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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Vaclav Klaus pierces EU pomposity again

The EU's pomposity and Folie de Grandeur needs pricking from time to time if only to suppress the Federation's insufferable senior unelected official, the egregious Herr Juncker. The former Czech President Vaclav Klaus does the job superbly;
I am a very known critic of the European integration process, everyone knows it, so it will be no surprise to hear from me that I am not so happy with what has been going on, and I was very much in favour - it was still in the dark communist days - I was really in favour of the European integration process, but this process has been switched, transformed by the Maastricht treaty, 25 years ago, and especially now by the Lisbon Treaty, later, to something totally different, and I call this a move from integration to unification. This was the beginning of the negative, wrong development, as I see it.
Klaus has previously provoked a walk-out of snowflake MEPs during a speech in which he said
There is also a great distance (not only in a geographical sense) between citizens and Union representatives, which is much greater than is the case inside the member countries. This distance is often described as the democratic deficit, the loss of democratic accountability, the decision-making of the unelected – but selected – ones, as bureaucratisation of decision-making etc. The proposals to change the current state of affairs – included in the rejected European Constitution or in the not much different Lisbon Treaty – would make this defect even worse. Since there is no European demos – and no European nation – this defect cannot be solved by strengthening the role of the European Parliament, either
It is difficult for the Establishment to brand a Czech anti-totalitarian warrior, who as a child resisted the Nazis and as an adult helped topple Communism, as a right-wing nutter or a fascist; as President of a NATO country he was also privy to highest level defence secrets, so hard to brand him as uninformed. Klaus is that rarest of creatures in Europe these days - a Statesman. 

I commend the RT interview - and I'll be clearing snow this morning with a smile.


DeeDee99 said...

Watched part of it and then realised it's 30 minutes long, so I'll return to it when I have more time.

Sadly, there's not a hope of it being reported on the BBC, Sky or other British media, let alone broadcast. It's "tainted" by being a RT interview, so Putin (boo, hiss, he's over there) must have orchestrated the whole thing as part of his mission to destroy the EU; takeover Europe and then rule the world.

Anonymous said...

Vaclav Claus, is to me the very personification of a great European, kind, wise, cultured, humble, a democrat in all that he says and does with a seriously wicked sense of humour and what a joy it would be just to sit in his presence, maybe even to get the odd word in but mainly, I'd be there to listen and in complete contentment.

If only, men like him he was the common, not the rarity, would the EU be so much improved but even then, I would say, yes to a Europe associated and combined, overseen by men such as Vaclav but never should Britain be a part any of it, except in trade and with certain very well chosen friends.

Where in Britain is our Vaclav Claus? Alas, we have no one but no one like him in our midst, barring the nearest imho is Jacob, and in him, there is man for all seasons, the hour draws very near for him to come forth to command and lead us.

Dave_G said...

More proof, if ever any 'more' was required, that the Western media have an agenda to keep such truths from the electorate.

Never thought I'd be keeping RT on my 'favourites' list as a place to get a glimpse at the other side of the story.

Demetrius said...

Ma Vlast. The Czechs's, having recently escaped from not just Nazi Germany but not long before that the Austro-Hungarian Empire have a recent history of subjection to others. If they do not like what they see we would be wise to listen to them.

Anonymous said...

Another illustration of why our Press is not Free now even though it is not yet subject to Mosley's handcuffs.

Span Ows said...

It's a good interview, slow but interesting, worth listening to. His comments on Obama, Trump, the "hacking" are all straight forward and sensible. So too re EU saying how since Maastricht is has been downhill. Also on the Euro and Schengen being the main culprits for the continuing downfall, forerunners for EU Army, EU wide police, etc. corrected the interviewer when she mentioned the lack of EU plan re 'refugees', also plainly described the migration as EU politically and ideologically based and NOT necessary for work purposes etc (so many unemployed in Europe etc), paraphrasing: "to stop migration you just have to say 'no' but the EU is not prepared to say 'no'".

The fact that Mr. Klaus is a Margaret Thatcher fan all help! Wish he could lead the EU!

Span Ows said...

Just realised there is a link under the video to the full text! Excellent and easier for those that aren't videophiles.

Anonymous said...

Excellent pick for the weekend Raedwald.

DeeDee99 said @ 08:43

'Sadly, there's not a hope of it being reported on the BBC, Sky or other British media, let alone broadcast.'

Yes it is sad but its entirely predictable these days. The Israeli Airforce attacked a Syrian airbase near Damascus on Friday. Bombed the shit out of the place for no reason - by reason I mean no military reason because the Syrian government are not at war with Israel. But if you factor in the 'Greater Israel' project the fog begins to clear. News of the attack has been omitted. Ask yourself why?


Anonymous said...


Other than degrading Iranian forces/Hezbollah, why would the IDF involve itself in what is clearly a campaign which is going in the direction Israel desires?

Reports of the "bombing" [Mezzeh military facility] are confused, it is not clear how the airbase was attacked, some say rockets others airborne, the Russian forces have some sophisticated anti aircraft kit, mainly around their sea facilities but also in Damascus [maybe], surely then the Russians would know the provenance of this 'attack'?

Why point at the IDF, Turkey also albeit very half heartedly committed to "rooting out" their mates in Isil, they don't like Tehran's involvement much nor indeed Bashar al Assad's regime and the Turks and Russians are in cahoots, are they not?

Allow Turkey to do the dirty and blame Israel, it's not beyond the bounds of possibility, is it?

Having said that, now that Mr. Trump is taking over from a very anti Israeli pres', perhaps the IDF are becoming a little more bold. And Israel will never allow any of the "terrorist factions" be they Isil/Hezbollah to manoeuvres even sniffing anywhere near the Golan. Though they [the Israelis] surely still subscribe to the idea of Bashar retaining titular influence in the Levant.

It's a mess and the big power is staying away, allowing the local boys to play out their arcane discombobulations, strategies.