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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Germans upset and confused as EU Panzer thrust runs out of steam

It really wasn't supposed to be like this. Brussels has a clear plan of exactly how the negotiations should go; First, they set out what the result of the negotiations will be. Then secondly they use a variety of methods to belittle, demoralise and shake the incapable British delegation. Thirdly, Britain must comply absolutely with the EU timetable, do homework as it is set and produce documents and agreements on demand and in the order laid out by Brussels. Only if the EU's negotiation plan is strictly adhered to can an orderly Brexit be achieved. 

But there is a problem. The EU's massive armoured thrust has over-extended itself and has run out of steam; the British have just stood aside to allow it to pass and closed ranks again. We haven't handed in our homework as ordered. We haven't agreed to stuff as we were supposed to. The Federasts thought we would be crawling by now - but instead David Davis and his team seem to grow in confidence by the day, their position clear and firm. We are willing to make concessions if the EU make equivalent concessions in return. We are ready to negotiate. Our team have this power - but it's turning out that Herr Barnier has not. 

There is also a rule in negotiations that one always keeps a tier or two clear of the fray - cooler heads, not too close to the battle, who can maintain a quiet dialogue if needed. David Davis has successfully cast himself in this role, leaving the muppets such as 'Shagger' Johnson to hurl barbs at the Federasts to stand aloof himself from the fray. Sadly, Herr Barnier has failed to do the same - meaning Davis' recourse must be to Herr Juncker. But the biggest problem is that Herr Barnier has absolutely no freedom to negotiate; he's been ordered to achieve the assault's objectives by T+7, T+21 and so on and forbidden from retreating one millimetre, even to 'straighten the line'. 

And today as the EU's assault runs out of steam, the German car manufacturers are the first to break ranks and voice their nervousness. We need to continue the terms of the single market for a lengthy transition period, they whine; our car sales in the Reich are down by 3.4% this year already, we can't take a Brexit hit on top without job losses and plant closures.  

Well, fair enough. That suits us all. So long as they don't expect a penny of British tax money to prop up their failing empire beyond 2019. All they have to do now is to give Herr Barnier some authority to negotiate.   


Anonymous said...

In a few paragraphs you've managed to delineate and therefore expose what is going on, Raedwald. This isn't a negotiated withdrawal from the Common Market, and all that came after. Oh no, they (the EU) will try to make it look like they are discussing the terms of our surrender. That's their mindset, wherever we go we must suffer because the consequence of voting to leave must be punishment.

Deep down they know we're leaving and the wiser heads amongst them will have already concluded, based on our history, that we'll most probably be an even bigger economic force 10 years from now. As of June 24th last year the aim has been to dissuade others from leaving. Fear is the key and without that the door is open for others. My guess has always been Denmark but the EU's problems with Hungary and Poland could mean I'm wrong this time.


Sobers said...

Genuine question - does Barnier have authority to negotiate? Or is he just a conduit for previously decided demands from on high? If that is the case, what exactly is the point of these 'negotiations'?

Domo said...

The council of ministers writes the agreement, he delivers, we agree.

Or it all breaks down

In theory, the CoM should have given him broad brush strokes
They havent
They said E100bn and he cant bend on that.

Utter madness and the end result will be much worse for them in the end.

Ed P said...

Will it all be over by Christmas?

Domo said...

The near east talk a lot but when it comes to it, they arent prepared to throw of Berlin and risk Moscow

Budgie said...

Sounds wonderful, Raedwald. Until we recall that we have Mrs Dither at the helm of a minority government containing at least a score of die-hard Remains.

If we get out of the EU and out of the single market and customs union by 2019, with no leaving fee, and no transitions, my gast will be well and truly flabbered. Even Farage is now saying that we may only get out of the EU in name only.

DeeDee99 said...

The picture of Barnier and team with piles of briefing papers and Davis and team, minus papers and beaming into the camera was completely mis-interpreted by the media.

They claimed it showed the EU as well-prepared and the British as amateurs who hadn't done their homework. In fact, it showed the opposite: the EU team clutching at their reams of paper "comfort-blanket" and restricted by their Orders with Davis and team relaxed and ready to negotiate with flexibility.

Farage and the Brexiteers have always pointed out that German car manufacturers were not going to let the EU's intransigence wreck their businesses. I do hope our fellow Brits are currently boycotting VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes ..... to make a point.

rapscallion said...

There are several forces at work here within the EU. There are the fanatics like Barnier and Verhofstadt et al who deem that Britain MUST be punished. They hate us anyway, always did, but our referendum result gave them further reason to try and punish us. This can work in our favour because they simply cannot accept anything less than abject humiliation for the UK. Wiser heads (namely German and other business leaders are getting twitchy). Bear in mind that they probably go along with the whole EU 'thing' because it's good for the their businesses. They are beginning to realise that the money rug is about to be pulled from under their feet by the EU Commission, and not Britain. We're quite happy to trade with Europe after we've left the EU. Politically, losing such a customer is going to seriously damage their car industries. Then there's the French. Whose going to buy those 20 million bottles of shampoo? We haven't even started on the wine yet.

Poisonedchalice said...

It has taken some time but it had to happen. Big companies like motor manufacturers have and will pitch in. Big auto, big pharma, big aerospace and defence; they will all start to exert their influence of "common sense" over the federasts "or else".

But there's something else on the horizon isn't there...

UK Oil & Gas is doing rather well (sic) with an oil find known colloquially as the "Gatwick Gusher" - they now have an extended 4 year licence to explore what could turn out to be anything from 10 billion to 100 billion barrels of "light sweet" crude; the same as Brent. But... Angus Energy reckons that their recent find at Brockham could well outshine the find for UKOG?

Mmmm - all that lovely oil and gas that Europe will need if Russia turns the taps off.

Mark said...

I hope you are right but I fear you are completely Wong on this. In my view the talks will fail, they are designed to fail. The elites never wanted to leave and when the people realise the risks to the economy and the possibility of no imported goods including food after we become a "3rd country", they will offer and we will accept some form of associate membership. Bastards. Mark

Budgie said...

Mark, "Risks to the economy"?!?? Most people don't realise how relatively insignificant our exports to the EU are - about 10% of UK GDP. Important but not as important as the other 90%.

As for the Remain anguish about "our friends" cutting off their food exports to the UK completely - are you serious? Trade isn't going to stop. We may end up with tariff barriers, but no-food-from-the-EU is comic book teenage angst.

The EU has skewed their rule to make us more dependent on EU food. Out of the EU we can again supply all our own milk for example, catch more of our own fish, and import more from the rest of the world. The EU is aware of this.

visc said...

PoisonChalice I'm for sucessful Brexit as aonyone but we should not rely on fantasy figures from UKOG about their so called Gatwick Gusher to save us. Luckily it's not true so we have no need to become an extractive economy (and lose incentives to innovation).

Mark said...

Budgie I belive the so called elites will try everything they can to keep us in in some way. Look out for project fear 2.0 in about one years time.
You must be aware of the work being done by Dr Richard North what ever we think of him. Have a look at this post

and think could they use it as a template for Project Fear 2.0?

Billy Marlene said...

And now we have BMW building leccie Minis in Oxford. Well, that wasn't in the Remoaners script. Poor old Cleggie must be suffering a prolapsed rectum at that news.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes ...

I do hope our fellow Brits are currently boycotting VW, Audi, BMW and Mercedes ..... to make a point.

Oh yes. And while at it, boycott Aldi and Lidl in favour of our supermarkets.