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Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Parliament v. People - the Craven Rabble

The craven rabble of fraudulent representatives in the Commons are today engaged in an exercise of mutual self-preservation. Both main parties having lied outrageously in their 2017 manifestos, the 74% Remainer Commons are running scared of facing voters at the ballot box - what the Hell would they claim this time around about their commitment to deliver Brexit?

All morning a stream of self-interested fake-MPs have followed one another on R4's 'Today' in a united chorus of mutual preservation; the important thing is that the Commons, having decided to oppose the will of voters and to renege on their own manifestos, comes together to unite in the face of voter anger. Yes, today is all about these frauds, these fakes, this craven rabble of narcissists and half-wits, demonstrating that they have more in common with eachother than with the voters they tricked in 2017 into putting them there.

But they can't hide forever from the Hustings. At some stage they must face the voters they tricked and defrauded. And judging from the polls, they will face a voter anger many times greater than when caught with their half-wit snouts in the expenses trough. Parliamentary self-interest and the previous bent Speaker, Gorbals Mick, saved many from prison - and the contrast was not lost on the public of a 2011 rioter banged up for a year for stealing a pack of bottled water worth under a fiver and MPs who had stolen tens of thousands in upscale furnishings, household goods, fraudulent claims and swapping getting away Scot free.

Let them wriggle and squirm in mutual self-pleasure today, safe in their privileged isolation from the reality of their betrayal of Britain's voters. Their reckoning will come.

MPs must face electors over their Brexit Betrayal


Stephen J said...

I rather think that conditions are bad enough that no matter whether we have first past the post, a decent populist party would take the votes and the seats.

Whether it would win this time is moot, but precedent was sort of set when the Labour party replaced the Liberals in the early 20th century, so they might get close.

I would like to see the rest of them serving time, but that is way too much to hope for.

Thud said...

People on the whole will vote pretty much as they always have, anything else is just wishful thinking.

Dioclese said...

The problem is who the hell would you vote for?

Con - remain BRINO
Lab - remain and wreck the economy
Lib Dem - remain
SNP - remain, no use in England
DUP - leave, no use in England
TIG - remain
Brexit Party - will it ever get going?
UKIP - discredited but at least they're leave

There isn't anyone who reflects the will of the people

I support a national campaign of spoilt ballots marked "no suitable candidate"
It'll never happen of course because the Brits will do what they always do - moan down the pub and do fuck all...

John Brown said...

I think it’s a great shame that we did not vote for AV when we had the chance.

It combines proportional representation with the benefits (in my opinion) of a single MP representing a specific constituency (as in FPTP).

It enables voters to vote for whom they really want, so that their real preference is recorded, followed by voting if necessary for the least worst option (as in FPTP in many cases).

The winning candidate has always over 50% of the votes cast, far more democratic than the FPTP system.

It also stops the ridiculous scenario where a constituency does not get the representation they want through vote splitting.

Cedric Pugh said...

"I would like to see the rest of them serving time, but that is way too much to hope for."

You know enough to understand that none of them have broken the law, and are just doing what they see as their duty for sixty-six million people, including the seventeen million who voted leave, and the fraction of those who are reckless enough to want No Deal too - not that they were ever asked about that.

So you can only mean that you would support retrospective criminal law. We all know who used that last century. Your true self is showing.

Stephen J said...

Well Dioclese, in lieu of the fact that we don't have a functioning DD, I would vote for any party that is led by Nigel Farage.

His political career hasn't ended in failure.... yet.

John Brown said...

Dioclese :

It is necessary to keep voting as not voting is just what the anti-democrat globalists want.

If necessary spoil the ballot paper, making it clear that you do not support any candidate and it is not just that you have failed to record your vote properly.

Spoiled ballot papers are recorded and the numbers would be publicised if they became large and hence newsworthy.

jack ketch said...

People on the whole will vote pretty much as they always have

Thud has nailed it I think. The other day I had to drive Aged Mother up to the hospital. Aged Mother is an ardent hard brexiteer and a Tory-since-birth. She grizzled the whole way about brexit and the government's mishandling of it. I , of course dutiful son that I am, had my ears on 'in one and out t'other' and was simply punctuating her classic brexiteer whiiiinge with the occasional 'hmmm' whilst concentrating on getting us safely through the city's morning rush hour traffic.
Then after about half an hour of 'They have made a real dog's brexit of things' she suddenly exclaimed: "Mind you, I really admire T'resa May: she is always sooo well turned out,she dresses so well, she's always polite and never swears and I think she manages her DISABILITY [Yes, Aged Mother thinks 'diabetes' is a disability!] wonderfully!"

At that point i had to light a cigarette just to shut her up (cue faux coughing), it was that or try and cross the lights on green (first rule of driving in Norfolk- those lights LIE).

Anonymous said...

Why vote for a party ? None of the parties are any good.

Vote for a local person who is an independent. He can't be any worse.

