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Thursday, 29 June 2017

EU is failing again in the Western Balkans

If I could draw a cartoon it would be the statelets of the western Balkans fighting in a furious 2020 dustball of fists and boots whilst an EU President as shamefaced as a labrador who has copiously fouled the bedroom rug looks on, with the caption "You had one job ..."

The EU's foreign policy is a litany of failure, yet these hubristic Federasts want their own army to reinforce that failure; whilst they poke Putin in Ukraine, the Western Balkans are being lost to Russian expansion and Salafist pollution, corrupted through Turkish influence with Saudi money into a hotbed of radical Islamism. Reports in both the Republican American Interest and the Lefty Der Spiegel  catalogue the loss of interest by the EU in further Balkans accessions and the loss of interest by the Balks (if they can be so termed) in the EU; latest polls indicate that just 18% of Serbians really want to join the Federation. As Russia protects Christian orthodox nations, newly groomed Islamist statelets throw up new Saudi-funded mosques staffed by Saudi-supplied imams, to radicalise a new generation of Islamist terrorists. 

The Washington Post thinks it is a failure of democracy, that Balkans statelets are 'halfway democracies' and offers reasons for this. The paper misses the biggest reason of all. That the EU has the role of democracy mentor and monitor, and that the EU is in itself the most profoundly anti-democratic of regimes. It's like giving the job of Civics teacher to Pol Pot. What sort of lesson do the Balkans get from a corrupt Brussels EU regime that believes that the secret ballot and universal suffrage are obstacles to be over-ridden, that plebiscites can be repudiated and overturned, that solemn treaties can be broken for political ends and that threats, bullying and hubristic posturing are equated with statesmanship?

We should not forget that the Balkans are exporting their violent men who return even more skilled in crime and violence; Islamists fight for ISIS and pass back and forwards through a complicit Turkey, Albanian cocaine gangs dominate Europe, Serb people traffickers cross Europe in trucks filled with Afghan migrants. The reason why Austria can't put cigarette prices up to over €4,50 a pack is the ease with which white brands are smuggled from Balkans factories. Now that Croatia is part of the EU, there are a quarter million more Croatian passport holders than there are Croatians; well, who speaks enough Serbo-Croat to know? 

I have little doubt that the western Balkans will blow up again, and the dirty EU labrador whose fault it will be will wring its paws and ask for British peacekeepers and US ground attack aircraft to clear their shit up.


James Higham said...

I have little doubt that the western Balkans will blow up again

It will if EU/CIA/NATO have anything to do with it.

Anonymous said...

The EU is failing again.

There you go, I fixed it for you Raedwald.


Cascadian said...

As more muslims move in the Balkans they will resemble Albania, impoverished, intolerant and ruled by gangsters.

Milosevic was not wrong, and Bill Clinton should be tried at the Hague for war crimes. A whole sub-continent destabilized for political posturing.

Well done Steve, that correction does clarify the issue.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day, I have read history and at school during history lessons we focused on Balkans politics in the lead up to WW1 and in connection did some fairly in depth study into the Ottoman terror, if the European ships had failed at Lepanto but it was asbnow observe, only a temporary respite......................

Lackadaisically I never understood the enmity of the Serbs and particularly the Bosnian Serbs but I do now....... and because I only looked on via horrified rubber necking, I never joined the dots with the Slovenian escape [German intervention] and the Croat civil war [WWII German allies], the Bosnian war, the Kosovan fuck up. This area [Balkans] is not easily understood but one conflict bestrides all the other bloodletting, Islam v the west.

NATO, the EU well actually German interference [those kraut fuckwits] has caused very old rifts to open up. General Tito, kept a lid on it and when he went it was only a matter of time before it 'went south'.
Who the fuck knows what will happen. But sure as shit, bad things are going on and the EU continues its hopeless clueless mendacity and meddle and make things infinitely worse, as does the mad sultan of turkey with his Wahhabist nutter mates.
Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania had better prepare for war, because sure as the sun rising, the mad sultan will open the camps to allow the horde to batter down the EU gates and the Greeks, Macedonians and Bulgarians and all the way through Serbia, to Slovenia to Austria face utter turmoil from the marching tide of Islamic bent humanity.

And God only knows about what will come to pass concerning Albania and Kosova - Kefalonia and Italy beware.

Fucking ell Radders I think I've just ticked 10,000 bloody cars and street signs! FFS!

Rossa said...

This year's Three Seas Initiative summit has been moved from Croatia to Warsaw once DJT announced he would go to Poland before the G20. This is about last year's meeting.

12 Eastern and Central European countries getting together without the EU. Bet the EU officials ain't too happy about that and what 'deals' DJT may put on the table.

The central issue Merkel wants to talk about at the G20 is the Paris Climate Accord. Behind the scenes may be a different story!

Rossa said...

The EU really does not want to face up to the initiative taken by these Eastern European and Balkan countries. One official described It as a push towards 'self ghettoisation'. Ouch!