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Monday, 24 June 2019

"Only Mrs Hunt sees my naked arms!"

"No, I'm not wearing that, sorry. It's ... colourful. And swirly. The pattern is irregular. I always wear a white shirt"

"Jeremy! You're not connecting with people. The feeds say you're too bland. We've got to spice it up a bit. Look, take off the suit coat at least"

"I'm sorry, I don't want to appear on the Television in people's homes as they gather around their cathode ray sets improperly dressed. I always wear my suit coat on the Television. And in the office."

"Ok well let Samantha take it for a quick steam and brush down.

Now roll up your sleeves - we need to take a light meter reading of your arms for the camera"

"Roll up my sleeves? But people will see my naked arms. Only Mrs Hunt ever sees my naked arms. Really? Oh alright"

"... and take the tie off please"

"No! I won't take off my tie for anyone ..."

Floor! One minute to Transmission. Places please.   

"That's fine Jeremy - now just rest your elbows on the chair arms for a reading, please"

Floor! Fifteen seconds

"Where's my suit coat?  Bring me my suit coat please ... can I roll my sleeves down now?"

Three ...two ... one


Doonhamer said...

The eyes.
Don't look into the eyes.

Cheerful Edward said...

This preposterous means of imposing the next head of government on the people could not arise in any single other EU member country.

Nor could any senior European Union official similarly burden them.

And still you complain about its "democratic deficit".

Stephen J said...


Thank f**k for that.

European elections are so much better, they run so smoothly that if they didn't tell you, you wouldn't even know they were on. However, the difference is that the experts who do vote, always make the best decisions, with the citizens of Europe at the top of their concerns.

I for one, can't wait for my chance to cast my vote in these EC elections.

Stephen J said...

I wonder whether anyone has noticed the similarities between Mrs. May and Mr. Hunt? You are right to address his choice of attire Raedwald. He would look so much better in a twinset, pearls and kitten heels.

Cheerful Edward said...

Oh, I think that the French noticed when their election to select Macron was on, as did the Austrians with theirs and the rest.

Stephen J said...

@Ed you can tell from the whole of my comment, that I am referring to the currently proceeding game of musical chairs at the EC.

So your response is typically obtuse.

jim said...

Certainly better than the string vest and can of Wifebeater look.

Cheerful Edward said...

The supreme power of the European Union is the Council of the twenty-eight leaders, not any one civil servant to that.

Jack the dog said...


No it's not. YOu might read the press releases and think so but the real power resides with the unelected commission, and lately with the even less elected Uberstumbannfuhrer Selmayr.

Even the Economist recognises the extraordinary democratic deficit in Brussels and that is saying something.

Of course for the the EU (and doubtless as one of their paid shils, you agree) that this is a feature not a bug, and the less involvement the lower orders have in managing their own affairs, the better.

The British way is far from perfect but having evolved organically over the centuries it works remarkably well and more importantly is generally accepted by the populace.

The EU system is imposed from the top down with no great concern about legitimacy and everybody who understands how it works thinks it's shit, unless they have a comfortable billet on the inside, presumably like your good self.

There might be some correlation with the fact that the French Germans and Austrians are forever starting wars and having revolutions...

Cheerful Edward said...

Just imagine what you'd say if this slapstick circus clown fight were going on in any other European Union country eh, Jack?

As for the rest of your post, it's tripe.

Dr Evil said...

He's a remainer, a very reluctant No Deal/WTO exit supporter and talking about rehashing May's surrender treaty. That is more than enough for any party member to vote for Boris. Boris doesn't need to go head to head with Hunt spouting this utter bollox.

Anonymous said...

Cheerful Edward said @ 11:33

'As for the rest of your post, it's tripe.'

Yeah, was as surprised as you probably were? Having gone to bed thinking one thing in the early hours my mate sent me a text telling me it was the other. He was out stalking with a rich client from Norway and after, on his way home, he switched the car radio on and the news hit him like a brick: 52/48 Leave.

Democracy can be such a bitch.


Sackerson said...


"your response is typically obtuse" - I read that as an acute observation, from the right-angle? Or would that be a Blairite triangulation?

Jack the dog said...

Cheerful Ted.

And you are a cunt.

Ed P said...

Why is he wearing two wristwatches?

Is he expecting to have time on his hands soon?

Anonymous said...

To Cheerful Edward - why is this a problem? The Prime Minister is just that: the first minister of the monarch. The monarch invites the leader of the party with the largest number of seats in the Commons to form a government. General elections are to decide which MPs will be elected to the constituency seats. You should know this. The British system is not to give us a vote on our head of government, and never has been.

This may, perhaps, be a "slapstick clown circus fight", but I'd rather have this than the dangerous nonsense that is the EU's cunning policy of fomenting violence in Catalonia and Ukraine or the absurdity of Selmayr's appointment.

Span Ows said...

Ed: "Just imagine what you'd say if this slapstick circus clown fight were going on in any other European Union country eh, Jack?"

LOL...Ed, in many many previous comments you ahve mentioned how all of Europe is laughing at us; despite being proved wrong by various commenters here one assumed you knew something - a little something - about life beyond 'perfidious Albion'. may I suggest you read a little of the Belgian government, or the Spanish government over the last few years, going for their forth general election in 4 years soon I think. Twat

Cheerful Edward said...

What's wrong with more democracy, more voting?

No, you don't care about truth and decency any more, because you have sunk to the same depths as Johnson. You don't know or care about right and wrong, quite clearly. Yes, there are millions like you, and he knows how to get your votes. That is what is wrong with this country and with the US. Shame on you.

Smoking Scot said...

Mr. Erdogan was very ticked at the outcome of the Istanbul elections, so he, being an arrogant individual with a divine complex, arranged for the whole thing to be re run.

And boy did he get it wrong.

There's a profound message in that as well as the Ukraine presidential for Europhile people.

Anonymous said...

Well Tearful Ted if you are disenchanted with this country and the US, who BTW have a damn sight more freedom than we do, I assume you are a free agent there are plenty of shit hole places to choose from, I'll come and wave you off.

Anonymous said...

@ Ed P 24 June 2019 at 20:07
Matthew 6:3–4

Cheerful Edward said...

Whatever, Johnson has just compounded his woes, with a floundering car-crash of an interview on LBC this morning.

Smashing popcorn, this, btw.

Cheerful Edward said...

PS, but you want the Peterborough by-election rerun, for the same phoney reasons as Erdogan.

No one disputed the result of the referendum, however. Some people want a different vote on whether they would be happy with the particular Leave destination - there has to be one - or would rather not bother on the other hand. That is not a re-run.

Smoking Scot said...

You're wriggling Eddie boy.

"No one.."

"Some people.."

"There has to be one"

You assume too much laddie.

RAC said...

............"Some people want a different vote on whether they would be happy with the particular Leave destination" .....

We won. Take what you're given and STFU.

George Mainwaring said...

If only these folks had the professionalism of Derville Rowland. Bye bye City of London.

CheerfuI Edward said...



There are, at a guess, about twenty million just like me too.

Penseivat said...

You roll your sleeves up for one of two reasons. The first is when you do the washing up, where keeping a tie on is acceptable. The second reason is because you are about to do manual work, in which case, it makes sense to take your tie off to avoid it getting dirty or caught in machinery. As neither act appears to be taking place, the rolling up of the sleeves is a cynical ploy to give a false impression that he is a man of the people -"Look at me. I've rolled my sleeves up to show that I'm just like all you common people."