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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Are the bastards lying to us again?

The British public is getting used to being lied to. Blair destroyed the credibility of the intelligence services, the BBC destroyed the credibility of national broadcasters and MPs by their venality and crookedness have virtually destroyed popular trust in Parliament. A whole host of national and international trusted figures have been caught telling lies in an effort to persuade the people not to vote for Brexit. So now many people - possibly even most people - treat whatever they're 'officially' told as suspect, with caution, and always subject to being proved. And increasingly that proof is sought through social media. 

What social media is saying about the latest Syrian 'atrocity' is that it's bollocks. They're saying there's no independent verification that a chemical incident took place, no UN observers, no news crews. People ask 'why would he?' when he's pretty well won and the US has announced it's giving up. And oh yes, they're asking, why do these alleged incidents happen just when the US is ready to withdraw?  They're laughing at pictures of a staged 'bomb' placed gently on a chipboard bed, at video showing rescuers with no masks and no protective gear entering a CW contaminated area, and they're asking why these alleged CW incidents only happen in places where the White Helmets are active. In other words, ordinary people on social media are asking all the questions that the MSM, parliament, analysts and observers should be asking. 

To we folk outside the establishment circle, it seems we're being asked to use massive military force against a sovereign nation on the basis of some short indistinct video clips showing a number of anonymous dead children who could be rebels, or their hostages, and who could have died from anything from Carbon Monoxide poisoning to EColi. No identification of the dead. No independent post-mortems, no chemical swabs, no testing of clothing. And yet within minutes of this footage and the allegations (Who made the allegations? The Al Qaeda rebels? Their white helmeted chums? ) it seemed the great and the good of the UK War faction were calling for Assad's blood, cruise missiles, reasons to keep the US in theatre.

And I could be wrong, but to my ear what most people are asking most of all is "Are the bastards lying to us again?"


Anonymous said...

It always amuses me - sorry, inappropriate word, I know - but why are the ‘aiders’ in these videos
always looking at the cameras rather than the child they are supposed to be aiding?

Smoking Scot said...

"I could be wrong".

Yes you could, but not this time.

This time you're bang on the money.

DeeDee99 said...

It's also come just a few weeks after Russia's alleged CW attack on the Scripals. So is this just a case of "the West" hitting back at Putin, via his ally in Syria.

I also find it extremely suspicious that it's at this very time, Zuckerberg was hauled up before Congress and we are now being told that "regulation of social media is essential and unavoidable."

Cuffleyburgers said...

I read that Farage is making som eof the points you are making.

I'm with you on this Radders, we're being set up yet again.

meltemian said...

Can't find this mornings interview with Peter Ford, ex Ambassador to Syria, but this is the interview he gave last year after a similar supposed chemical attack.

john cheshire said...

Vanessa Beeley is one of just a handful of journalists who report factually on what is happening in Syria. Here are two examples of her reportage, the first exposing the so called white helmets, who are funded by our government, for what they really are. The second recording testimony of people abducted and imprisoned by the enemies of Syria in Douma:

Parliament should be deciding on whether our armed forces are used to attack Syria and hopefully a majority will reject any military action. Otherwise Mrs May and her gang will join the ranks of war criminals alongside Mr Beliar and his gang.

rapscallion said...

Frankly Radders I do not believe a single word the media produces except sports results - because they're they only thing they can't actually "massage"

I don't believe Putin is behind the Salisbury CW episode and I don't believe Assad (as nasty and despotic as he is) is behing the gas attacks, not when he's pretty wel won it.

I do believe however that the Left are out to destroy the nation state, religion and Western Civiisation, hence the absence of truth, that feelings and opinions override facts, and the shutting down of dissent.

I am reminded of a youtube vid I saw a month or so ago by Melanie Phillips about How the media distort and bend the truth, and having worked for the Granuniad at the time, we can be quite sure she's telling the truth. Well worth watching -

mikebravo said...

