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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Perfidious MPs will be running scared of the ballot box

Not all our MPs will betray the promises their parties made at the 2017 election, when their lies induced 86% of electors to vote for their solemn pledges to Leave. Not all MPs will betray their previous votes to trigger Article 50 and to Leave the EU. Not all MPs will betray their moral obligation to enact in Parliament the nation's democratic will. But most will.

For some, those who lied openly and brazenly, their hearts dark with duplicity and treachery, for whom the rewards of place or office were too greatly loved to be foregone, no words are foul enough to condemn their betrayal. For others, the ninnies, unicorn-chasers, naive credulous fools, babblers, mirror-gazers and assorted half-wits, carried up in the vain delusion that their own opinions counted for more than the Referendum, their fate may shock and surprise them.

MPs may not be clever, but most of them are cunning. And many know what the ballot box is likely to bring. Away from the fairyland of Westminster even the deepest self-deceptions and delusions fall away, and their abject failure to enact Brexit will stand them stark bollock naked before the scrutiny of their electors. Even now they feel the fear.

So don't expect an election any time soon. They will delay it - all of them, each and every perfidious arse on those green benches - for as long as possible. In the hope that the anger of electors at their failure will fade. In the hope that something will turn up. In the hope that another three years sitting as frauds and liars, their public regard prone in the gutter and feculent with filth, will lessen the reckoning they will face.

It will not. 


Stephen J said...

There is an uplifting podcast from Brendan O'Neil of Spiked and Nigel, and the overall message is to keep the pecker up and never forget.

The genie is out of the bottle and the next election will be...

The people


The politicians

Span Ows said...

Indeed: "It will not"

However, our system will allow for many to scrape through even on minuscule majorities: CON/LAB/LIB (OK, the LIB bit isn't as far flung) are all no-noes but imagine a large percentage voting for UKIP and any other my constituency at least HALF the voters will need to swap and I can't see it happening. (The MP is actually a very good strong and consistent Brexit supporter (CON))

DeeDee99 said...

It will not. Delaying the voters the opportunity to deal with the charlatans will only make it worse.

jack ketch said...

Dude, like, what if there was an election and nobody came?

Billy Marlene said...

Portaloo gave his prognosis the other night on ‘This Week’.

He believed that the EU will reject an extension, the choice will be May’s Deal, No Deal or Revoke A 50. If it is the latter, the names of all those who voted in favour will be recorded in Hansard for all the electorate to see.

Plantman said...

@ Jack Ketch

At last - something we agree on!

Cedric Pugh said...

No, right-writes, it will not. It will be some of the people, a minority, versus the rule of law. You know, that which Steve Bannon said must ALWAYS be enforced?

Dave_G said...

I don't want to wait for the next election to project my discontent (wrath) at the traitors. I want to be as difficult, obstructive, and prominent as possible.

Start with signing up with the opposition party(ies), being obstructive and delaying of anything .gov related i.e. write to question/query ALL of their demands, tax, council tax, licencing etc - make their lives DIFFICULT, just as they've made ours miserable.

I want them to know that their betrayal isn't forgotten - that my ire is boiling and will remain so until my opportunity for revenge is nigh. Let them feel threatened for the whole period of their remaining in office.

Lest we forget.

Smoking Scot said...

Naive if that's their strategy.

The smoking ban happened in March 2006 in Scotland and July 2007 in England.

I and many like me have and never will forget nor forgive. Labour was responsible in both cases.

Many smokers do as myself, vote UKIP and that party is what made this Brexit happen.

So yes, I do expect those voters whose MP betrayed them to all in their power to make him or her unemployed - and reviled within their constituency.

mongoose said...

There's that line in one of the Blanchett "Elizabeth" films. Norfolk has his goolies caught in the vice and is for the chop. "The people will always remember", he says. And Walsingham says "No, my lord, they will forget". It's a fillum, I know, but they will forget. Look, if you cannot even remember the name of the bastard who stole from you by fiddling his expenses, what hope is there of remembering who voted what when? The buggers' muddle that we have is deliberate and the only one getting used up is Theresa. There is even rumour of a different seat for Amber.

But be not afraid. It is the start not the end.

jack ketch said...

Many smokers do as myself, vote UKIP.
Smoking Scot

Thus disproving that old adage about turkeys and Xmas. Amongst the gammony smokers onboard that Freedom Bus to Adinkerke the other day , were several who genuinely seemed to believe that tobacco would get cheaper after Brexit, that the 'duty free' amount would be at least 250g ...forever. A couple of them even got a little more puce when I insisted that their own sovereign, independent, democratically elected politicians had introduced the Smoking Verbot and the Tobacco Price Escalator not the evil EU. Nor were they prepared to believe that within 5 years of BrexSShite we will be paying £45 a pouch.

Whether UKIP have betrayed the entire nation is perhaps debatable, for sure is they have betrayed all British smokers. When they wanted your votes then it was all 'we want to amend the smoking ban'.

jack ketch said...

the promises their parties -Raed

B-b-b-b-but *snivel* they PRWOMised, daaaaddy!

