday.

Yes... None other than Nigel Farage, he smokes, he drinks, he philanders...

But mostly, he tells the truth, and he understands what is required.

His Sunday programme is often pure magic, especially when put in the context of Peston, Marr and O'Neill.

Anonymous said...

"the people we need" ...

There are already twenty million more people in Britain than we need. There is absolutely no shortage of people.

Don Cox

Mr Ecks said...

It was only 48% on the day Radders.

Large numbers of them were "Better the Devil-you-Know's" and those frit by Project Fear. The 48% has markedly declined as a result of EU arrogance and all those "right-wing fantasies" that turned out to be true such as the EU Army and President. And all the prophesied disasters that weren't. And the sheer arrogance and wickedness of Remainiac scum and their contempt for democracy and ordinary people in general. Remain's numbers are very likely well-down now.

As for the hard core of 2-3 million , well-off, middle-class, cultural Marxist, London Bubble scum--well they are traitors and a long -term campaign against their poisonous "Guardian" values is needed.

The working class left--who at least used to have hard lives and something to moan about--are almost through now and those who are left are patriots not sell-outs.

But the middle-class left MUST be broken all across the planet if there is to be any future worth having.

Anonymous said...

Since flogging has not improved morale we shall try a new tack.
“rolling uplands and "rebuilding the nation” are you kiddin’ me? Pussy talk.
Those rolling uplands and the nation (notion) that was Great Britain….No wonder so many want to come and live here.
Let’s invite all to share the spoils of our fore bearers toil.
“people we need” …People globacorp needs. To buy their low cost high price goods.

Anonymous said...

There was a potential to be 3 million citizens of the Irish Republic allowed to vote, and I can't imagine they were split in the same way as the UK citizens. I was telling on the day, and a big pack of Paddies (men and women) came to vote, all talking about seeing off UKIP once and for all. Whether or not a sample of 12 really counts, I don't know, but I suspect it does. Despite that, my area voted Leave by a big majority.

Why the hell Gina Millar has any say, I can't understand, and if we really had double-0 agents, why Soros is still breathing, ditto. Although to be fair, he did get us out of the ERM, and it only cost a billion.

Dave_G said...

Mr ecks has it. 48% on the day - probably (well, actually) with all the pro-EU backing the Government and complicit media could roll out FOR Remain and they STILL lost. Possibly quite a few hand-written voting slips too if our postal voting system was poroperly scrutinised. The look on the faces of those that expected a walkover 'remain' vote was priceless - they were obviously in-the-know of the preconceived outcome the Government were expecting....

The current unrest against Brexit is VASTLY out of proportion to the actuality of opposition. The media (again) show anything and everything Remain - unquestioning of surveys, reports or anything that may show an exit path to be profitable or beneficial in any way.

Anyone seen ANY article on the BENEFITS of Brexit??? One....? Anywhere in the media or on the BBC? No? Me neither. They DO exist.

So the clamour AGAINST Brexit is largely of media making it should be discounted or even BANNED from beinig broadcast. The Remain campaign is pure, totalitarian propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Your hopes and dreams are at variance with your commentators Raedwald - who on the whole are a damn site more pessimistic than this:

'After that we have serious work in re-building a nation; those 48% are Britons, our brothers and sisters, with a share in and commitment to the United Kingdom every bit as great as ours (if mistaken or confused). Boris was spot-on with this one warning; our most urgent task after Brexit is not to secure trade deals, but to rebuild One Nation.'

Our society is unravelling at a rate Raedwald, and I've been on the ground observing it - though my time with English Witness ended a couple of years ago former colleagues tell me it is worse now. In particular members of a certain religion are entering politics with one goal in mind: domination. It is calculated and it has financial backing but it will be portrayed as something else entirely. One word is infidels are not considered 'brother and sisters' in Islam - quite the opposite in fact.

We had a massively cohered society once mate, you were brought up in it and even though you and I have never met we both know what that means. We share a history; a shared heritage that is unique. We are about to lose it all this century. This 'One Nation' you speak of will never materialise because of the malignancy that is transforming us into a minority in our own land. You don't beat a People like the English down and expect them to like it!

Hereward the Wake x 1,000,000


Anonymous said...

Cogitating, thinking on Hereward and then the threat of invasion by the Hun in 39/40, how many would have 'stayed out' to fight if the Germans had have landed on English soil?

Hereward caused havoc for a while, he knew guerilla tactics was skilled in fighting as a mercenary, he was for a time a formidable opponent of the Normans but the English did not rise in rebellion and aid Hereward and because of that, he was eventually undone, superior numbers, lack of support and I still can't get over it nor 1066 for that matter.

