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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Final hope for democracy in Turkey

Tomorrow's referendum in Turkey on that country's version of Germany's 1933 Enabling Act is, by all accounts, on a knife-edge. If Erdogan wins, he can exercise unrestrained executive power of a sort unseen since Nazi Germany. If he wins, Turkey also loses any chance of joining the EU, her NATO partner status will be in doubt, the migrant deal risks unravelling in time for the peak Summer travelling season and all hopes of Ataturk's secular Turkey will vanish.

Of course, if he loses, everyone expects him to to the achieve exactly the same ends by unconstitutional means. He's hardly going to put his hands up and go quietly, is he?

Sometimes the BBC's correspondents, isolated from the fake-news hothouses of Salford Keys and Broadcasting House, forget their remit and tell the truth. Mark Lowen's report here is really worth a listen. 

A young lady colleague once returned from a holiday in 'unspoilt' Turkey to report that each day a group of unshaven village grey heads, in threadbare grubby shirts buttoned to the collar and old lounge suit coats from the 1950s, would gather to keep the beach under observation. There was no direct interaction, but the visitors were all too uncomfortable to wear bikinis or to enjoy using the beach. These then are Erdogan's supporters, the illiterate bigoted Islamist peasantry of an 18th century Sultanate. God help us all.


Anonymous said...

Not much has changed since the sacking of Antioch, certainly Isil haven't and the new sultan is a supporter and enabler of the new Baibars.

What needs to change, forget about the Ottomans [for a minute - though the threat is very real] is the west's attitude to the threat, because: it hasn't changed since 634 AD, there is no such effort as 'moderate Islam'.

The barbarians still regard all others as the 'infidel' or as they put it Kuffar and our leaders have surrendered to them, the HRA/ECHR is it's facilitator as are the very idea of 'hate crimes' read 'thought crimes' - the cover up in the UK of the ongoing barbarism of the "enrichers" is rampant, reporting has virtually been stopped of this and we are deliberately done..... less than defenceless because UK authorities - they haven't caved - they're bleeding well complicit.

Sold out? you fucking bet.

anon 2 said...

Anonymous @16.13 says: everything's stayed the same since "the sacking of Antioch" . . . and there I thought nothing had changed since the sacking of Troy!!! Not that we had anything to do with that, of course (as far as we know), any more that we have anything to say about Turkey today.

It's just that they have followed us here and invaded - and now we have nowhere to move on to. As for the quislings/traitors who presume to rule us: I couldn't agree more.

What can we do to prevent the final 'sack of London' then?

Timothy Davis U.S.of Frakken A. said...

Nothing has really changed since the beginning. We have been at war with one another since lucifer was kicked out of Heaven.

Need more be said?

Poisonedchalice said...

I've never been to Turkey and I'm never going. If they want to turn themselves into another Islamic shithole country then on their heads be it. I quite like my Beko dishwasher, but that's it.

Its a feckin' good job we're leaving the EU because we can then control our own borders and keep the shit-hands out of our country.

DeeDee99 said...

As a middle-aged woman holidaying in Turkey a few years ago I found the regular harrassment by younger Turkish men, after money and sex, a continual nuisance.

It's the other side of the "protect the virtue of their own women" coin - the same as the "British" Pakistani men who control every aspect of the lives of their women and mass rape young white girls - but to a lesser degree.

I won't be going back. Turkey is becoming just another Muslim no-go zone for western women.

Nick Drew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nick Drew said...

Last time I was Instanbul I saw quite a lot of young Turkish ladies with serious attitude and scantily dressed. I thought at the time: try forcing them into burkas

Then again, I recalled the story of the Chinese general and the Emperor's concubines ...

(Actually the circled will be squared by more movements of peoples)

Anonymous said...

I don't know whose taking the piss here:

Well I do, just try going to Bradford for a night on the piss. Good grief, it will not be long before the 'religious police' are out on the streets - like Tower has been said, Syria and Turkey today, France and Britain by the middle of the week.

Anonymous said...

well, the Turks voted for Christmas.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

It might seem a bit harsh but I did laugh

Anonymous said...

Tourism falling out of a tall a building, on so many levels, society and facets, a metaphor it is.

I heard a strange thing, Istanbul and Ankara, Izmir all voted against the sultan of hate.
Appositely and according to one [UK TV media = beeb I think] I heard last night....most of the Turkic horde livin' in the EU voted for the tyrant! All westernized - not so much and then that got me to thinking. In the EU obviously, the Iman's are doing the work of the extreme headbangers of Wahhabism, what other conclusion could you draw and does it not bode ill for the West not least in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands?

Not good, not good at all.

Anonymous said...

@Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise17 April 2017 at 01:22 Was it the tourism minister or a gay bloke who seeing the future in that muslim paradise decided to jump before he was thrown.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

assd anons

the BBC man in Turkey seems to have gone off script - no doubt the weekending PC goons at Portland Place Palace and Saltford will reume the stadard shit pumping tomorrow.

I'd wager that one of the Sultan's more coveted prizes in all this is capital punishment for insulting the git. Seditious libel etc.

Will he bring back more traditional practices like garroting or drowning in a sack?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I think Kim Jong Un is going to have some competition in the unhinged dictator stakes.

I need a new keyboard

John M said...

And so now we have the vote results, and the question has to be "how did that happen?"

Why did the Turks vote like Turkeys voting for Christmas? Or is it more likely that Erdogan's Government simply rigged the outcome?

James Higham said...

I would say there's no hope for Turkey now.

selsey.steve said...

Erdogan claims victory.
Jihad against the West now begins in earneast.
Vienna, beware.