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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Eyeties, Nips and Krauts

What's the betting that the 'Eastenders' scriptwriter who allowed the archaic term 'eyetie' to sneak into the programme's script is a bloke in his 50s? I'll bet he never imagined he would draw the wrath of the racial righteous upon his head, with the term being damned as a 'racial slur'. Well, yes and no. 

As old soldiers will know, in order to get large numbers of men ready to kill large numbers of other men without second thought, reflection, introspection or moral equivocation, it is necessary to pre-dehumanise the enemy. This is the kindest and most efficient way of doing things in the long term - you are not killing brothers but vermin. So wartime propaganda and military training invents derogatory terms and images for the enemy. 

Quite why these terms were still used in boys' comics up until the 1970s I'm not sure. But they were. Even though the poor eyeties by then were characterised as unwilling warriors, conscripted waiters ready to fall on their knees, wring their hands in surrender and cry 'Mamma Mia!' at the first sight of khaki. The Japanese became bandy-legged dwarves with buck teeth and milkbottle eyeglasses. Only the Germans remained lantern-jawed giants who could absorb vast amounts of lead in battle. 

As a boy who grew up with these comics, you can no more remove these crude stereotypes from my brain than you can all the Saturday morning cinema 'B' reels of bare breasted African girls grinning like watermelons as they danced in formation with lots of stamping to give the cameraman maximum jiggle. Surely their donning Western clothes is cultural appropriation? Perhaps not.  

We can pretty much learn not to use now the easy terms of our youth - including a Spanish mate who was quite happy to be nicknamed Spic from primary school - but the youngsters need to know we never, ever used them as 'racial slurs'. We just knew with absolute certainty from an early age that British people are superior to anyone else on the planet, and that we could use nicknames for other, lesser breeds with the gentle affection of an indulgent master.


Anonymous said...

And when BBC 'comedy' uses tems such as 'Daily Mail Reader', 'Right-Wing', 'Far Right', 'Denier', 'Populist', 'Xenophobe','Homophobe', 'Racist' or 'Conservative' it is just 'friendly' derision.

John Brown said...

"We just knew with absolute certainty from an early age that British people are superior to anyone else on the planet, and that we could use nicknames for other, lesser breeds with the gentle affection of an indulgent master."

A Swedish judge recently ruled that ISIS were not racist because they hated everybody.

In which case we cannot be considered to be racist if we thought everybody to be inferior.

Raedwald said...

Excellent point JB! Spot on.

Dave_G said...

Every society has their own derogatory word for foreigners - gaijin, honky, jock, paddy and pommy spring to mind and I never recall taking offence to any of them in my lifetime (including when I was in those countries too).

But condemnation of slang terms is already acknowledged as basic control method instigated (typically) by those wanting to control the agenda by first controlling the simpler aspects like language.

Considering how the term 'nigger' has been demonised (and even I thought twice about typing it here) we can only expect more of the same.

Indeed, witness the newest terminology - populism. How long before 'populist' becomes the replacement for racist? or bigot?

I say this as someone who hates everyone (thanks to JB above for the 'get out' clause!)

rapscallion said...

JB's got it bang on in my view. It's one of the reasons why most of us are content with our Englishness or Britishness if you will, because we don't give a damn what lesser breeds think of us. T'was ever thus.

As for the "racial slur" - it's complete bollocks, mainly for the reasons you gave earlier Radders, but primarily because both the Krauts (square jawed or otherwise) and eyeties are caucasians just as we are. As ever, and as Dave_G points out it's just a control method by the Left.

Just like Dave_G, I've called a Pommie bastard, a Limey, a Brit and an Island Monkey. Doesn't and didn't bother me in the slightest.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Cultural Marxism acknowledges no limits.

The spouters of this twaddle aspire to be in charge - thank The Lord for providing us with Jeremy Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

What a corker on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning - an Oxford professor no less, who made a 'Hate speech' complaint to the police about what Amber Rudd said (something to do with companies being required to make a list of foreign staff on their payrolls) at the Tory Party conference last year. After some months investigating the police downgraded it to a 'Hate incident' with no further action, so it can now been reported on by the media.

