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Monday, 14 October 2019

Brexit to the sound of trumpets

Well, HM has just broadcast our Party's draft election manifesto to the nation - and it didn't cost a farthing of our permitted election spend. I lost count at 24 Bills - it may be 26 - and every single one a feel-good, popular measure that reaches across traditional party allegiances and touches the parts of voters that other parties cannot reach. Labour, the Illiberal Anti-Democrats and the Scot Gnats will be furious - and I'll be listening to the debate in a couple of hours to laugh at the dribbling meltdown on the opposition benches.

That's the price of not enabling a general election - every single day they delay allows the government to use the entire machinery of Whitehall and the State to build voter support.  Their spittle-flecked fury this afternoon will go down like a lead balloon with the electorate - they will just be reinforcing Boris' narrative that the Remainers are unhinged, bigoted saboteurs with little self control and no potential whatsoever to fulfil the duties of HM's Loyal Opposition, let alone be seen as a government in waiting. 

Carry on, Corbyn. You're doing a fine job.


Anonymous said...

This is the part I liked best:
"My Government will take steps to protect the integrity of democracy and the electoral system in the United Kingdom."

PDF of the speech is here:

Don Cox

Oldrightie said...

Sounds fine and dandy as long as we aren't stitched up again over Brexit.

Anonymous said...

I do wonder if Corbyn actually wants to be PM or whether he's happy being the oldest Wolfie Smith in Parliament. I don't think he would last five minutes.

Mr Ecks said...

McNasty is already easing Jizza out,.

As far as publicity goes Boris is doing well. He has to get through the next few weeks and stop any shite the HoTraitors try to put through. That is the bit that matters.

If that means using emergency powers to halt the scum's antics--so be it.

But he cannot allow himself to be supplanted by any of the remainiacs nonsense. If he is replaced the second vote of thye VONC will be AGAINST a GE.

JPM said...

To use Johnson's own words, wrongly used to describe the diligent work of informed analysts working for his very own government, this was pifflepafflewifflewaffle, and little more.

Or, as our friends over the pond would say, Mom's Apple Pie And Motherhood. It won't wash, even with many of those mug enough to have voted Leave.

Mark said...

Which "informed analysts" are these then. The same ones who said there would have to be a £30 billion emergency budget within days of simply voting leave?

Well come on troll, name them.

DiscoveredJoys said...


"the diligent work of informed analysts"

Wikipedia has a brief article on Motivated Reasoning, and another on Confirmation Bias. And yet another on the defeasible nature of the Argument from Authority.

Never mind, 10 years after we have left the EU we shall see if the 'informed analysts' were correct or only providing politically expedient opinions.

RAC said...

Queenie's reading words off a piece of paper. You're creaming your nickers over 24 or 26 varieties of jam tomorrow, when all that matters is Brexit today.
Clean. Break. Brexit.
Think you can trust Boris?

Dadad said...

It cannot be 'a clean break'. There is no such thing. It will take 10 years to get everything sorted how we want it. Leaving is a process, not an event.

Anonymous said...

Is ReesMogg really pushing his cretinous plan? We thought he was on our side.

Me and Beryl will never be able to show our faces in the Nags Head.

Sell out.


Pizza Ferries said...

Chris Grayling will be negotiating the change order on those new, blue passports.

Strike out 'UK' and replace with 'GB'.

How much extra is that going to cost?