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Monday, 12 February 2018

A post Brexit vision? About time ...

News that the cabinet's Brexiteers are to go on tour doing some speechifying on the benefits of a post-Brexit Britain. And about time. If stories are true that Rudd and Hammond have been restrained from spreading gloom whilst this is going on, then all the better. So just to get the ball rolling, here are just a few of my own hopes for our post-Brexit realm;

An example to Europe and the world of fairness, equity, tolerance and the rule of law. One nation needs to stand apart and show what freedom, justice, liberty and democracy really mean, particularly at a time when Europe's nations again face the most fundamental challenges to their national and cultural identities. Our law, our courts, our judicial independence, our language and our values stand head and shoulders above the pygmies of the Berlaymont.

Europe's sclerotic and glacial systems of governance, dependent on serried ranks of bureaucrats reaching consensus in the absence of democracy, doesn't make for an agile government, to abuse the middle management buzzword de jour. I don't really like the term agility; it's too much like what monkeys do, rather than what statesmen should do. So alacrity then - from the latin alacer - that without Europe's lead weight we may respond and react to world events with greater speed and clarity.

A nation with teeth that can bite - military, of course, but diplomatic, cultural and scientific, too. We are defending not just an Island but a system of post-enlightenment rational belief, free speech and freedom of expression and a way of life. We remain foremost in technological development. We must be proud of who we are and what we stand for - and that includes Britons of every creed and colour, across the political spectrum. Integration and social coherence within the realm are vital.

A favourite word, this, embracing both merchant / trader and the dominant system of map projection vital to understanding world trade. The last time Europe imposed a trade boycott on the UK, back in old king Henry's time, our merchants simply sailed farther and wider to find replacements, and in the process established a system of global trade that sustains the nation today. These early merchant venturers also developed capitalism as we know it today, with the practice of jointly investing in speculative voyages in a way that shared risk and reward. You've really only to stand and listen in a crowded, beer puddled, jostling City pub on a Thursday night to find that we haven't lost it. 

Leaving the EU will also mean divorcing our metropolitan elite from their EU support network; they face a separation from the main body of the cancer that has eaten at our society and people. Our abused working class, so despised and feared by the privileged neolibs, can rightly take credit for winning - and need be ever more vigilant in protecting universal suffrage and the secret ballot from the wheedling, corruption and manipulation of the Grayling class. Just as their efforts in two world wars won hard-fought rewards, they will also bear the immediate brunt of leaving the EU, and we must be absolutely explicit that we will make changes as fundamental as were the NHS and post-war housing to ensure they are valued and rewarded, and that the benefits of Brexit don't simply accrue to the sharp-elbowed metropolitan elites who suck the life out of everything else.


DeeDee99 said...

And the metropolitan elite scream "over our dead bodies."

Just like the Ancien Regime .... before Madame the tumbrils started rolling.

jack ketch said...

some speechifying on the benefits of a post-Brexit Britain.

*checks he has awoken in 2018 not 1918* Seriously, a speaking tour? While I would hate for anyone to think I was aiding the treachery of BrexSShite, might i suggest the yUK.gove get a twitter account instead and save on the carbon footprint : (for example)

#BetterAfterBrexit : "Gov.orders. immediate building Immigration containment centres. "

That one single tweet would do more to convince the nation than all the speeches....belated speeches, the time for such things was, if not a century ago, at least 2016. Now it just reeks of desperation and the rotting corpse that is BrexSShite.

Dadad said...

Mrs May wants to leave the EU, the ECJ, the single market and the customs union while still retaining privileged/frictionless and close access to the EU market.

It cannot be done and the sooner this stupid woman realises this fact, the better. But I doubt she will.

Mr Ecks said...

Our wiser forefathers would quickly have stretched your treacherous neck Jack. Tyburn-style so you would have half an hour gargling and a chance to reflect on your evil.

Ed P said...

Give it up JK - your silly label for the democratically-expressed will of the majority is childish.

Rossa said...

Dadad says “Mrs May wants to leave the EU, the ECJ, the single market and the customs union while still retaining privileged/frictionless and close access to the EU market.”

This piece from the Mises Institute details the piddling amount of ‘trade’ they are squabbling over and shows how we are now at or past the point of no return. It will cost more, not just in financial terms, to go back in (as the Remainers seem to want) as to continue out the door!

rapscallion said...

JK @08:40
So, voting for one's country to become an independent, sovereign nation state is treason is it Ketch? You have a very strange definition of that. According to your warped logic, voting to remain in what is effectively the Fourth Reich and foreign rules forced on us is perfectly OK. Mr Ecks is right, in earlier days you'd be having your neck stretched.

