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Monday, 25 March 2019

How can we replace May?

With another momentous week for Brexit and voices even louder for May to go, the immediate question is not so much who can replace her as how she can be replaced. To get a Brexiteer in Number Ten, the vote needs to come to us - party members. For that we need several weeks, and for the Parliamentary Party to offer us two candidates. They will not dare exclude a Brexiteer. It can't be done before 12th April, but could be done before 22nd May if Parliament agrees the Selmayr-Robbins Treaty. However, what Brexiteer wants to inherit a party that has betrayed Brexit?

The Remainers around Hammond and Lidington have botched their attempted coup over the weekend, their offer of Govey as Leader having been the equivalent of Hitler having offered to put the Duke of Windsor on the British throne after a successful invasion and having shot the real sovereign. Govey is unique in having even fewer interpersonal skills than May, and the inflamed little haemorrhoid, who would actually make a decent fist of No.11, a post that doesn't require popularity or clubbability, would do nothing but inflict a grievous pain in the arse on the British people.

Boris is on the campaign trail in the Telegraph, and offers a glimpse of the way through. Theresa May is a chicken who's bottled Brexit, screams the strapline. Boris goes on to say the betrayal of Brexit is not the fault of MPs at all, oh no. He knows it doesn't pay to blame the electorate. Nope. He puts the blame firmly with his boss;
We have blinked. We have baulked. We have bottled it completely. We have now undergone the humiliation of allowing the EU to decide the date on which we may make our own departure. It is the EU that is now insisting that parliament must vote – for a third time! –  on its Carthaginian terms, if we are to be permitted to leave on May 22. If we fail to vote the deal through, then the PM has until April 12 to present fresh plans.
His solution seems to be to vote down MV3 and go for a long extension to article 50. That leaves time for either the shoe-in of a Leaver Leader or his insistence that May remains as caretaker whilst the contest goes out to the Party for a full contest. The problem is the local government elections on 2nd May. Conservative councillors are facing slaughter. However, Boris is not explicit - his final paragraph is impossibly confusing, there being no 'implementation period' without an agreed WA but hints that if he were Leader during the extended period, he would bundle up a Trade Deal in an Article 50 extension.
Extend the implementation period to the end of 2021 if necessary; use it to negotiate a free trade deal; pay the fee; but come out of the EU now – without the backstop. It is time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus, and say to Pharaoh in Brussels – LET MY PEOPLE GO.
Boris, it appears, might be ready to see Farage's Brexit Party in the EP and the potential decimation of Conservatives in local government in order to preserve the present Parliament to the end of its life.


Stephen J said...

Well I had been harbouring hopes that May, by seeing that group of known Tory Leavers, none of which are currently cabinet ministers, was considering her legacy.

She can't win with the people, she can't win with the cabinet, she can't win with the parliament, and she certainly can't win with the media. In short, as things currently stand, she is yesterday's chip paper.

If she sat on her hands, and did nothing, she would be a hero to 52% of the voters.

That would be quite a way to go out.

jack ketch said...

If she sat on her hands, and did nothing, she would be a hero to 52% of the voters.

A heroine even. But yes , you're right, that is the irony of the situation. Doubly ironic as 'hand sitting' is the default position for any politician faced with a choice or dilemma.

DeeDee99 said...

Moses pleaded with Pharaoh to be magnanimous and "let my people go" and Pharaoh refused. He continued to refuse until the 10 plagues ravaged Egypt and it was worse and more dangerous to keep the Jews than release them.

So it will be with the EU (and the pro-EU British Establishment). The Surrender Treaty must not pass; once it's signed we're trapped forever. We must start unleashing the 10 plagues. Starting with:

1. Decimating Conservative councils in May. Do not switch to Labour,LibDem or Green. Vote UKIP or Independent or spoil your ballot.
2. Re-elect Nigel to the EP with a large continent of noisy Brexiteers to unite with the other "populists" and work to cause chaos in Brussels
3. Support Farage and The Brexit Party and threaten the CON and pro-EU Labour wing in the UK far more than UKIP ever managed

Dave_G said...

