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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Parliament vs. People - Betrayer MPs tighten the noose

The Brexit Betrayers in Parliament who seized control last night moved immediately to tighten the noose and to cancel Brexit. They may succeed in the Commons, where 74% of MPs personally voted Remain despite lying with false manifestos to cheat their way to seats in the 2017 elections. Yes, politicians are consummate liars - quelle surprise. What hope had we that they would act with honour and dignity, these swine whose snouts are still coated in the mire of the expenses troughs? Last night the Commons was not so much the Parliament of Britain as Dante's eighth malbolge  - pimps, seducers, flatterers dipped in human shit, liars, fornicators, barrators, perjurers, corrupt office-holders, half-wit frauds and peculators. They are the lowest scum in our land.

There will be a reckoning to come. 17.4 million votes will be heard - the clear majority of the nation gave their instruction to this noisome cabal of betrayers. It will prevail, either now through Parliament or later by other means with a new government prepared to use its prerogative powers.

If they imagine the People are blind to their perfidy they are mistaken - as this ComRes poll from the Telegraph shows. It also reinforces that which is the will of the people who decided to Leave the EU - that we now we want to go NOW, on WTO terms.

Pompey's patrician MPs, these bloated, privileged elitist fartbubbles, will have their beliefs prick'd.*

It's worth one again quoting constitutional expert Dr David Starkey -
The People voted 52 to 48 per cent to leave; an estimated 74 per cent of MPs voted to remain.

No representative assembly can sustain such a gulf. Either People or Parliament must give way.

And so it has proved as, in its profound lack of wisdom and in its disregard for the central thread of its own history, Parliament has decided it is the People who should change. Or, rather, be changed.

This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Communist states were ruled by similarly pampered, out-of-touch and privileged elites who, against all the evidence, claimed to represent the People.
*"Once you touch the biographies of human beings, the notion that political beliefs are logically determined collapses like a pricked balloon" - Walter Lippmann


DeeDee99 said...

Last night, the final flickering of the democracy candle in the UK spluttered out.

Yes, we can vote out the anti-democratic charlatans in the House of ConMen, but under our corrupt party political/electoral systems, we really only have the choice of different anti-democratic charlatans to replace them.

And anyway, by then it will probably be too late. Whatever deal the pro-EU Civil Service and this Remainer Parliament cobbles together with the EU will trap us forever ........ short of a revolution.

Millions will no longer bother to vote. And that's just how the Elite want it.

Dave_G said...

"Consent of the governed. In political philosophy, the phrase consent of the governed refers to the idea that a government's legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and lawful when consented to by the people or society over which that political power is exercised."


Anonymous said...

17.4 million is a clear, but not overwhelming, majority of those who voted in the referendum.

It is not a clear majority of the nation, of sixty-six million people, It is only 26% of them. That is the problem facing our MPs, elected by, including others, the Leave voters.

If you don't like the British Constitution, then work to change it.

John in Cheshire said...

Only three days to go before we are out of the EU.

Mark said...

What have they "taken control" of. What have they betrayed the people for? (The polls cited are pretty damning).

The treaty of Brest-Litovsk has been signed. The locally tolerated satrap has done so. That the pretend parliament has - for whatever reason - not ratified it is irrelevant. A master cannot negotiate with a slave, he just cannot.

So they are going to vote on "options". Hasn't the EU made it clear that their creatures have until 12th April to ratify Brest-Litovsk.

If they can't do it themselves then the sheep must do it via a second refrendum.

Have I missed something (the bit where the imperium said it was open to genuine negotiation) I don't think I have.

Would even cancellation of article 50 (let's forget the legalities for a moment) be acceptable to the imperium? I can see how individual satrapies (e.g. Ireland) would like this. But there is a population that, despite half a century of remorseless propaganda, fundamentally doesn't accept the "inevitability" of "the project". There must come a point where the economic gains are outweighed by the political price.

Couldn't help noticing that Italy has joined China's silk road project. There is also talk that the EU should block it. Is this just a "fuck you" from an angry Italy? If so, you can hardly blame them. This is rather more of a threat to "the project" than any Brexit.

Parliament ignores the British people . Are they also blind to the wider world?

Mr Ecks said...

