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Monday, 9 January 2017

Anti Liberals pollute everything they touch

American sociologist Robert Nisbet valued what he termed intermediate institutions - groupings, communities, loyalties, memberships - because they allow us to face the centralising power of the State together rather than alone. The idea is a direct inheritance of Burke's Little Platoons, and in the 21st century intermediate institutions are much more diverse than the local church, the yacht club, the bell-ringers association or whatever. Vicarious membership of institutions, those clubs of which we are not members but whose values we recognise and value, such as holders of the Victoria Cross, also serve to unite us in valuing the qualities that they embody, such as self-sacrifice, courage and valour. They also serve as rival allegiances to the central State. 

All rival allegiances and rival values are hateful to the Neo Anti-Liberals, of course. In Terry Gilliam's 'Munchausen', the Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson is an AntiLib ruler par excellence;

JACKSON: Ah, the officer who risked his life by single-handedly destroying...Six enemy cannon and rescuing...Ten of our men held captive by The Turk.
HERO: Yes, Sir
JACKSON: The officer about whom we've heard so much. 
HERO: I suppose so, Sir
JACKSON: Always taking risks far beyond the call of duty. 
HERO: I only did my best, Sir 
JACKSON (to GUARD): Execute him.
JACKSON: This sort of behaviour is demoralising for the ordinary soldiers and citizens who are trying to lead normal, simple, unexceptional lives. I think things are difficult enough as it is without these emotional people rocking the boat.

By fouling, beshitting and filthily corrupting the honours system, for example, Cameron has left his greatest legacy - the destruction of an institution. A knighthood for his barber, CBEs for his wife's manicurist and hair stylist, peerages for his private office clerks. Taking the piss wasn't in it - it was the calculated destruction of an alternative institution, and with it the destruction of the value of any noble and virtuous qualities it represented.  

Charities in Britain, too, were once both local and beneficial. First came their AntiLib corruption as Fake Charities - PR and lobby organisations disguised as charities and largely covertly funded by both central and local government and their offshoots to create a false demand for action or legislation. Some of these Fake Charities are funded up to over 90% by tax funding from grants and awards, with only minimal income from voluntary donations.  

Then came the corruption of real charities - they were soft targets for their hijacking by AntiLib regimes that soon turned them into political lobby bodies stuffed with fat-salaried executives, with monstrous costs skimmed from donations made by a credulous but well-meaning public. AntiLib corporations even set up their own - the BBC's Children in Need, for example:

 "Trust in charities fell last year to the lowest level since records began in 2005, a Populus survey of 1,000 people conducted for the Charity Commission found, after a series of scandals including stratospheric executive salaries, the collapse of Kids Company, and the suicide of Olive Cooke, who died after receiving 3,000 mailings from charities, prompting questions about data-sharing and fundraising techniques. The commission’s director called the findings a “call to action” for the sector." The Guardian reports this morning, in a rare truthful insight.

They don't need a new smartphone app. They don't need a new Director of Twitter Engagement at £64k. They don't need a TV ad campaign to virtue-signal their love of migrants. What charities need most of all is to be free from the pollution, corruption and befouling of the nauseous AntiLibs.


Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

They are NeoLibs?

I thought they were simply smug patronising apparatchiks simultaneously filling their own pockets and promoting their chums in a morass of self serving sanctimony and ideological zealotry.

The crookedness of the charity sector is getting really noticeable to most people now and it won't, I suspect - be long before we see some houses of cards tumbling = inshallah.

Raedwald said...

Gordon - Thank you. I've got real problems in using the NeoLib term myself - these people are the antithesis to classical Liberalism, so I've edited the post and pending a better term will refer to them as Anti Libs - for it is their illiberality and intolerence more than anything else that defines them.

DeeDee99 said...

True, and Cameron's enthusiastic participation in the corruption of the honours system and the "charity sector" is disgraceful. But, as ever with him, he was simply copying "The Master" Blair and his Government.

It was Blair who started the corruption of the honours system; Blair who "reformed" the Lords so he could stuff it with his donors and cronies and it was Blair/Brown who changed the law so that charities could participate in political campaigning.

What a dreadful, destructive two decades we've suffered under Nu/BluLabour.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of alms giving has been traduced, shat upon, lost, the Socialist virtue signallers got in on the act and then, charity died in me. Don't get me started on enforced charidee, ie 'Foreign aid' which is an unconscionable burden on the nation's taxpayers, and of which: there can be no moral justification made - none.

When one considers that, the UN is one corrupt charity exercise, where UNICEF, even the WHO and world bank are replete with executives/Africans/Mohammedans who couldn't give a flying fuck about starving and the poor. More to the point, why are these organizations of corruption still stuffed, er funded with UK taxpayers involuntary largesse?
Remember Haiti, all the UN tossers did was to give Haitians Cholera, or think on the WHO whose boss was lecturing the converted on, about the chimeras, threats of global warming and smoking when the Ebola crisis was in full swing in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea - where do these fekkers get off because it's way past time that they did.

Charidees, I wouldn't donate my bodily waste fluids and solids to them, to any of the fuckers.

I watched the fanatics at work in the local 'air ambulance' bandits who were virtually, actually bullying the local shoppers waving their buckets in people's faces, using children [don't they all?]..... to pack bags and looking at people with those evangelists mad eyes as if to say "now give you bastard, for we are the heroes and saving people's lives!" aye and whether you want it or not.