I can't believe that any 'long' extension to leave would result in a trade deal that couldn't be arranged far, far faster if we just left on 29th March. The day after a No Deal Exit they would be clamouring for a 'real' deal - make no mistake.

The levels of deceit around both the prospect of a No Deal exit and the 'insistence' that we actually need a deal BEFORE we leave is stupendous. The EU economic position is not one that WE need to revolve around - THEY do.

Quite clearly our own politicians - no matter who we install as leader - are operating under instructions from Germany over the issue of Brexit. Do we have anyone who isn't capable of being manipulated in some way? Personally the only one I see that is cleaner than a priests bedsheets is J R-M. And we all know what priests are really like.

decnine said...

May will leave Downing Street the same way Charlton Heston gave up his rifle.

John Brown said...

DeeDee99 :

4. Reduce now purchases of EU products wherever possible, particularly boycotting those countries which have been very unhelpful.

5. Since it is highly likely that we’re going to have another referendum start asking what sort of remain the remainers want – to make sure it is clearly defined before the vote (particularly as so many say they want a “reformed” EU) :

Ever closer union, with taxes, financial policies and laws set by Brussels Eurocrats ?
Joining the Euro as it is intended to be made mandatory ?
Putting our armed forces and nuclear arsenal under the control of Brussels ?
Giving over our permanent seat at the UN to the EU (already demanded)
Happy for continued EU expansion eastwards to include at least another 7 countries, and if Mr. Cameron had his way all the stan countries as far as the Urals (Kazakhstan speech July 2013) ?
Happy to continue with unlimited immigration from all other EU countries ?
Happy to continue with the inability to elect or remove those who make our laws and taxation and foreign policies or would they want to see a change ?


Anonymous said...

I have a box full of Conservative leaflets to be delivered, as I have done for decades. They may well go back to the constituency office undelivered if Brexit doesn't happen. If the present Government can make a determined activist like me do such a thing, then its future is extremely precarious, Corbyn or not.

Domo said...

The willingness of "local" politicians to die for EUrope remains shocking.

Here's a big bowl with f shit, eat it and say you like it

And they do, over and over and over

jack ketch said...

Pharaoh refused. He continued to refuse- Deedee

Yeeees but lets not forget that it was GOD himself who hardened Pharaoh's heart (after the 5th or 6th plague I think)and about now TM must be praying for some divine intervention and not just Bojo in a bedsheet with a messianic streak.

Dave_G said...

"Bedsheets with streaks" is what all COnservative politicians will reveal when they realise the true extent of our backlash for their refusal to uphold democracy.

RAC said...

Am in total agreement with Dave_G's comment at 08:43. I just hope May can woffle on long enough for it all to die on the 29th.

Cascadian said...

It's interesting that only Raedwald believes that the CONmen party has a future role to play.

Dave_G has it about right, the EU economy is tits up and "populist" parties are staging an incursion that will leave EU-as-you-know-it quite unable to function.

Too bad yUK politicians cannot see they have a strong hand to play, instead their appeasement tactics and outright surrender to remain bureaucrats is bound to make this situation worse.

Now that the first extension has been made, further extensions will become easier and can-kicking will be the feature of all meetings. Money speaks louder than principals in the EU.

My prediction remains:

NO Brexit
yUK monthly multiple-billion remittances to EU
No yUK voting power in EU
yUK subject to ECJ
Continued excessive gimmegrant immigration
Continued plundering of fish stocks by EU
PM DisMay continues her disastrous negotiations to the end of her five-year term, at the end of her term the CONmen will still be in disarray.

I would certainly celebrate were I wrong.

jack ketch said...

To get a Brexiteer in Number Ten, the vote needs to come to us - party members. For that we need several weeks,

Not sure that's right, surely if the cabinet or the large majority of it threaten to resign if she doesn't then she would pretty much have to go and, if i recall aright, the cabinet would then nominate someone to replace her in the interim? I suspect that is exactly the reason she hasn't been defenestrated this evening, having lost something that no PM in the last hundred or so years has, namely control of the parliamentary time table; the cabinet would not be able to agree on a temporary replacement.