The way it works is you can make a complaint like this even if its nothing to do with you, or anyone you know. These laws were designed to shut (white) people up and can be traced back through the EU to the UN. Of course the whole thing was put in place to support particular aims of Agenda 21: to deracinate and dispossess the white race in all of their homelands by the end of this century.

Ridiculous? Not at all because none of this is happening to non-white nations and the UN is supposed to be there for every nation. The UN is there for itself; rather like the EU is, and these organizations represent the views of a tiny, tiny elite. Extraordinary power, enough to extinguish a dozen white ethnic groups in a matter of a hundred years or so. And what's more they'll celebrate the fact when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

Out canvassing at the last General Election, I encountered a Labour supporter ex-dustman who wouldn't vote for my man, because he said "I don't vote for no coons." I pointed out that my candidate wasn't a coon, he was a wog - like the Labour candidate, but less so, because my wog was actually born and brought up here, but his had arrived as an adult immigrant and actually hadn't all that good command of English! Moreover, the double negative reduced the impact of his statement.

What ensued was a bit of a re-run of Derek & Clive's "This bloke came up to me" (

Michael said...

As an Englishman I may assure you that I have never thought of Johnny Foreigner as inferior to us. We are simply better than they are! Of course, when there is fog in the Channel I understand the feelings of those benighted people in the rest of the world being isolated from England.
But seriously do these professionally offended not have anything actually useful to do or should we be grateful that they are safely occupied in these little tiffs where they cannot do any lasting damage?

Anonymous said...

"these little tiffs where they cannot do any lasting damage?"
it is getting control by salami slices.
Things gradually become self censored and 'not done'.

anon 2 said...

Well, all I can say is that these two guys knew what they were talking about!!!
This one has a fuller intro to our topic:

This one just shows how to tell the Yankee Doodles:)

Timbo said...

Anonymous at 23:51 has a point, as it is the slow but relentless hacking away at our liberties which is the name of this particular game.
Do any of the slightly more mature readers remember the Robinson's golliwog? The original version of Huckleberry Finn before the word nigger was eliminated?

I used to have a t shirt printed ,"I'm not prejudiced, I hate everybody".

RAC said...

Anonymous said at 08:34............Unsure if you meant the Boy Buggering Corporation as a whole is a bunch of comedians,or so called comedy programs,for the communist twats have indeed weaponised comedy with their whining PC lefties.

RAC said...

Anonymous Dave_G said at 09:47....You've hit the nail squarely there, virtue seekers on the media referring to the "N word" as if even the letter N is almost taboo. As for populism, I don't see that as derogatory, we need more of it.

RAC said...

The populist is the underdog who seeks to take power from the elite and pays his own way. Whilst the communist seeks to become the elite by manipulating the populist and expects the state to pay his way.

Anonymous said...

Apropos my post from yesterday @ 15:01:

'What a corker on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning - an Oxford professor no less, who made a 'Hate speech' complaint to the police..'

Brillo, interviewing the gimp on the Daily Politics:

Prof Joshua Silver car crash interview defends his Tory 'hate speech' police complaint (12Jan17)


Budgie said...

Our "wartime propaganda" was largely written by socialists - Labour supporters, etc, etc. Their problem was what to do about the term National Socialism? They could see the danger of propaganda against National Socialism because it still had socialism in it. Obviously they wouldn't attack socialism itself. So they solved it by separating Nationalism out on its own and attacking that. As well as using code slogans like Fascist! and Nazi!.

Our propagandists managed to con the simple into believing socialism good, nationalism bad. It's still the theme today. It has influenced our politics for 70 years, and is one of the causes of our own (perhaps I should say our establishment's) failures. It helped push us into the EU (EEC as then was) because we are not capable (as the theme went) of surviving on our own because we have been taught to be suspicious of national self belief.

Anonymous said...

Steve (14:10) Isn't Joshua Silver a Jewish name? How the hell Jews can be left-wing when they know the Left hates them, I can't understand. Perhaps it is 'hiding in plain sight'? The one thing that is certain is that when their Left-wing policies rule the roost they will get pride of place in the cattle trucks.

James Higham said...

Worthy Oriental Gentlemen.