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Sunday, 12 February 2017


Kenneth Clark's original 'Civilisation' documented a linear progression from Egyptian Pharaohs to Edwardian London in which the birth and death of Christ, the son of God, enabled advances in linear Civilisation not possible before.  Clark was pretty clear about what constituted civilisation. Worshipping a stick or a bit of rock, wiping your arse with your hand or enslaving the folk from the next village didn't cut it. Everywhere, Clark's civilisation was evidenced by advances, by making and building and discovering, by art, construction, thought, literature, technology and societies and cultures benefitting from the Christian virtues. 

The BBC is going to remake the series, which inevitably means a few hours of spewy, nauseous garbage overloaded with moral relativism that will fail utterly to understand what Civilisation means. Yes, the BBC will say, worshipping a tribal stick, smearing your body in mud and beating out a bass beat with a rock and a log is just as civilised as a Thomas Tallis sung Eucharist in a gothic cathedral; and sawing someone's head off for laughing at your holy rock or throwing them off a cliff for eating shrimps on Wednesday in contravention of the Prophet Glob's teaching just as civilised as reading Goethe by candlelight to the sound of a woodwind quartet. 

Above all, the BBC will try to convince us that Islam means civilisation. They will point to the architectural glories of Moorish Spain and to Arabic advances in medicine, algebra and astrology that all bloomed briefly and were absorbed into Western civilisation before leaving Islamic north Africa and the Middle East as a primitive, backwards and uncivilised shithole. Only they'll stop at the blooming stage and try to ascribe Islam's historic virtues to the nasty, brutish and bestial mess of evil, torture and death that Salafist Islam now projects across the world. 

In other words, before viewing even a second of the BBC's nauseous new trash I know exactly what disinformation, what distortion, what omission and what outright lies it will embody and project. It will be crude propaganda, paid for by public taxes, and it will fail.  


DeeDee99 said...

Civilisations undoubtedly flourised in the middle east long before Europe - and long before either Christianity or Islam took hold in Europe and the middle east, respectively.

The Ancient Egyptians, the Persians, Mesopotamia, Israel, Carthage.

Yet since Islam took hold, all the countries in the region have have regressed; their civilisations extinguished and their people crushed by a dictatorial religion which allows no freedom of thought and therefore stifles the ability to invent. The only exception is Israel, which was re-created by Christian Europe, and more closely resembles it.

I very much doubt that the BBC will be pointing that out in its propaganda-piece.

Mr Ecks said...

The fact that they are "re-making" a great series--one of their gems from their long past age of glory--shows how intellectually as well as morally bankrupt they are.

What next "The Ascent of Man" with Trevor Phillips? "Amerika " with Alistair Campbell?

The sooner the BBC is gone the better.

RAC said...

Would that some party make it a manifesto pledge at the next GE to force the Boy Buggering Corporation to stand on its own two feet and fund itself through pay to view and/or advertising. Never going to happen I know, we would need an English version of D.J.T. to drain that particular cesspit.

mikebravo said...

Women and children "enduring rape, abuse and beatings" while waiting to be allowed into our country along with the raping, beating and abusing bedfellows.
The new "alt civilization" awaiting us!

Good old Beeb/Graun axis, paint us, the native English as the cause of the migrants abuse rather than the actual abusers.

Poisonedchalice said...

As many a 13 year old girl in Rochdale will tell, there is nothing civilised about Islam. However, there is a glimmer of hope as the 4 men accused of all manner of vile crimes are to be deported back to the Islamic shithole from whence they came.

In the news today - Theresa May is more popular than David Beckham. It was TM as Home Secretary that stated the deportations process. I wonder if those two pieces of news are linked in some way?

Anonymous said...

We're Egyptian through and through. Even my jokes date back to the Egyptians.

Anonymous said...

"The sooner the BBC is gone the better."

You can close down the TV side if you want, but don't touch Radio 3. Unless it is to remove the adverts.

There is also some good material on Radios 4 and 2. All worth saving and a great public service. There is no way that subscriptions or adverts could keep these going at the same level of quality.

Perhaps the radio channels and orchestras should be funded from general taxation. It seems to be the license that annoys people.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'In other words, before viewing even a second of the BBC's nauseous new trash I know exactly what disinformation, what distortion, what omission and what outright lies it will embody and project.'

I suspect you're not alone in your prediction Raedwald. You can just imagine the first commissioning meeting at the BBC where the idea for a new series is discussed:

Charlotte Moore (Director of BBC Content): "Right, we all know why we're here, its to remake Civilization only this time we're going make those crackers wish they'd never been born. Got it?"

Room: (sitting): "Yes ma'am."

Charlotte Moore: "Good. Any questions?"

Room: "No ma'am."

Charlotte Moore: "Excellent. Now fuck off all of you. Oh, and don't forget I want Lenny Henry to do the bit about the invention of peanut butter."

Room (standing): "Yes ma'am."

Charlotte Moore: "Now you can fuck off."


Boggart Blogger said...

While it is true that scholarship was kept alive (to some extent) in the Islamic world at a time Christianity was trying to drive the world back to neolithic lifestyles, the culture of the middle east at that time was Zoroastrian, the religion of the area before Islam imposed itself at swordpoint.

RAC said...

Anonymous at 15:34
"Perhaps the radio channels and orchestras should be funded from general taxation. It seems to be the license that annoys people."
What you suggest would still leave those who abhor the BBC forced to pay for a service they do not want. As I stated earlier pay to view and/or advertising is the only way to control the BBC left wing e.u. loving cesspit. In that way its income would be proportional to its audience and it could become completely neutral or shrink down to the size of its demand. Forcing other people to pay for your entertainment will never have popular support.

Thud said...

Ah yes! prophet glob, a harsh master but only through him can one reach heaven.

Thud said...

Islam stole the products of its mythical golden age from other cultures, dhimmis, slaves and forced converts.

Anonymous said...

Always wondered why China built that wall. It wouldn't be to keep out the advanced culture and educated people of islam, eh?
Genghis Khan was such a heavenly creature. Brought so much to the world. Whats not to like?
Appeasement to islam is itself submission. Those who do not see this will be the destroyers of the West.
Small 'i' for islam intentional.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE think more clearly about faith and religion; faith is harmless, it is personal, religion is organised faith (any philosophy based on reality or otherwise) and is therefore political.
Humans seem to need 'something more than we know' to substantiate our existence; that's fine as long as its left alone for the individual to ponder. As soon as someone with a big mouth says "I know better than you about this idea.." and persuades enough simple minds to follow him/her, you've got a religion and a political leader. The Romans knew it.

Dioclese said...

BBC - Bollocks By Cunts

Span Ows said...

Surprised no one has mentioned the absolutely fucking lying Guardian and it's 100% fake news in that image: "the fate of those stranded by the UK's decision..."

It makes my blood boil; I could really do some damage to whomever wrote that.

G. Tingey said...

What wall-to-wall bollocks.

Neither christianity nor islam is civilisation.
Indeed, both, like all religions are against it.
Because civilisation requires the application of systematic knowledge.
Which is opposed to religion - "revealed" lies & myths, rather than facts