I was speaking to some chaps who I work with who thought I was a tin foil hatter for not believing that the latest Syria wheeze was real. I also listened to an elderly group on the train who bought the whole story.
It seems that the MSM are doing a good job for their masters.

Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

The problem with your theory is that it requires that Muslims are capable of putting out fake propaganda. Which we know they never do. I mean, look at Israel... oh.

Anonymous said...

Are we being lied to again.. for what purpose? Motive please, anyone?

Sobers said...

"Motive please, anyone?"

Well one body with a big vested interest is the US military - the last thing they want is a President pulling US forces back to the US and reducing defence budgets as a result. The US military have a budget of close to $900bn. That puts it in the top ten of countries, by GDP. Any organisation of that magnitude will have a built in desire for self preservation, and is most likely entirely out of any substantive democratic control. I would not consider it impossible that it could be engineering all manner of flashpoints worldwide in order to make itself as important and necessary as possible.

Sobers said...

Edit: top 20 of countries by GDP not top 10.

Anonymous said...

Just getting feed up with having to swallow the same old Gulf of Tonkin incident - millions of dead, millions displaced, and malformed children still being born in Vietnam due to agent Orange. Or how about those WMDs that Iraq had - hundred of thousands dead, more displaced, country wracked by civil war, infrastructure destroyed. Futue uncertain. Brilliant. Ditto Libya

It is interesting to note that among all the millions of Muslims that have crashed into Europe, there are very few Christians from Syria. How come, as one would expect a far larger number of Christians fleeing Syria to “Christian” Europe. Well, Christians in Syria have realised, that getting out from the protection of Assad, was likely to be fraught with danger for them. Also the boat ride to Greece ,was likely to be a swimming marathon (getting thrown out of the boat, once Muslims realised they were Christians. Then the position of Christians in the refugee camps of Europe, was very very dangerous. All in all, much safer to be in Assad controlled Syria.

If Assad is overthrown, then Christians will once again be the big losers, as they were in Iraq.


Pat said...

If we seek to govern the world we should say so. Otherwise we will simply have to put up with attrocities carried out by non westerners on non westerners.
I suspect we will continue to fall between the two stools.

Dave_G said...

As ever, this will all be run by the banksters. China introducing a gold-backed Yuan to pay for oil? Russia has intentions to trade using the same currency. The last two countries to try to introduce gold-backed currencies to pay for things were Libya and Iraq...... look what happened to them.

Syria is but a part of the drive for global upheaval - don't forget NK, the Chinese push into the Pacific regions (Taiwan), Iran, Israel etc and we have the Saudi's parading around making promises (of what?) and being lauded across Europe despite them being known paymasters behind terrorism let alone the abuse of humanities in their own country.

Economically, the world is due for a 'reset' and that NEVER comes without conflict - there is always an effort to make money from such conflict and today's attempt is no different.

But I'd love to see Corbyn stand up in Parliament during any debate on Syria and address PMT May as Mrs BLAIR.... "oops, sorry...." just to push the point that we can see what she's up to......

Any politician that votes to join the US in attacking Syria should be summarily executed. Guilty. No question.

Dr Evil said...

Only idiots go to war over an unverified video clip made by rather partisan individuals and not objective reporters. This could have been caused by a missile striking a rebel chem weapons arms dump. It could be play acting. Without independent verification, no-one knows. Anyway, it is really none of our business. It's a civil war in a far off land. Leave them to finish it.

Anonymous said...

a fine post and dripping with sarcasm and asks the question, these days do wem can we believe anything the authorities and media stick on our plates?

Whatever you do, don't swallow it, theresa may's poisons and by God she is one very poisonous woman.

jack ketch said...

What bugs me about yUK.gove's 'response' is that PMT.May is happy to misuse the Royal Prerogative when she shouldn't (according to the Supreme Court) but then when she should use the powers she is given and carry the can for her decision to go to war or not, she wants to cover her political arse and gets parliament to vote. Imagine if Mrs T had felt she needed to put the Liberation of The Falkands to a parliamentary vote? They'd still be speaking Spanish down Port Stanley way.

