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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Cameron and the Mandarins cannot escape blame for this mess

A narrative is building that the Brexit debacle that has trashed the UK's international reputation is solely the fault of Theresa May and a rogue mandarin called Oliver Robbins. Indeed, Whitehall is already getting its story straight for the inevitable inquiry into the biggest failure of statecraft since Suez. It's a bit like coppers getting the chance to sit around a table and make sure their pocket books all say the same thing after they've just shot some blameless sparky. May and the unfortunate Robbins have already been lined up to take the blame; Whitehall's official histories are already being written, exculpating the mandarinate as dedicated and utterly impartial servants of democracy led astray by rogue politicians, but struggling to do their best.

It's all bollocks of course. Hints are now appearing in the press under the pens of some respected researchers of the role of a small cabal of 'Deep State' mandarins - one writer puts the number at seven - co-ordinating both legal and unlawful actions within Whitehall and without to sabotage Brexit. Whitehall is up to its neck in the betrayal of Brexit and of British democracy.

The Establishment narrative is also being constructed to avoid casting blame at our former dilettante PM, Cameron of the 'kitchen suppers'. Yet this privileged fool is as culpable as May of creating the mess we're in. Whilst this idle flabarse scranned spag bol and Netflix, having instructed Whitehall to do no planning at all for a 'Leave' vote, Selmayr and the Berlaymont's crack shock troops had already agreed a secret strategy to roll over the UK in the event of a 'Leave' win - as is revealed today by
It was at 6:22 a.m. on June 24, 2016 — 59 minutes before the official tally was unveiled — that the European Council sent its first “lines to take” to the national governments that make up the EU.

The United Kingdom was leaving the European Union and Brussels was determined to seize control of the process.
Neither did our third-rate Cabinet realise what had happened until too late
The story that emerges is of a process in which the EU moved inexorably forward as Westminster collapsed into political infighting, indecision and instability.
These SW1 people receive wealth and honours for the responsibility they shoulder. When they fail, they should be held accountable. Another mendacious whitewash of an inquiry will not do - nor will allowing the anti-democratic Heart of Darkness within Whitehall to fabricate its alibis at the taxpayers' time and cost. What we must have is a criminal investigation headed by an ex-intelligence chief and run by anti-terrorism experts with unrestricted security clearance. We must weed out this cancerous fifth-column from our public services lest their sabotage of Brexit emboldens them to further mire in filth our precious democracy.

I commend Booker's final column for the Telegraph, which Dr Richard North reproduces on his blog (link right). One of the good. 


Stephen J said...

All very well until the last sentence Raedwald...

We don't have a democracy, it is a chimera, and the only way to sort it out is to replace representative democracy with direct democracy.

The only representatives we should be voting for are the mandarins.

If I can't expect a sinecure, I don't know why anyone else should.

Lock them up!

DeeDee99 said...

We will never get a Criminal Inquiry. The Establishment ALWAYS circles the wagons to protect its own. Parliament will block it, for fear that it will identify traitors in their midst in the House of Frauds and the House of ConMen.

I there's an Inquiry it will be given the widest possible remit, to ensure it will take years to complete, and will be carried out by a geriatric member of the Judiciary who can be trusted to either die or go senile before it's completed and if - by some freak of nature survives and retains his wits - will NEVER point the finger at any individuals but find there were "systemic issues" and the whole fiasco is really the fault of the 17.4 million BRITS who were foolish enough to reject rule by the Foreign Dictatorship in Brussels.

The shambles was no accident. The British Establishment has DELIBERATELY destroyed what passed for Democracy in the UK.

They have sowed the wind.......

Dave_G said...

Booker is what we can call a 'real journalist' - one who does proper research and writes about the findings, good or bad (inevitably bad) and would appear to be (one of) the 'last of the breed'.

Journalism has degenerated into churnalism where only missives from the major news outlets, Reuters, AP etc, are forwarded, unedited, uncriticised, unresearched and, as a result, pure propaganda from the main source of..... who/where ever - inevitably Globalist inspired.

I'm often surprised that Booker lasted as long as he did but not so surprised to understand that, whilst his output was closer to the truth than many, many other sources, he was pissing against the wind when it comes to reaching, and convincing, a wide enough audience.

For, if such professionalism is to be truly recognised, then his output should have stirred many more people to raise the questions that should be asked and place those who seek to distort our democracy under greater pressure of exposure.

But this is how the system is gamed against us - the louder and more repetitive the source (i.e. the BBC) the more people are likely to consider their position and output to be 'correct'.

I hope, truly hope, that we may see as much change in public perception of propaganda as the French (well, at least SOME of them) are seeing when they protest against Macron and the system he represents.

Achieving the Brexit the people voted for would be one of the greatest steps forward in breaking the hold the media and establishment has on us. We must hold fast.

Rossa said...

If TM does bring back her ‘deal’ for a 4th time it is a clear sign that these ‘seven pygmies’, the Mandarin coup plotters are totally in control of our PM or should that be their chosen one. Question is how do we remove them? Maybe their own hubris will be enough to see them fall at the final hurdle. 12 days and counting....

jack ketch said...

