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Saturday, 1 July 2017

That dodgy 'secret' K&C cabinet meeting

In my view the High Court was quite correct to forbid Kensington and Chelsea Council from holding a formal cabinet meeting from which press and public were to be excluded. The Guardian brought the case

Firstly, the cabinet has plenty of opportunities to have private meetings - under the name of majority group, leader's meeting, or even outside the Council as a Party event. There is only one reason for meeting formally as a Council cabinet - and that's to take decisions. Now there are circumstances, defined by Schedule 12A of the 1972 Local Government Act, under which cabinet agenda reports can be classed as 'Exempt' and press and public can be excluded from meetings. The reasons are pretty tight. K&C didn't even attempt to use these grounds, for there was no written report to consider. Instead they sought to use a part of the Council's standing orders that covered preventing public disorder. 

So with no report tabled - open or exempt - why the need for a formal cabinet meeting? I suspect that they were intending to take a decision, that a report had been written, and that cabinet could agree to take it without prior publication to all councillors on grounds of 'overwhelming urgency'. If they just wanted a private discussion, why a formal cabinet meeting?

There is something very dodgy about the behaviour of K&C cabinet members here. Sadiq Khan, though, is just making silly little boy's political capital with his request to Mrs May to put the Council under special measures - he knows full well this is reserved for cases of egregious corruption such as the Muslim mafia takeover of Tower Hamlets. London's mayor has just proven himself to be a junior league failure, not fit to play with the big boys. He will be a one-term wonder. 

However, the council's new Tory cabinet needs to up its game to prove it can do the job. 

Khan - a failing one-term wonder


Anonymous said...

Did you know Raedwald that Mr. Khan had a dad who worked as a bus driver for London Transport?

Surely the best qualified Londoner to run London evah!


Mr Ecks said...

Never mind one-term Mayor--the Office needs to be abolished from right underneath the git.

John Miller said...

Oh no, he's here to stay.

With his core vote worth around 3 million votes (including the postal ones) and all the new young Labour supporters, he'll walk it ad infinitum.

Poisonedchalice said...

Any Mayor that states "terrorism is part and parcel of living in a big city" is completely unfit for office and should be removed.

Michael said...

Totally out of his depth, like most labour squealers.

I can't see why London needs such a person. It's screwed enough already, so why add another level of incompetence.

Glad I don't ever go there any more, it really is a shitehole.

Oldrightie said...

First they came for the Londoners. It's exactly like 1930s Germany. Just the actors and the fascists wear different clothes and hijab.

Mr Ecks said...

John Miller: Which is why his core vote need to lose the vote PDQ.

English Pensioner said...

I just wonder how many of those who have been demonstrating and wanted to go to the council meeting were actually people who'd had direct involvement in the fire or were the press and how many would have been demonstrators intent in making trouble.
Looking at the various demonstrations that have taken place, it is clear that a large number of those taking part were part of the usual rent-a-mob; in fact one blog identified a number who had been demonstrators for numerous left wing causes.
As a councillor, or even an official, I don't think that I'd have wanted to go to a meeting which could have turned violent.

RAC said...

Just as the left think that the magic money tree will keep paying for all their gimmigrant gimmifreestuff support they think their cats paw army will carry them to power. Wrong, whilst they do all in their power to assist the takeover they fail to realise or wilfully ignore the fact that once the tipping point has been crossed they will be surplus to requirements. House by house, street by street, town by town, they're digging their own graves and dragging the rest of us in with them.

G. Tingey said...

Actually addresses the very pertinent points that Raedwals makes.

As for Mr Ecks
London really needs a proper governence as the councils (As K&C have just shown, oops ) are plainly not up to the job.
The Old "GLC" should never have been abolished, actually - the clearing up after its removal was amazingly timewasting & costly ( Ask "the Boss" who had to try to act as a financial piggy-in-th-middle for re-co-ordinating river transport, as merely one simple example )

Dan said...

To be perfectly honest, you don't need to hold a council meeting in private to exclude noisy troublemakers. All you need do is hold it behind closed doors, with a series of live camera and microphone feeds being fed to a couple of halls somewhere else in the building.

That puts the council at one end in a quiet trouble-free room, and the shouters, hecklers and pillocks in a completely different room, free to shout at the TV screen all they want and generally be simian arses to their hearts' content.

The fact that else can hear the (deliberately quiet) sound feed over the ranting and raving of morons is deliberate; it lets the noisy fuckwits show themselves up for what they are, yet also the council are not hiding behind secrecy and closed doors.

Mr Ecks said...

More crap Tingey.

The only point Radders makes worth making is that local government --like national --is shite.

London would do better with no fucking local govt --and even better still with no more migrants and all those who are costing taxpayers and ratepayers a fortune while contributing nothing--unless you consider crime a "contribution"--sent back where they came from.

The fucking tower block is only there as a left-over from yet another promised but failed socialist paradise of the 1960s.

The old GLC was a Marxist shitshow that was more interested in being an ego trip for Ken Leninslime than doing anything useful.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

If you can find a copy on Amazon Nothing Like a Dame" actually reads better than many thriller/farce novels - and it should be required reading for anybody elected to a council in London.... the overt abuse of position was epic. My growing feeling about Grenfell is that position has been egregiously abused again - but this time it's self interest across a swathe of management and functionaries rather than one bully who (amid a carnival of other dire deeds) rehoused displaced tenants into a tower block that had apparently so much asbestos measured that they wrapped it in plastic sheeting ...

The CYA-ing is getting pretty epic.

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
It was called the early 19th century.
Complete with unpaved roads & Cholera.

Now bloody grow up - because you seem to have forgotten, or not noticed that the GLC, like the GLA could & did have a tory majority, more than once.
What an ignorant tosser.