. . . and what's this "carbon footprint" drivel. Been at the Kool Aid have we Jack?

jack ketch said...

"According to your warped logic, voting to remain in what is effectively the Fourth Reich and foreign rules forced on us is perfectly OK"

NO. It was the voting, the plebis-cide, at all I object to and was treasonous (and by-the-by makes a mockery of our war dead). Just as the Scottish and EEC referenda were a betrayal of all our values.

Anonymous said...

Those are fine words Raedwald, the outpourings of a man who in reflection takes his politics by the scruff and lays it all out. Ain't going to happen though mate, not any of it - we're headed for a car crash, nay an articulated lorry sliding sideways crash hitting something hard and unyielding.

If I've learnt anything these past two years it's the uncovering of the slags who pretend to represent us and yet don't - nor ever will. Go into the woods and search out a piece of branch that's lain there for a year or so. Kick it over and what do you see? That's what I'm talking about.

The Globalists are buried deeply in the body politic, not just here but all over Europe and North America - Canada, Australia and New Zealand too. Look what they've done and tell me it's for the good? No, it's all about them and the tiny elite they so willingly labour for. Western democracy is a farce and, like the fallen branch, our societies will continue to rot till there's nothing left.


Anonymous said...

@ jack ketch 1330

He said the voting ... ... makes a mockery of our war dead.

Beg to differ with you oh traitorous jackie, my parents' generation were fighting against German rule. You are fighting for it!

But while I am here, I cannot resist enquiring about why you are so determined to betray Britain.
* Is it because you aren't actually British?
* Or could it be that George Soros has promised you wealth beyond the dreams of avarice once the bloody euro becomes the legal tender in that land mass that will have been formerly known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?
* Or is it because someone has promised you a quick look up Gina Miller's skirt to see what colour knickers she is wearing?

Do remember that once the hard left gains power, it is always the "useful idiots" who helped them into power who are first up against the wall in order to die of acute lead poisoning. Your beloved Gestapo did it, the Cheka started it and Stalin entrenched it, Mao's lot did it several times. And if you can't see the EUSSR for what it is, then you need to go to Specsavers as a matter of urgency, sonny.

jack ketch said...

But while I am here, I cannot resist enquiring about why you are so determined to betray Britain.

Answer to all 3 questions is: "I wish" (although I'm surprised to learn from your question that Gina Miller doesn't go commando).

Mark said...

"I wish"

Seriously Jack, answering that to the first one. Isn't that the nub of all this?

You don't want to be British we do.

And if you want to be "European" (whatever that means) are you so sure they'll want you?

And what is this "Europe" you so want and apparently so want to be a part of? Is it going to be what you think?

I rather like Tom Paine's blog and I hope he doesn't mind

Bernard Connoly in "the rotten heart of Europe" made the observation that the Euro - the construct designed to force the countries of the EU into one political unit - would be "built over the fault lines of an earthquake zone". These fault lines, of course, being the borders of the various contries. The plates have been moving since day one and as with real tectonic plates, the longer you wait for the earthquake, the bigger it is. What sort of nasty politics will people in Europe turn to when the earthquake flattens everything? If history is any guide - and I don't see why it shouldn't be - it is, to put it mildly, a somewhat alarming prospect.

Dave_G said...

JK using the nom de plume of a 'famous' executioner - considering himself to be the judge and jury of us all. Typical stance of a left-wing socialist-Marxist despot-in-the-making.

It's too late to change course. The cost and implications of abandoning Brexit are far, far worse than leaving so forget about any prospect of overturning the decision of the democratic majority. It simply isn't going to happen. If Brexit was to be overturned the kickback by the public would be astonishing.

But there's too much in the news about the UK and not enough about the EU. Someone should be asking questions on the future of the EU - both in the short term (post Brexit) and medium term - of the EU's own inherent failures, their financial and political troubles (vastly under-reported) and whether or not it will be a structure that even exists in a few years, let alone whether we want or need to be shackled to it.

Perhaps JK would give us his knowledgeable input on how 'well' the EU is destined to be?

The UK departure HAS to hurt the EU. Badly. Their finances were straining at the seams before Brexit reared its head and just the loss of UK funds alone can only be catastrophic for them yet they act as if we will be the ones to suffer! No wonder they were so insistent to settle the leaving fee first!

Just the financial aspect alone gives us leverage that would be, in properly managed hands, a killer blow to the EU. The media, however, have us thinking quite differently.