To which Dad would usually reply: "they LIED, more fool you for believing them, son"

mongoose said...

But what is your point, Jack, except that you have no honour and you expect none from anyone else?

Rossa said...

NATO exercise planned for the U.K. at the end of this month. 10,000 service personnel. Wonder what they’re expecting to happen at the 11th hour on 29 March then?

EU planning a ‘Ministry of Truth’? And people wonder why we want to Leave.

Dave_G said...

Jack - re the smoking ban. Apart from a deceitful government we have one that destroys choice too and for only their own despicable reasons.

We now find ourselves automatically opted in to organ donation. I thought auto-opt-in wasn't even permitted on t'internet as it was seen to be unfair...

If only we had a party that let people take responsibility for their own lives and mistakes.

Cedric Pugh said...

Well, Rossa, we already have a most prolific Ministry Of Lies, courtesy of the Fourth Estate, and funded by mugs to the tune of eleven billion quid each year.

If someone wants to set up a peer-reviewed inventory of simple fact, to which people can refer if they wish, then I won't stop them.

We already have a few, such as Hansard, and they seem to work.

jack ketch said...

If only we had a party that let people take responsibility for their own lives and mistakes.

I wish! But to be fair-although there is no reason for me to be- back in the day of Mrs T that sentiment was strong in the Tory party. Perhaps even a 'leitmotif'at times. Of course that all changed after Major :(

Cedric Pugh said...

Jack, Dave, if only smokers were not so often all-too-willing to make smokerhood their identity, and then become pawns in an Identity Politics game, played by whomever might be cynical enough to do that. It's so transparent, but they fall for it in droves.

Ravenscar. said...

[...] In the hope that something will turn up. In the hope that another three years sitting as frauds and liars, their public regard prone in the gutter and feculent with filth, will lessen the reckoning they will face. [/quote]

I commend it!

Penned in deadly stinging prose, nicely put R.

Moreover and doubtless when it occurs (a GE?) the reckoning will be dire............Or, or will they now cancel all future elections and MPs only appointed by Parliamentary parties, as and when, natural wastage reduces numbers?

Ending the franchise, discontinuing universal suffrage and booting out, nailing like coffin lids over and permenently the ballot box, certainly I wouldn't put it past them.
Indeed it begs, in the UK if, we ever indeed had a democracy, observing the dissolution, the sundering of governance by consent breakdown between elected and electorate - and since probably January 1973: democracy went tits up.

WTF - in the future?

I am sure that, I cannot predict it.

But the nightmares demons concerning the future (if indeed we have one), stalk my dreams.

Aye! the black abyss beckons wide and deep, a fetid stinking maw, its stench of roiling fumes of hell and harbinger of a terror I care not to perceive in my fore, waking consciousness.

They TPRB wrought it, willingly they fashioned it, it was their bleedin design.

Maybe.......... and in the future, if ever there is to be a history written of England post 2019. That history, it will not look at all kindly on; the traitors, Heath to maybot, all of Westminster nor on the banksters, globalists and tosserati who demanded it - a list,smorgasbord of imposed, force fed and inflicted disaster, perpetrated by idiots, done with cold malice aforethought wrought catastrope of economic, cultural sucide and Armageddon visited on Britain.

If you ignore history: Lessons will never be learned.

jack ketch said...

Jack, Dave, if only smokers were not so often all-too-willing to make smokerhood their identity,-CP

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'make smokerhood their identity., could you give me an example/explain a little more, please?

Billy Marlene said...


Thanks for the heads up on the military exercises.

Do you happen to know where in the Hebridean Minches and the West coast of Wales your perceived, I assume, civil disturbance will take place?

John Brown said...

Billy Marlene :
“Portaloo gave his prognosis the other night on ‘This Week’.
He believed that the EU will reject an extension, the choice will be May’s Deal, No Deal or Revoke A 50.”

For once the ball is in the EU’s court and don’t know how to play it.

On the one hand they are prepared to allow a short delay whilst keeping their fingers crossed that our Parliament is sufficiently stupid and/or treacherous enough to accept this terrible vassal status WA for the UK now that Mrs. May is threatening no Brexit or a long delay with a second referendum rigged with 2 remain options (remain or the EU’s WA)

On the other hand they certainly don’t want a long delay that means the UK continues to be a member and thus able to attend and vote in the Council of Ministers meetings, veto legislation damaging to the UK, or elect MEPs unless they can find a method to break their own treaty laws and prevent this happening.

Cedric Pugh said...

Maybe I should have said their willingness to allow others to define their identity by their smokerhood, Jack.

There are countless comments on blogs about the ban like this:

Billy Marlene said...

Yes, John Brown.

Here is my prediction:

1. She will pull MV3 on Tuesday as DUP will not concede.

2. She will plead with EU Council for an extension on Thursday.

3. Hungary and/or Italy will veto.

4. 29 Mar will arrive and we leave under WTO.