Aww diddums, did the nasty wasty estabwlishment upset yous? Two years ago I was posting on Scriblerus that 'there will be tears before bedtime' and that May would 'make sure we all, Leavers and Remainers, get our just desserts'.

DeeDee is right, they will circle the wagons and there will be gold watches for all.

On a separate note , anyone have figures for the attendance at Friday's Westminster Whinge-fest? How many turned out to watch Yaxley Lemon doing his buff best to look like an SA Poster Boy? How many listened to Faragolum's grizzles "W-w-w-weeee wants it, we does, precious, its ours brexitsday"?

John in Cheshire said...

What are the names of the Fifth Column traitors in the Civil Service? And is commie Robbins number 8?

Cedric Pugh said...

Ah, "narratives", the cartoon, make-believe tales, upon which so many base their rabid opinions. Yes, you are right to draw attention to these, Raedwald.

Noam Chomsky and Jordan Peterson may disagree on plenty, but where they concur fully is on the conceptual floundering - I won't dignify it with the word "thinking" - called Postmodernism. Or, to give it its full name Why Gay People And Other Vocal Minorities Should Get Every Single Thing That They Want Whatever The Bother For Everyone Else.

Basically, it says that facts do not matter. All that counts is how something looks to someone according to what they believe, and that we should empathise, and let them have what they want.

Now, come on, face hard facts guys. Isn't that EXACTLY why the fixated, with their fevered imaginings about the EU, believe that they are entitled to what they want too?

Who would have thought it? The Leave campaigns are the greatest exponents of this highly suspect philosophy that there are.

Anonymous said...

If your claims were true, Raed, then the UK would have to bring in outside investigators, as Italy did with the Mafia. I'm sure that the EU countries would look kindly on such a request.

jim said...

Cameron was strongarmed into the referendum by the ERG and the media, this mess is their fault, Cameron was merely weak. Brexit was easy enough to get going but not until that panjandrum was trundling along did anyone ask 'where are we going'. Then the idea ground to a halt, the ERG don't do detail, Boris doesn't do detail. So they ended up trying to build a tower block with not so much as a fag packet design.

Now the recriminations start. S'not fair, we didn't get the lovely Brexit promised and it's all the fault of the mandarins. Get real, there is a deep state and a good thing too. Children cannot play with matches. You don't run a serious economy with just the politicians and media in charge - too unreliable, too unstable.

Which does beg questions about democracy, is it real or is it a convenient fiction to keep the masses quiet. Take a look at the world, what is called democracy does seem to be tightening up. Why, because population, econ competition, fast communication and resource competion make the laissez faire style of democracy look a bit inadequate. Get tightly organised or fall behind. Be concerned, some fusion of the USA and Chinese models of government is slowly headed our way. The EU is the mild version.

Mr Ecks said...

What we need is a civil war and a chance to settle with scum the likes of Ketch.

As for Treason May--she is a bungler but she has bungled deliberate attempts at treason. She must be tried alongside with these 7 arseholes SCS Manderins.

Not enough tho'. ALL THE SCS MUST BE FIRED EN MASSE WITHOUT A PENNY COMPO AND THEIR PENSIONS CONFISCATED. As well as outlawing Common Purpose and various other groups of assorted scum

James Higham said...

Their time is coming, slowly, inexorably, then in a rush.

RAC said...

As this whole mess revolves around our right to national sovereignty what about Ireland's right to the same. Remove Northern Ireland from the united kingdom and let the Irish sort out their own problems. Border problem (excuse) gone.
All the other eu shite thrown at us should have been dealt with in the same direct way.
Simplistic yes, but this whole fucking mess is the result of too many long winded smartarses.

Dave_G said...


People can't and won't be 'controlled'. Oh, the establishment will try - they've tried for centuries - but the inevitable outcome is rebellion. It's cyclical and we're heading for the violent part - again - and ONLY because Government, as usual, think they know best.

People and even businesses, when left to their own devices, prosper and grow. Politics is poisonous to that prosperity as it simply seeks to tke more than they deserve - if they even deserve anything at all. And the larger the politics (the EU) the worse the problem. I doubt anyone could state the EU is prosperous, growing and/or efficient. Even on a smaller scale, the UK Government is bloated, expensive and inefficient so is it any wonder we're all asking 'what are we getting for our money'? and 'I could do better on my own' (whether as an individual or as a country).

Even now, the issue is settling a 'deal'. Businesses make deals. Governments simply collude - and we all know what that collusion is intended to achieve.

A 'no deal' Brexit is the opportunity for EVERYONE to make the most of their lives, their business and their future for there is no more incentive for ANYONE that being left to their own devices. And prosperous people can look after the needy and infirm. Indeed everything that Government does is done with OUR money but we could do it a whole lot better than .gov ever could.

As has famously been said and no one disagrees, the last thing anyone needs to hear is "quick, send for the Government". Local, National OR Europe-wide.