If the truth of the EU, not only in its creation and its despotic course, was explained fully and truthfully then it wouldn't be "all about Brexit" - it would be all about 'collapse' - total and utter collapse of the EU.

We should thank all the Gods of existence that we took the first steps to part from this losing cabal - we can't get far enough away from them quickly enough. We'll be caught in the backwash anyway so let's hope we can do enough to keep our distance before it goes down completely.

jack ketch said...

And if you want to be "European" (whatever that means)

Did I miss something? Until PMT.May gets serious about BrexSShite or 2019 (maybe) we are all still Europeans (ie EU Citizens), whether we like it or not. Me personally I was fine with being a British Subject and if I wasn't now a British Citizen I wouldn't be facing being stripped of my EU Citizenship.

It will be interesting to see what the ECJ makes of that one, if it does consider it at all. And if people like Soros were not just virtue signalling but serious about stopping BrexSShite then they'd be bank rolling case after case before the British Supreme Court then the ECJ.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, An excellent post, thank you. But far beyond the capacity of most of our current crop of MPs to assimilate, never mind act upon.

We, the people, were told by the Cameron government that they were giving us the choice to Remain in, or Leave, the EU. That was approved by Parliament in the EU Referendum Act 2015, along the lines of the 10 previous referendums. We were also told that the government would carry out exactly our wishes, and immediately, not least in the government's own white propaganda booklet sent to every household.

None of the promises have been kept. Action was not immediate but delayed by 9 months. Then delayed by the unnecessary Art 50 route. And now delayed again by a non-transition "transition". There was no vote for the government's, and opposition's, current weird half-in/half-out "solution". They have just invented it, almost as if it were still 2015 and they hadn't already handed the right over to us.

I am not inclined to think much of the abilities or honour of most MPs. But their ignorance and arrogance as they fail to deliver our Leave choice has astounded even me.

Dave_G said...


If Gina Miller can take .gov to court over the process then surely 'we' can too? There is a clear case of deceit being acted if .gov didn't act in the way they said they were going to IN WRITING?

Anonymous said...

Dave_G said @ 12:05

@Budgie @ 11:09

'If Gina Miller can take .gov to court over the process then surely 'we' can too? There is a clear case of deceit being acted if .gov didn't act in the way they said they were going to IN WRITING?'

Any case brought by a private citizen would have to demonstrate the failure of the Government to deliver on the result. So what was it: 24 June 2016 leave the European Union. What is the European Union that we are leaving? A political and economic union of 28 members and the institutions thereof. If, according to the vote in parliament re article 50, on the 29 March 2019 we fail to leave the EU, either in whole or in part, you can expect a writ to be put before the courts. There are people ready to do this.


The 'Yes' (remain) vote in 1975 is very similar to the 'No' (leave) vote of 2016.

1975: 17,378,581

2016: 17,410,742

We know what happened after the result in 1975 and the expectation on the Government is to deliver on what it set out to do in 2015. If it took a referendum to keep us in last time then a referendum is good enough to take us out this time. All other talk is illegitimate, Mr Ketch.


Dr Evil said...

Our Brexit negotiators seem to have missed the point that, by starting the Leave process the UK is now an enemy. It is an enemy of the EU project since we are a major power within the EU that contributes a huge amount of money. By pulling out we are the enemy. Only if some of the 27 who have big stakes in our market break ranks and rein in the EU negotiators we will get such a poor deal we will leave with no deal. There may be cracks appearing but if so it is serendipity and not by strategy. We have to negotiate with the EU as their enemy they need to keep close.

Anonymous said...

re the pseudonym "jack ketch"

I wonder why someone would choose to take the name of an infamously incompetent executioner during the Bloody Assizes of the later 1600s? Sayeth Wikipedia: "Because of his botched executions, the name "Jack Ketch" is used as a proverbial name for death, Satan, and executioner." Later in the Wikipedia article is a record of Jack Ketch's crowning achievement: "James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth's execution. ... ... but the wretch [Jack Ketch] made five chops before he had his head off; which so incensed the people, that had he not been guarded and got away, they would have torn him [Jack Ketch] to pieces."

Methinks if the present day imposter Ketch continues in his present vein, he too will need a guard to escape from this place.

jack ketch said...

"re the pseudonym "jack ketch"

It's the cockney humour of a former girlfriend who created my first AOL account for me back at the dawn of the internet, reverse humour, like calling a fat bloke 'slim' or a short one 'trees' (more properly 'lofty trees'). Jack Ketch was "well 'ung in London". I only use it here because of a wordpress bug that won't let me log on with 'The Blocked Dwarf'.