No--because as Macron's antics show--the globo elite aren't just going to leave us be. Ordinary folk are to be flopped lower than whaleshit--esp ordinary white folk--and they are going to kick us and kick us. Doing nothing is not an option.

I wish we had as many fighters as we do gutless defeatists who just can't wait to tell us how screwed we are and how nothing can be done. I'm way too young to remember 1940--but was it that way then?

Billy Marlene said...

As I sat through this debacle I began to doubt whether the 2016 Referendum had ever happened; was it a dream? Am I succumbing to the first creaks of dementia?

Then a disturbing, yet oddly enlightening, theme entered my mind. It was the final paragraph of Animal Farm.

Raedwald said...

Anon 8.33 - so much idiocy.

First there is no constitution to change

Second, 52% to 48% of those who voted constitutes a clear majority by any reckoning - and everyone knew when they voted that this would be decided by a simple majority, even if that majority was one vote.

JohnofEnfield said...

Methinks the BREXIT Party will destabilise the so called elite if there is an early General Election. 5% 10% 15% ....... 25% of the vote if the election happens whilst the traitorous act is still fresh in the memory. What answers would they have to a well led Single Issue Party? None of the current “leadership” of any of the main parties would survive such an apocalypse. Meanwhile the EU would feast on our cadaver: NI, Gibraltar, the City of London, the Falklands even Scotland.

Anonymous said...

The UK does have a Constitution. The only thing that it says expressly is "Parliament alone is the law". Crude majoritarianism is the hallmark of despotic rule too.

Dave said...

The referendum was promised in the first place because Cameron feared that UKIP posed a bigger electoral challenge than it eventually did. The expected surge didn’t come because the electorate will not vote for a single-issue party in big enough numbers to significantly affect the arithmetic of Parliament. What Farage, or someone with a similar ‘presence’, should do is form an avowedly Eurosceptic party, but with a much broader manifesto that exploits the frustrations thrown up by the seismic shift caused by this Brexit betrayal. My feeling is that a ‘bigger picture’ vision of breaking the stranglehold of Westminster by devolving power and tax raising to the regions (modelled on, say, the Swiss system) would garner massive support and would bring about Brexit as a necessity.
Only a new party, not tainted by corruption and this Brexit embarrassment, can be trusted to deliver such a vision. There is more than enough time to organize such a party before the 2022 election, as the rapid rise of the Five Star Movement and Macron’s En Marche will testify.

Mark said...


X is not a majority of the country, the region, the constituency etc can be used to overturn (or rationalise thinking that you should) ANY vote, election or referendum.

Don't even go there.

Don't forget, there is talk of a second referendum. I'm not sure it will happen but if you want to overturn the leave vote, what you're suggesting ain't too smart.

Raedwald said...

Every Act ever passed by Parliament was by, erm, 'crude majoritarianism' - does that mean that in your eyes not a single law on the statute books is legal?

many MPs new sitting were elected with the most slender of majorities - should they all now be unseated because they owe their places to 'crude majoritarianism'?

What an asinine and jejune outlook you have.

Rossa said...

They may have voted to take control of Parliamentary business but all that means is deciding which of the Brexit options to debate and have indicative votes on. None of which are binding on TM. Yes, their favoured option may put pressure on her, but she has a potential scorched earth option that many overlook.

If TM prorogues Parliament and calls a GE, all of those MPs will be sent back to their constituencies, where they will all face their electorate during their campaigns. In the meantime, Government doesn’t just stop. Effectively, that could mean (barring use of a SI to extend the deadline) we’re out on Friday with no deal. She could just wipe her hands with the lot of them and basically tell them to sort it out themselves once the results of the GE are in.

In the meantime, if we’ve ‘crashed out’ with no deal, there will be no European elections and Farage and his band of merry men can stand in the GE. Yes, it means chaos but they’ve brought it on themselves. Do they really think their constituents are going to happy with them?

Of course, the risk is the next Govt., assuming we’ve left, could try to take us back in at a later date, but I doubt that they’d get a mandate for it. Political risk would be too high.

Just my opinion and pure speculation but then we’ll all know the outcome by 23.00pm on Friday.

jack ketch said...

