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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Never mind the BBC ... feel the EBC

Well, they've got the flag, the motto, the anthem and they've paved the way for the army, or at least for a Brussels ceremonial guard in Ruritanian uniforms. One just knew somehow that it wouldn't be long before the Federation airline and the Federation broadcaster came along. 

Yes, the European Broadcasting Corporation was let down the slipway this week by Der Spiegel. A 24-language, full colour HD pan-Europe broadcast service via both analogue and DVB-T transmission
  • To be funded by the EU directly and by a 5% levy on turnover imposed on Facebook, Google and Twitter
  • Facebook & Google (You Tube) also to be forced by law to transmit EBC content for 5% of their output
  • None or limited advertising
Finally, we are promised third-rate programmes from sources not good enough to be commissioned commercially - rather like those rather crap feminist stick-man cartoons bought by the Canadian state broadcaster;
"Third, the aim should be much more than just to establish a new media actor that tries to happily co-exist with existing private and public media. Instead, the EBC will also open up new sources of income for private quality media by acting as a platform for private journalistic content."
The hope must surely be that this ponderous, Soviet-style broadcaster can compel itself on captive audiences - on station platforms, in government offices, on giant screens in streets and squares - for in an age of 'pull' media consumption and off-line viewing, it's likely that hardly anyone will watch EBC voluntarily. 

Finally, EU spokesman Margaritis Schinas justified an initial demand of €60bn from the UK by saying it was like buying your round in the pub ..


DeeDee99 said...

It'll be as much fun as watching paint dry.

rapscallion said...

Actually DeeDee99, watching paint dry will be more fun, if that were possible!

How the hell does the EU force private companies to transmit this ECB shite, If I were CEO of Youtube, I'd tell the EU to sling it's hook.

What gets me it the complete lack of awareness. The hated EU is in it's death throes, but still thinks the answer is more EU.

Love your analogy Radders, though Holland it a net contributor as is France. The rest are just freeloading sponging gits.

Domo said...

"Broadcast this or be blocked"

EUrope is desperate to clear the ground so EU clones of US corporates can be launched, a mass block of uncontrolled content is their goal after all.

Anonymous said...

From the article:
"Second, the EBC would not be, and should not be perceived to be, a propaganda instrument of the European Union. Firm safeguards will need to be put in place to ensure its independence and impartiality and this should be an integral part of its governance structure. "

Sounds a lot like the BBC is supposed to be. If the EBC is to the EU as the BBC is to Britain then the EU is screwed. They should be careful what they wish for!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

What could go wrong?

RAC said...

Asking myself the question why would the eu need its own broadcasting propagandist (which is what it will be) when they have the bbc doing that job for them,for free. Do they expect the bbc to change its globalist viewpoint after we have broken free of the eu, I don't. Or maybe the eu high priests have gazed into the future and seen the complete demise of the bbc, now that would be pleasing.

auralay said...

My dream scenario:- FB, G and T all grow some and refuse to be forced to carry content. If the EU impose fines then they turn off services to Europe.
EU citizens then find themselves having to choose between having the EU or having Facebook. The political fallout would be ... interesting.

RAC said...

EU spokesman Margaritis Schinas justified an initial demand of €60bn from the UK by saying it was like buying your round in the pub ..

Well today there's no salvation band's packed up and gone
And I'm left standing with my penny in my hand
There's a big crowd at the station where the blind man sings his song
But he sees Lord what they can't understand

Margaritis it's over, your best bet is to swoop round the tables and down any half empty glasses before they get collected.

Dave_G said...

It used to be amusing (if not depressing) to hear and read of the latest EU directives.

Now it's simply pathetic.

I wonder who the REAL instigators are (i.e. the lobbyists and rent-seekers)?

AndrewWS said...

Facebook, Google and Twitter are headquartered outside the EU's jurisdiction and will just tell it to go and jump off something.

Anonymous said...

'Funded by the EU directly'???????? Surely funds from our contributions to the EU bottomless pit but given out as though the EU is the sole benefactor. Nice trick.

Cascadian said...

About as likely to happen as Quaero-remember that? The EUroweenie answer to Google, after much expenditure disappeared down the toilet of futility that is Europe.

The article floats the idea of successful US companies subsidising a third rate socialist propaganda machine, why would they do that? Just more EU free-loading, they should admit they are just a branch plant economy entirely reliant on the US dollar, US military and superior US goods.

Just more hope n change wishful thinking, Roll on the next Greece debt refinancing which should see the destruction of the Euro and the EU.

Michael said...

EBC? For a happy moment I thought "Emu's Broadcasting Company" was coming back after the unfortunate "accident" involving the late Rod Hull, Emu and a TV Ariel...
But no, just another reason to be cheerful that we will not be having EU Minitruth Televisors installed in our homes.
Remember, War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength and Freedom is Slavery.

Budgie said...

If our government had any wits about itself, it would point out to the EU that the UK has habitually paid the EU far more than we've got back. Therefore it is the EU that owes us money. At the current rate we pay, that amounts to about £400 billion the EU owes us, not including interest.

The EU is in the odd position, as a statist organisation, of building its own nationalism, whilst simultaneously squashing any patriotism felt by people towards their own country. Indeed that explains the Remains histrionics: having fallen for this EU ploy, their unthinking dependence upon EU nationalism is a sort of emotional spasm. Unfortunately such politically generated artificial nationalism has historically always been dangerous compared to the benign natural patriotism it attempts to mimic.

It seems our politicians are also still in thrall to the EU, yet like most Remains are unaware of their condition.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Do Crapita operate on the mainland?

Asking for a friend

Dioclese said...

Lets just hope that when the EU demand a divorce settlement in return for permitting us to leave, May has the balls to tell them to fuck off.

Maggie, where are you when we need you!?!?!?!?

joe winner said...

At my local 'art' cinema almost every film is at least part-funded by the EU. I don't go there very often these days because almost every film is a political statement.