To fear a no deal Brexit is to admit you're a 'dependent' (on others success) and simply a burden to those who actually make the world work.

jack ketch said...

People can't and won't be 'controlled'-Dave G all those arguing the toss with the police and chanting 'oh Tommy' the other day weren't being 'controlled'? Those marching behind Farage down into England and the Capital weren't being controlled? Those French guys in their hi-vises are free of control?

Always been that way and unfortunately there ain't no blue or red pill to choose from.

RAC said...

" all those arguing the toss with the police and chanting 'oh Tommy' the other day weren't being 'controlled'? Those marching behind Farage down into England and the Capital weren't being controlled? Those French guys in their hi-vises are free of control? "

Well for once you have got it right ketch, no one was controlling them as you try to imply.
They were there of their own free will, cheering on a person who voiced their own beliefs.
In the case of the yellow vests doing so many times at personal risk.

Raedwald said...

Indeed, RAC.

More than a score have been blinded, one has had a hand blown off by police munitions and an 80 year old woman was beaten by riot police. What they believe in is worth them risking serious physical harm - even death.

The betrayal of the British people by the political class is the most appalling and cynical act of naked self interest - as Julie Burchill writes in the Telegraph

"The use of the words “chav” and “gammon” by Remainers expresses real class hatred towards Leavers.

The latter used their vote during the 2016 referendum in good faith but that faith is gone now, along with the belief in the possibility of social mobility and the end of child poverty. If gently-raised types believe that Brexit divided a nation, it’s nothing to what will happen now that even the working-class franchise has effectively been removed. Those who have nothing left to lose are formidable fighters."

jack ketch said...

@RAC it must be nice to live in your pink fluffy cloud world. Thing with free will is that it isn't; rarely is it really uncontrolled and it always comes at a cost.

RAC said...

You won the scrollover ketch. Waste your double talk on some one else.

Anonymous said...

So who is controlling Jack Ketch ?

Don Cox

jack ketch said...

So who is controlling Jack Ketch ?

-Don Cox

Dunno, but they are legion whoever they are.

Probably the same people controlling the Les Yellow Vests- oh sorry, did you really believe some Frenchy woke up one bon matin and declared *'Allo 'Allo impression* " Zooot Alors, Scare bleu! What zis Macron does is infâme! Ve must summon ze L'esprit de Camille Desmoulins. Vite Cherie , get ze Hi Vis from ze boot, ve shall storm la Bastille !" and Josephine replied "Ooooh Rrrrené I must tweet this to all mes amis...avant et va-va-voom!" and then suddenly there were 30k pissed off Frenchies marching down the Champs?
(apologies to any actual French speakers here).

Mark said...

"So who is controlling Jack Ketch?"

"Dinno, but they are legion whoever they are "

Actually Jack it's just like poker. If you can't see the sucker, it's you.

Anonymous said...

I was on London and nobody is controlling me. Sorry Jack, but I simply decided on the day I wanted to be part of a protest.
Oh, and I knew what I was voting for in 2016 as well

Harry said...

The present mess is not because of intrinsic EU exit problems, but because of general UK political chicanery.

I'm solidly pro-EU, but May's deal actually is a Customs Union, because there is no feasible way of cancelling the backstop keeping the UK in one - NI cannot be in one on its own.

So the fact that Labour have voted it down is more to do with their being unable to resist causing the Tories to tear themselves apart over this, and in so doing reveal themselves as the lunatics that so many of them are. Corbyn's CU idea taken up by Ken Clarke differs little. And I say that as a full-on Labour man.

So you could say that the blame, or the credit even, is shared by Labour and by others.

Thud said...

I always wanted to take the deal otherwise it was always gonna end up here, fucked now!

mongoose said...

Dear me. This isn't a mess. This is the plan.

Make it sound complicated, make them vote again, call it something else. Which bit surprised you?

Cedric Pugh said...

Thud, but in what way is the deal better than EU membership? None at all, is it?

I suppose it gets the UK out, and then if people want further distancing from the EU then they can vote for parties proposing this in manifestoes. However, those policies would then come under real, material scrutiny, and how many parties would want that? All the woolly sentimentality would no longer be applicable, it would just be the hard economic facts, as to what, say, leaving a CU would mean.

This is the con men's last chance, and boy, does it show.

Span Ows said...

"It was at 6:22 a.m. on June 24, 2016 — 59 minutes before the official tally was unveiled — that the European Council sent its first “lines to take” to the national governments that make up the EU.

The United Kingdom was leaving the European Union and Brussels was determined to seize control of the process."

Indeed but at the same time the UK's own Quislings set out their plans, beginning with Cameron's resignation and continuing in the whole so-called Leadership election that was really just a May 'selection' and on to delayed Art.50 etc. Choreographed.

anon 2 said...

Just a quick addendum, Radders - to thank you for the Booker link. I'm sorry he's gone, and also that (as Dr. N. states) he is so seriously ill. Commiserations to all.