I wish we had as many fighters as we do gutless defeatists who just can't wait to tell us how screwed we are and how nothing can be done. I'm way too young to remember 1940--but was it that way then?-Mr X

Appositely someone who was there (although by my reckoning only a preteen), Michael Heseltine wrote the following yesterday:

I dismiss with contempt the image of us as an island wrapped in a union jack, glorying in the famous phrase that captured, for so many, Winston Churchill’s spirit of defiance in 1940: “Very well, alone”. I was there. I saw our army evacuated, our cities bombed, our convoys sunk. Churchill did everything in his power to end this isolation. Alone was never Churchill’s hope or wish: it was his fear ...

Margaret Thatcher would have been appalled to see Britain excluded from the top table. Theresa May dashed across the Channel last week, only to be excluded from a meeting of our former partners, and presented with a take-it-or-leave-it offer. That is what the Brexiteers have done to our country: a national humiliation, made in Britain, made by Brexit.

Raedwald said...

Heselbollocks, Jack.

We have a defence alliance - NATO, an intelligence alliance - 5 Eyes and any number of bilateral treaties, agreements, mutual aid commitments and co-operation pacts. None of which involve surrendering our sovereignty.

Heselbollocks knows very well that Churchill never intended for the UK to become a satrap state of Europe. We are, and will remain, at the top table on our own recognisance - a member of G7, UN security council, nuclear armed nation, with 4 universities in the global top 20 whilst the EU27 have none.

The EU is for one primary reason - to tie France and Germany together in bonds of iron, so that neither may ever again inflict on us the destruction and loss of life that they have in the past.

Cedric Pugh said...

"None of which involved surrendering our sovereignty"?

So the US bombing Libya, a then non-enemy, from UK soil, didn't compromise it one jot? When did the EU do anything remotely like that?

Mark said...

This "little Englander, dreaming of empire" meme is a remainiac invention and the tenacity with which they cling to it (and have for decades) is a measure of the sheer paucity of their arguments.

If May, or any British PM is allowed near the "top table" it's only to serve the wine (although if Juncker is there she'd need a fuck of a lot of help!)

Heseltine would have eagerly taken this country into the Euro. He can see (or rather wilfully chooses not to) the utter disaster that is. This is not somebody who understands the thing he professes to be so passionate about (or he understands it perfectly but dare not admit what it's purpose is or how he expects to benefit).

He has the sheer gall to suggest that "brexiteers" are responsible for May's fiasco. Could somebody explain, because I'm fucked if I can see how.

Raedwald said...

Pugh - That would be the same US whose dead lie in their tens of thousands in French soil because she is prepared to shed American blood to give others their freedom, would it?

Anonymous said...

The reason for the bombing in Libya was to prevent Ghaddafi from doing what Assad has done in Syria.

Two mad dictators, obsessed by power.

Don Cox

Dave_G said...

Ghaddafi, Assad and even Sadam Hussein kept their relevant countries under a leash that we have removed and now suffer the consequences of (except, to some extent, Syria, thankfully). I don't care how other countries treat their people but I care how the EU treats 'us' - with contempt and as a ripe fruit to be plucked and a richness to exploit.

Anyway, the 'EU' (aka France) were happy to sell Exocets to the Argies knowing full well where they'd be used.

As I understand things, we (the UK) will, should we be trapped under May's WA, be liable for EU debt as well as having to agree to give immunity from prosecution to all existing and retired EU bosses - a demand that is as disconcerting as it is ridiculous as 'what the hell have they done that requires a specific ruling to protect them or what are they GOING to do that requires it'?

Anonymous said...

" I don't care how other countries treat their people"

So the Holocaust and the mass murders by Stalin and Mao and Assad don't bother you at all ?

Don Cox

jack ketch said...
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jack ketch said...
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Charles said...

I see that even if we leave we are going to be reduced to driving clockwork noddy cars by 2022 because that is what the EU wants. Honestly it makes you weep. If there is to be a GE I suspect that most of these horrors, the Letwins et al, will be re-elected because they are “good” local MPs. Single issue parties do not do well at election time.

I wonder what we can do at a practical level to make our masters lives a misery? Most people do not have the stomach for revolution, the protest needs to cause little trouble for the protester but a maximum to the govt. rather like a small amount of sand can do horrible things to precision machinery, we need some imaginative grit in the engine of government.

We have local elections soon, I suggest that people vote for anyone except the Cons, Labour or Liberal. Yes it could cause chaos with the greens running things but it might start to wake up people.