A local RSPB chugging event, I was cornered in a local Asda, I bamboozled them talking about local varieties of avian friends, all they wanted to talk about was man made warming and I cut them down there as well, they solicited no monies from me, however they did receive a large dollop of sneering contempt, I hopefully, probably seeing their worried faces, put them off chugging for life.

I cast a withering glance towards street chuggers, they won't come anywhere near me and that's all to the good, Save the children are particularly sanctimonious bastards "on a mission" and I say, fuck to them.

I do give to local concerns, my time not my money. It is time to defund charidees, they should receive NO taxpayers [actually borrowings] cash. Furthermore and of vital importance: it's time to end, block, boot out, cease paying for the Long March through all of UK - our institutions.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


tempting as it is to label these people - I'm not convinced that there is a link beyond self interest and arrogance - albeit infused with other people's money garnered by any means to hand.

I think that in the UK The Charity Commission in particular should a more aggressive enforcer and have sharper teeth - the fundamental financial metrics of "charity" should be far more severely prescribed.

Under Blair and Brown we saw the creation of deliberately fuzzy new forms of "charity" which were largely vehicles for their fellow travelers and the emplacement and enhancement of governance regimes which were pre-ordained to enable the emplacement of the "right people".

There is no simple way to disentangle what's been done (the intention) so it will continue until defunding becomes the only option - which will cause wide discomfort - again the intention of the entryist's strategy.

As a trial of defunding... I do wonder if Mr. Trump will follow through on his musings about defunding UN bodies which attack US policy - but are funded by US taxpayers...

The ramping up of charitable status abuse and exploitation for non charitable ends is out of control - it's a plague. I particularly shudder at the way that UK foreign aid is portrayed as "charity".

Smoking Scot said...

And there's another vehicle.

"Not for profit".

That's what Tony Blair's using for his new venture, wholly owned by him, to try to block Brexit and the "populist" movement.

(At the foot of the link, there's his collection of business interests - and they do state that the profit figures are utter bull).

Learning well from Mr Bloomberg (Ex NYC Mayor).

Demetrius said...

We have long since been of the view that charity begins at home.

hatfield girl said...

If Poland, Hungary, Austria and other nation states seeking popular democratic representation are to be labelled 'illiberal democracies' (as they are in much of the current literature) then 'progressive neo-Fascists' fits precisely onto today's public sector and Third sector-driven 'Left'.

In Italy from 1921 to 1943 the public sector funded were the 'gerarchi', identical with current progressive neoFascists in beliefs, furthering Party and Movement democracy-denying objectives, social and moral aggression, and corruption.

Anonymous said...

"It was Blair who started the corruption of the honours system; "

How about Lloyd George, with his sales of peerages ? Or Harold Wilson and his raincoat maker ?
And plenty of royal favourites have been ennobled over the centuries.

I think Blair was just following in a long dishonourable tradition.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Theresa May's 'Shared Society' speech at the Charity Commission this morning, coming soon after Dave's 'Big Society', leaves me to believe the Tories have gone native:

"Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all...It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.

But we assure the socialists that we repudiate only forced organization, not natural organization. We repudiate the forms of association that are forced upon us, not free association. We repudiate forced fraternity, not true fraternity. We repudiate the artificial unity that does nothing more than deprive persons of individual responsibility. We do not repudiate the natural unity of mankind under Providence."
- Frédéric Bastiat


English Pensioner said...

Over the years I've steadily reduced the number of charities to which I am prepared to contribute. The Red Cross was the latest to be deleted for its politically motivated comments about the NHS being in a humanitarian crisis. Like Syria, I presume.

Anonymous said...

Steve, lavs or Cons, two cheeks of the same arse, and the yellow pus seeps out of the sores.

Cascadian said...

"They don't need a new Director of Twitter Engagement at £64k".......but they do! where else are all the arts grad wimminz gonna go?

Lets call them what they are, fully government-funded non-jobs to maintain the illusion of "employment" of otherwise unemployable socialist drones.

Charity has lost all meaning in todays "society".

Anonymous said...

You must admit they are very good at shattering all social structures.One way or another.
When , finally, you have no faith at all - they will produce someone to lead you to their promise land - of one ideology or another.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Deedee, it wasn't Blair - the rot started when Wislon gave out gongs to pop singers.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Steve, thanks for that quote!

Anonymous said...

Weekend Yachtsman said @ 07:35

'Steve, thanks for that quote!'

My pleasure.


Cull the Badgers said...

I give to The Salvation Army. They are a Christian Charity and I hope they have not been contaminated.

I've never given to any of the others and am I sick to the back teeth of virtue signalling luvvies like Bill Nighy droning on about the poor people and children, especially the poor children, that they are in ever increasing danger and we must save them and empty our pockets in the process and and ....

G. Tingey said...

Correct & also utterly wrong.

Wasn't it the madwoman from Grantham who honoured "Sir" Alfred Sherman (known in Whitehall as the Giftszwerg) ... oops, as they say?

Cull the Badgers.
Wrong the sally army are by definition contaminated, since they are christians. If you don't believe me, try reading: "Empty Cradles" & the involvement of them ( the SA ) in the export of children to Australia (etc)

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

That BBC Children in Need table

Can't help it... always do it with these reports...

£7.9m / 96 = £82,416 each ... - not saying they get to trouser it - but a useful metric nonetheless imho.