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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

This straw may not be worth grasping

How quickly things move. Back in January, in the cold and dark with the fire leaping in the stove, I was inclined, even knowing the manifest traps and pitfalls of the Selmayr-Robbins Treaty apart from the backstop, to accept in my mind Parliament agreeing the document if a binding solution to the most egregious effects of the backstop was found.

We await today two opinions. One is that of the Attorney-General, the second the group of eight lawyers in the House, both of whom will scrutinise the scrap of paper that Mrs May clutched in her hand as she descended from her aircraft.

But quite apart from these assurances, things have changed since January. The EU's malign intentions, and the effects of their scabrous Treaty, have become better understood. Even if May's changes are green-lighted by the legal experts, we have somehow become used to the idea of a Clean Break with no WA at all, keeping most of our £39bn; business has geared for such an outcome, the people have prepared themselves, we were bracing for the end of the month. What seemed acceptable in January is now less so. This straw may not be worth grasping.

The stumbling comical drunk, one of the EU's five unelected presidents, could not resist a few last unstatesmanlike words, to underline the pitiably amateur lack of Statecraft and diplomacy that the cabal of crooked thugs in Brussels has displayed throughout Brexit. Vulgar old shit.

Well, we must wait and see how things play out today, but as I write I anticipate that I will be greatly disappointed should MPs accept the Selmayr-Robbins Treaty today.


right-writes said...

From what I have heard, there is no difference to the withdrawal agreement, just an assurance from second hand car dealer in Brussels.

I bought a 2CV in Brussels once, it was red, and it was rusty as hell, but it was all guaranteed, so no problem.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Bearing in mind that 'the changes'appear to be a mere figleaf, even if they were a 'legal' agreement could you trust the rEU not to change their view of the law in future?

In case you struggle with the answer, just consider how they have said one thing and acted another way in the past. I don't trust the EU (or the spine of our politicians).

Whether the WA passes or not the Conservatives have lost my vote.

DeeDee99 said...

Treason May was instructed in the Brady Amendment (which she supported) to obtain ALTERNATIVE ARRANGEMENTS to the Backstop. She hasn't; she has a piece of paper which gives further, supposedly legal, reassurances that it isn't intended to be permanent. That's all. To coin a phrase "nothing has changed."

Her Premiership has been a Masterclass in cowardice, duplicity, mendacity and incompetence. If the CON Party passes this disgraceful Treaty of Surrender, I won't be disappointed; I'll be furious.

Jack the dog said...

Even by Brussels standards of stage managed last minute breakthroughs this is desperate.

They must take us for fools, and considering who they've been dealing with for the last 2 years one can understand that mistake.

I would hope that the DUP and the tory rebels are too canny to fall for this pathetic ploy, and that May's proposed deal gets the kicking it deserves.

Span Ows said...

As mentioned in the previous comments, this is no change and to quote John Redwood back in the mid 90s before the Blair landslide, 'no change, no chance'.

May will get more support but she won't get enough. then we'll see if they have the balls to 'no deal'...doubtful.

mongoose said...

As predicted, and not just by me, the charade is almost complete. There is still time for another round of masterclass statesmanship before 29th though.

mongoose said...

And given Cox's advice that there has been no legal change - no unilateral means of escape - we must expect next week's rabbit from a hat to be that one.

it's all very silly.

jack ketch said...

I assume May will pull the vote tonight, supposedly inorder to "allow MPs time" to really consider her hard won 'concessions' to the Withdrawal Agreement. Really of course she needs the 24 hours to strong arm the ERG into submission-by pointing out that whether they vote for or agin her abortion of a treaty,a No Deal Brexit is a dead parrot of an idea and if they do vote against her then the chances are we will end up with, at best, a soft brexit and at worst (in the eyes of the ERG/DUP) a No Brexit 2nd referendum.

Dave_G said...

The comparisons to Camerons empty-handed return from 'negotiations' prior to calling the referendum are manifest.

We, the people, can see Treason Mays move to be entirely 'fake' and won't be fooled by it. Whether the politicians are going to be remains questionable.

Thing is, now, should we actually GET a WTO exit, I'm concerned that we'd be getting it for reasons unbeknown and, potentially, detrimental to our future, especially given the recent claim that May arranged (or was told by Merkel) to 'leave' and rejoin in full after the next GE.

This Merkel/May 'agreement' seems to have some evidence to support it but is not being widely discussed.

The EU have always wanted the UK to be FULL members (forthcoming Lisbon agreement, Euro adoption etc) and the dWA avoids that - a WTO exit leaves the door open for a re-entry - FULLY.

This is a course that would be more to the EU's liking and therefore the most probable.

Martin said...

If only you and your followers could limit your ambitions to achieving the one thing that the referendum result advised, then I think you'd be the happier for it, Raedwald.

That is, for the UK to cease to be an EU member state. The end.

The electorate were asked nothing else, after all.

Raedwald said...

Martin - as was made very clear at the time, that means leaving the SM and CU. There was no ambiguity. So yes - leaving the EU (and its corrupt puppet court), the SM and CU is really all we're after.

Cascadian said...

Dave-G hints at this article:

while there is no proof (yet) that remainer DisMay has been subversively engineering BRINO her governments inaction preparing for brexit tends to support the reports conclusions.

Mr Ecks said...

You are full of shite as ever Ketch.

The ERG need to tell the treacherous bitch that we go No Deal or her fucking Govt of Traitors is down. The DUP have said No already so her govt is going fuck city if the shite deal is passed. ZaNu --traitors that they are-- have no wish to keep Tories in to 2022 --so the deal is likely done.

It is the attempted sabotage that follows that now must be shit-kicked. Boles and his gang of remainiac pukes are trying to threaten her with a GE also--but if the ERG keep faith with Brexit they will be re-elected whereas Boles and the scum know that they are fodder for the dole queue if they bring Treason May down

jack ketch said...

The ERG need to tell the treacherous bitch that we go No Deal or her fucking Govt of Traitors is down

it seems the ERG are going to show the expected amount of backbone-namely very little and even 'titanium spine' Davis is reputed to be going to vote for the deal.

*grabs pop corn cos the sight of leaver after leaver MP saying they will vote for the deal so as not to betray the 17.4 million is delicious*

Hey maybe it will be a tie? In which doesn't the Speaker, that noted Brexiteer, get the final say?

Dave_G said...

So, now that Treason has lost AGAIN, prepare for the next betrayal in the run up to full EU membership in 2020.

John Dub said...

Ha Jack. Lost by 150 votes.

You pillock..

Timothy Farthing MA (Oxon) said...

So that's twice the Brexiters have voted not to withdraw from the EU. Secret agenda? Fifth column?

All done in a sovereign manner.

Anonymous said...


jack ketch said...

@john Dub

Yep I got that one wrong, I really thought she was going to get it through.