Man up Terry, grow some balls. IF you think it necessary then do it. Hell send in an SAS hit squad to kill Assad (or guide a missile onto his bedroom). To keep within the law you might need to claim that the actual target was his British wife and he was just unfortunate collateral...check with AG about exactly how far your powers to order an Extra Judicial killing go.

English Pensioner said...

We should keep out. Why don't politicians ever learn from the past and always think they know better?
If Russia ends up controlling Syria, so what? They'll soon learn as they did in Afghanistan. We should learn from the problems which we had as the protecting power in the region before WW2; the problems now will be far worse with modern weapons.
If necessary we should help Israel to look after itself by supplying weapons and any training that they want, (Which would have the added advantage of sending Corbyn mad), but we should keep well clear.

jack ketch said...

If necessary we should help Israel to look after itself by supplying weapons and any training that they want, (Which would have the added advantage of sending Corbyn mad)

+1 ....but drive JC mad? He's barking already.

Anonymous said...

Germany has just said they won't be taking part in any military action so that's the EU - sans France - out of it. So the usual suspects will be grading targets over weekend. Carrier group on the way (USS Harry S. Truman) with nine escorts including four guided missile destroyers (Arleigh Burke class) and two nuclear attack boats.

Raedwald asks if they're lying to us again but personally I assume they're always lying so it takes me less time to work out where the truth is. Usually in plain site so if we take the situation in Syria and work back from a time two weeks ago when Russian and Syrian forces overran rebel positions in East Ghouta and found chemical weapons preparation areas I know I'm getting somewhere.

How does British 81mm mortar bombs filled not with high explosives but with something more liquid sound? Or chemical mixing tanks made by George W. Merck? Packs of Chlorine powder made in Belgium? Here's the kicker: One British and 2 Israeli officers captured near the site. Yes they weren't expecting them so soon and Russian special forces move very fast in built up areas.

We live an age of lies and treason.


right-writes said...

The war rages on with no end in sight...

The war is between ordinary folk and their various globalist authoritarian governments.

Assad is no worse than May, is no worse than Putin is no worse than Ji...

None of them have any interest in humanity or ordinary folk who just want to live a peaceful life, have a couple of chaps and grandchildren when they get old. It isn't too much to ask is it?

I really couldn't give a flying fuck about what Assad (an eye surgeon formerly from Moorfields in London) is supposed to have done, it almost certainly isn't true, even though he is a weak politician, backed by his traditional ally, Russia, he is winning against our common enemy, fascist Islam.

The truth of the matter is that all of these old Abrahamic religions are nothing more than old timey political parties that have won their constituents by adopting and insinuating themselves onto local tradition and then gone on to engage in a campaign of violent oppression, in order to maintain that authority....

They are all guilty of it, no matter what the original message might have been, they have all been turned into a battle between authoritarians and ordinary folk.

Coming soon to the west is naked communitarianism, which is just a new form of naked slavery.

Everyone has everything that the authorities think they need, and in turn they just have to "volunteer".

APL said...

"Are the bastards lying to us again?"


DeeDee99: "alleged CW attack on the Scripals."

Even the British governments own chemical warfare experts are tip toeing away from Theresa May's position.

Dan said...

OK, according to the BBC, these are the events in question.

Firstly, when Assad's forces are using barrel bombs (fill an oil barrel with explosives, chuck it out of a helicopter) on a rebel-held area, one single rescue worker from the Syrian Civil Defence says he smelled chlorine in the air but was unable to determine the source. The same man stated that dead bodies suffocated by toxic gas were found in confined spaces later; on this assessment I call foul since blast is an equally good killer.

Secondly, an attack left around 500 people, mostly women and children, ill from a chemical which smelled like chlorine. The symptoms here sound like a caustic agent, which caused respiratory distress. The Syrian American Medical Society glibly asserts that an organophosphate toxin was at work, which these symptoms do not support.

Generally there are reports of a nerve agent being bandied about, but for the most part the symptoms are of simple chlorine gas being released, or explosion trauma causing other symptoms.