Don Cox

Dave_G said...

What the whole Brexit situation has done is take the blinkers off a lot of people's eyes in respect to how they thought their representatives would act 'on their behalf' when elected to positions of responsibility.

As little respect Politicians HAD they'll forever have less - much less - and people will no longer simply vote on what they are told might happen (i.e. on the manifestos) if they even vote at all.

It will also turn a lot of people into 'objectionists' who see any future plans or presentations as (perhaps) just a cover story for an alternative ending and they will vote against anything that might even be REASONABLE let alone progressive.

I know now that my own vote will forever be made to create the most havoc and that any situation involving .gov (local or national) will forever be made to be a lengthy drawn out process of 'ignorance, questioning and confrontation' just to frustrate - this is the only way I will ever feel as if I can get my revenge. 'They' did it to the country - let 'us' do it to them.

But the issue of Brexit will never be settled until Brexit actually happens. The Genie is out of the bottle and if we don't get it 'now' we will get it later (but more likely sooner than later) as simple economics and global politics will make the whole concept of the EU redundant. Sadly we, as a country, will suffer financially if we have to wait that long - something I reckon many people fear but don't make such an obvious case for.

And, as ever, the corrupt, complicit and traitorous media have a LOT to answer for.

Mark said...

Why should tories and labour go on forever and people keep voting for them? Why can't they die and new parties appear? It has happened before.

I've made the comment previously but this is NOT just some lie about domestic policy or process. It can't be rationalized as just "party politics" or "that's just what they're like".

I think there is quite an ugly undercurrent developing and not just among leavers. I know a few honest remainers who can see the obvious ramifications of "staying" by such means. I know a few who now wish they had voted leave and other who, while they may still want to stay in the EU, when pressed are finding it harder and harder to deny the political nature of "the project" and more to the point, the fundamental anti-democratic nature which is intended and is intrinsic to the whole set up

It is fair to say that we (the populace at large) are on the back foot and unsure as to what to do. But the political class lying probably more blatantly than at any time in modern political history and over such an issue at a time when opinions of then are already in the sewer.

Not clever.

jack ketch said...

His political career hasn't ended in failure.... yet.
-right writes

No but he's working hard at it and hopes to make the grade real soon.

plantman said...

Dioclese @9.22

Spoilt ballots - I agree except they should be overwritten APAS - "All Politicians Are S**t"

see my comments about a week ago

mongoose said...

In fact, Mark, the Tories have indeed gone on "forever". Since the very beginning of anything like representative politics in this country there has been a Tory party. Their Tamworth Manifesto rebranding aside, it is the same gig.

The problem is the institutionalised infiltration on an international front by the elitist but apparently well-meaning but soft-Trot agenda that we here know as Blairism. There isn't a proper Left anymore; there is just suffocation by confiscatory taxation and then redistribution via welfare and rationing. Nobody thinks we can afford to rock the boat. It will end badly but it won't be the Brits wot do it.

plantman said...

Pugh @ 9.31

Have you considered a show business career - and can I be your manager please.
66 million of which 72% voted (so we know what they think,51.9% said leave, 48.1% said remain) that leaves 18.5 million and you , from your comments have the ability to remotely read each of their minds.

You're on a winner mate - with my help you/we could make a fortune.

jim said...

How will Brexit turn out? A balls-up or a balls-up, not good any which way now. So do our MPs need to fear the hustings? I should say the Tories seem likely to win any election up to say 2022 (for lack of anything better). The opposition from Labour looks pretty dire. The Tories will still have time to fiddle the economy and make excuses (Oh dear, the car industry - so last year...). All depends on timing and how big a balls-up.

IMHO the real fun will start around about 2020/21 when whatever interim measures start to tail away. Those 'left behind' will still be 'left behind' and the 1% will still be coining it in. The squeezed middle will be desperate to hang on to what little they have left. Not good any which way now.

DiscoveredJoys said...

@ Dioclese

Alternatively lend UKIP your vote until (if) the major parties reform or collapse.
Or vote for an independant or some other pro-Brexit party. Tempting though it is to spoil your ballot all it signals to the winning candidate's party is that you don't care enough. It's a 'free pass' for them to carry on as they are.

Plantman said...

Only slightly off topic. Did you see the BBC prog a couple of days ago revisiting the "Expenses" affair.

What wasn't raised in that prog was something I have be trying to get the Beeb to own up to for years.

I cannot believe that bringing that festering heap into the open was only due to the efforts of one investigator (but all credit to her) I suspect it was an open secret (in Just the same way that Kennedy's alcoholism was - after his demise so may people owned up and said "Of course we knew, but ……..)

So back to the expenses, at the time the BBC was crawling with political correspondents one for each channel (TV and Radio), regional, local radio etc. If their collective endeavours could not expose what was going on there are surely only two reasons, neither of which reflects well:

A) they were all lousy at their jobs - without exception

B) they knew but decided (or were told) to keep shtum.