Thursday, 27 July 2017

Blair's Labour ministers should face jail over Diesel scandal

The driver (sic) for Diesel road vehicles came under Bloody Blair's mendacious governance. Now we learn the things are killing us, already costing us £3bn a year in productivity, with a vast store of NHS costs, illnesses and a care bill to come. 

Personally, I love naked Diesels - on boats. Heaven is eating strawberries to the sound of a Lister-Petter. But isn't it right and proper that Blair and his transport / industry ministers are now jailed for these acts of criminal harm?


Anonymous said...

Nothings changed between Blair and today, except what is considered to be "safe" environmental levels, Is it particulates or Nitrous Oxide but up coming (EU) regulation levels are to be 1% of the standard when the CO2 induced drive to diesel began.

And CO2, they are still statistically massaging yesterdays temperatures downwards (Tony Heller) on a massive scale to hide the temperature and diesel drive irrelevance

DeeDee99 said...

I struggle to think of a single thing Blair and his cronies did which has been of lasting benefit to the country.

Sadly, legally they're all untouchable. No Prime Minister is going to allow a predecessor to be prosecuted for Malfeasance in Public Office, let alone anything more serious (Iraq).

The British people have to learn not to vote for idiots and charlatans.

rapscallion said...

DeeDee99 is, as usual, bang on the money.

I accept is that there are so many people in the Civil Service and Government who are supposed to be better educated and cleverer than I am. What I struggle with is that they still manage to make a complete pig's breakfast of just about everything they touch. Does nobody think anything through anymore. Are we to be left to never ending "unintended consequences" because of the latest fashionable "thinking" Do I get to bring a court order to reclaim money from the Government that the bastards have stolen from me under false pretences due to Globull Warming? When the concentration of CO2 is just 400 parts per million of the entire atmosphere.

It's always the same with these vermin - money.

Mr Ecks said...

The Diesel caper is just more eco-freak bullshit.

They are many reasons to hang Bliar and the gang --but the diesel drivel is not amongst them.

Anonymous said...

Hang on though - isn't the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, on record as saying he wants Volkswagen to pay compensation for the pollution resulting from their illegal testing arrangements?

Shouldn't Mr Khan be turning his fire on his Labour colleagues - especially a certain Mr Brown - who used a budget to encourage us to use diesel?

Budgie said...

Gove's ban on diesel and petrol cars by 2040 is more idiotic than the drive for diesel. Both are predicated on the CAGW drivel which says carbon dioxide is a pollutant. It is NOx, CO, SOx and particulates that are bad, which Gove's ban only partly addresses. He leaves out trucks, buses and trains, as well as power stations.

Simple calculation shows that the energy consumed by the road transport sector is about as much again as the existing total UK electical energy demand from all the existing grid generating capacity for homes and industry.

We are struggling to build enough capacity just to keep going (hence the obnoxious STOR) as it is. There is no chance of us building enough extra Hinckley Point Cs by 2040. Maybe 10 to 16 needed? We could manage 2 more possibly. So Coal and Gas it must be for most of the extra.

Yes electric cars are more efficient at converting electricity into work, which reduces their need for electrical energy. But there are considerable generating losses, as well as distribution, charging, and battery inefficiences. So, even if batteries are improved by 2040, the road transport energy consumption overall is still going to be roughly similar to today's.

Yet we will have to replace existing aging generation capacity as well as build the extra new capacity. Indeed, barring the roads, almost the entire transport sector and all its energy infrastructure will have to be replaced by 2040. It's just not feasible.

Pat said...
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Cuffleyburgers said...

Budgie is absolutely correct.

It is to use the technical term "bollocks on stilts".

Gove loses a lot of points in my opinion on this. Previously I rated him.

I suspect i's part of a smoke and mirrors exercise to assist with the so far botched Brexit process and that in reality there is no real intention to do it.

Trouble is there are enough dickheads around for it to stick and would lead to disaster.

I also agree with my learned friend Mr Ecks - Blair should hang but not for this (only after due process of course without the presumption if inocence which he did away with and if we don't get him first time around we'll get him the second time, hey he did away with double jeopardy as well. Oh and no jury trial either).

Dave_G said...

Death-by-diesel is a statistical con trick being pushed in the very same manner as the cAGW con - for the same end purpose, control.

Show me one death certificate that identifies diesel particulates as a cause.... it's simply pathetic to allow statistical anomalies to direct policy yet there are sufficient proponents and useful idiots that will accept the so-called facts at face value and demand we change our ways.

This is just the start - whatever .gov wants they'll be creating the right statistical circumstance to justify their actions. Need more cash? Handling paper money is statistically responsible for 1,000's of deaths due to bacterial cross-infection so let's introduce digital currency instead.... FFS.

I have no reason to disbelieve that the intended policy measures will, over time, cause far more deaths, expense and inconvenience to far more people than the original 'scare' used to bring them into place.

Where is the opposition? Where are the level heads that ought to be standing tall and shouting "you are being CONNED". I don't doubt they exist but, once again, we see and hear the usual suspects in the MSM, BBC et al pushing the only line allowed - making yet another 'consensus' to beat us about the head and pockets.

The country is fucked - royally fucked - if these idiotic proposals are allowed to be rail-roaded through with nary a voice of opposition.

If I had a big red button that could kill off the MSM and BBC I'd be banging it with every flaccid part of my anatomy.

Deceitful lying cnuts - every one of them.

Anonymous said...

The world works on the diesel engine. Nuff said.

Span Ows said...

Dave_G, anyone developing that red-button technology you mention would have a list of sponsors, donors and volunteers 10 miles long. The queue for a final volunteer to press the button would be 50 miles long.

john savage said...

What about the duty that petrol and diesel bring in? £28 billon/year? Will there be a separate meter at your home to bill you?