Some would have undoubtedly fought on in WWII, if the impossible happened but eventually England would have fallen, for the life of me and in acknowledgement to Steve, we'll battle but who else will?

As has been noted, it didn't take much for Mosul to fall, a few hundred thugs on the streets and the populace stayed in, cowed, threatened with death, speedy arrests, police and army shot, communications cut, it doesn't take long. Plans will have been laid, drafted, recruits, there are hundreds of thousands.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said @ 18:56

'Cogitating, thinking on Hereward and then the threat of invasion by the Hun in 39/40, how many would have 'stayed out' to fight if the Germans had have landed on English soil?'

That would be my Dad and my Granddad's generation so most is the answer. Very few rejects in those days, and as Orwell observed self-haters were limited to the so-called intellectual class who were mostly communist sympathisers - bit like today really.

Enough will fight and it'll make England ungovernable for decades. I'd rather go out fighting anyway.


jack ketch said...

The referendum not only tore a hole in our parliamentary democracy but in the nation, in society and instead of staunching , hell cauterising, the wound promptly by brexiting asap, the government dithered so long that lock jaw set in followed by necrosis. Whatever happens now, whatever shape Brexit takes, the anger will not go away (in much the same way that the anger of many smokers is still palpable ten years on). It matters not whether Brexit is a success, from now on every single thing that goes wrong in this cuntry will be blamed by the angry chunk of the population, rightly or wrongly, on Brexit and in 20 years time our Grandchildren will vote to rejoin the EU.

BloJo is living in cloud cockcoed land if he thinks the rift will heal. All he has done is help ensure that that bloody Trot gets in in 5 years time and the Tories become unelectable for a decade...or two. I stopped believing anything he said after that article Anna Raccoon couldn't write for fear of legal ramifications.

Mark said...

You think there will be an EU in 20 years?

Cascadian said...

Well, judging by the response here, there is no mood to expend political effort to bring the remoaners around, so the BoJo speech was a complete failure, as I expect will future conmen pronouncements. When it comes right down to it the DisMay govt have not a clue how to proceed.

People are tired of the platitudes frequently shovelled out from Whitehall, they want and need a much better return on their investment (taxes). The system has been rigged in favour of the multi-national rip-off corporations and banks, the NGO's and universities, and the landed gentry for far too long. Rip-off Britain got worse during the EU membership, if the Brexiteers concentrated on spelling out the layers of bureaucracy that could be peeled away, the numbers of functionaries that can be deleted, in sum the probability of huge cost reductions then they would get the attention of the public. Surely Brits have done enough international travel by now to recognize that food prices need not be ruinous, why can the likes of Tesco and M&S make no headway in the USA? Why are Lidl and Aldi so successful in the yUcK?

Would that pacify the remoaners-of course not, it will further infuriate them because mostly they are the parasites that have been bleeding the economy and public.

Further like others here I believe the percentage of remoaners to be highly suspect, deduct the double voting of all university students, deduct double voting by the summer cottage owners, and all other forms of voter fraud and I doubt they represent even 40% of the voters.

Send out the message that the long-term taxpayers of the country will get a square deal, that landowners leaving fields fallow and receiving grants is over, maybe even curb the royal estates ruinous rents on offshore windfarms and see the response. This is not the time for the typical Brit fiddle-faddling with feel-good policy.

jack ketch said...

You think there will be an EU in 20 years?

If a week is along time in politics, and 5 years down the line is the stuff of crystal balls then 20 years hence and you're into Bat Country. But yes, now the EU has gotten rid of us they can move towards a federalist super state ...and are doing so apace.

The question surely must now be, will there be a yUK in 20 years time?

Mark said...

Which is what the political classes intended all along. Not sure if the people of Europe want this but that is no longer our concern. And if Heath and others had been honest about this from the start we wouldn't be in the situation we are in now.

But that said Jack, if we're both still around in 20 years we'll see.

The EU is not some radical break with past European history, just a depressing continuation of it. Look at that and you'll see where your superstate is going.

Mr Ecks said...

You have taken too many drugs over the years Jack.

You are right there can be no compromise with traitors. Unfortunately for you there just aren't as many traitors as you hope for. So I suggest you move to embrace your EU buddies asap.

As to BluLabour, Jizza and our beardie friends. Unless all those forces of evil are bested what white people will get--including your swarming kids/ grandkids JK, if I remember correctly from your Blocked Dwarf days--is what is being engineered for whites now in South Africa--genocide. That is also the future for your precious EU as well.

RAC said...

A lot of the remainers will have lived their whole lives under eu rule and have no concept of life without it. I do expect initially there will be some deliberate booby traps and massive down talking in the msm. Eventually though when things settle down and the sky hasn't fallen, which it will not, I think the majority of them will come round and see how much better life can be independent from the control freaks of europe.