Now, chlorine gas does have a history of use in war, but only from the First World War and even then it was rapidly realised that a pad soaked in bicarbonate solution made an effective gas mask. The question does arise of who is actually deploying the chlorine, since the stuff isn't actually very effective as a toxin or as a weapon.

Anonymous said...

There is one point, a possiblity I often ponder on, about Bashar al Assad, in that the Alouite Generals dictate military policy to him, not the other ways around.
Bashar, is an rather well educated man, he is not his father by a distance. Bashar, he is certainly not the monster the west choses to depict, most of that daubed paint is provided by the Sunni propaganda machine dictated and delivered through western media, bought and fully paid for politicians/peers, the FCO, NGOs and other various backwater channels via, by Riyyadh.

Everything to do with this very dirty war is dominated by Gulf funding and if not exclusively is sourced mainly in the kingdom. The Sunnis may have felt ostracized in Syria but if so why did they stay? As usual, they are wound up to be perpetual gripers, taught just that in their wahhabist doctrinal centres and don't forget that duplicitous trouble causer and agitator on Syria's northern border certainly the new sultan is not well disposed to Shia dominated regimes and backed by the Iranian guard.

Dropping Chlorine gas onto a built up area, who knows who did that if it did indeed ever occur. We do know that, certainly the "Sarin gas attack" episode last year was shown to be a pack of lies, why should we not thus surmise that this latest 'atrocity' is just more of the same?

Mother maybe better just butt out, idiot she most certainly is, we await confirmation on the scale of her bovine like idiocy, her mentor Mutti the Reichsfurhren has stated that Germany will not involve itself while Bony IV champs at the bit and moulderin' , telling us "he has evidence!"

Finally the fuqwits, the liberal wankeratti in the thunderer, the graun too, screaming red murder, titillated into an 'indignation' a froth of faux immoral outrage (no word about the Yemen). Oh yes, will be baying for blood, just like they always do and never will they need to leave their comfortable salons in north London lalaland, "dahling it's for others to do our dirty work" as they preen their feathers and bask in their signalled virtuous emptyhead ways.

Fuck 'em all and leave Syria alone, allow Bashar to get on with cleansing his country.

jack ketch said...

Mutti the Reichsfurhren

Reichsführer perhaps or ReichsführerIN ? I think that "Führer" might be one of those nouns that strictly speaking retain the same spelling for both masculine and feminine persons.

Anonymous said...


probably, my German is very, very schooldays rusty.

Bill Sticker said...

In answer to the question posed in this posts title, the only rational response is "Of course they are."

Balanchine said...

If you want a motive for the Israeli and U.S. Involvement in Syria then I suggest you google the firm Genie Oil and Gas and then look at who is on the board of that company.

Anonymous said...

Russians discussing this scenario this back in March.

Cascadian said...

When I find myself agreeing with Jeremy Corbyn for his continued good-sense related to both recent "gas" attacks then something is badly wrong with the government, news reporters and the military.
The stupidity of current politicians in a rush to depose Assad shows that nothing was learned from Tunisia and Libya.
Frankly it is getting impossible to understand what the heck these imbeciles intend. If Trump is disguising this military build-up to attack Iran (as I believe may be the case) then I hope Putin has been apprised of the ploy before WW3 is accidently triggered.
My contempt for Ms DisMay is well known, further comment on her stupidity is redundant.

Poisonedchalice said...

In a post-truth world it is hard to get reliable information; so much so that if a source does gain a reputation as being bullet-proof reliable, then that source becomes commercially valuable - very valuable.

I see lots of echo chamber comments here on this subject, take for example, "why would they use poison gas when they are close to winning". Any military person could debunk that right away as anyone who has fought a war to the end knows that street fighting, door to door, hand to hand, in order to eradicate that last die hards of your opposition is hugely expensive in terms of casualties on your own side. Better then to use a cheap and definitely reliable solution called poison gas - it smokes them out every time and your side gets to keep its soldiers for another fight.

I'm not saying this did happen, but think about the situation a bit more.