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Monday, 9 April 2018

Sorry Herr Juncker your woes are just starting

Later today or tomorrow senior EU official Herr Juncker will publish his official letter to the elected Prime Minister of Hungary, Victor Orban, congratulating him on his victory like an MD sending a memo congratulating his sales manager on winning the shiny shoes competition. Juncker will write of his hope for Hungary's participation in ever closer union, oblivious to the reality of democratic choice. 

The EU is quite clear however that it stands as the champion of democracy, just not the kind of democracy that involves people voting. No, for the EU democracy means compliance with the EU's standards and rules - any departure indicates a drift towards un-democracy that must be checked by sanctions and punishments, even if people voted for it. The EU's democratic principles, you understand, trump stuff like elections and voting; they are a purer form of democracy, crafted by unelected officials and demagogues free from popular approval. And yes, there are many in Brussels who actually believe all that. 

Meanwhile the Eurozone economy is stalling just as QE has reached its limit and its just one set of figures away from slipping into the first stage of recession. With the global economic cycle due to downturn next year anyway this could be a biggie. Deutschebank is slipping under the waves like some great ocean liner, each week bringing the share price closer to zero. Italy is working on a parallel currency. And now the Visegrad Four are confirmed and strengthened. Let alone Brexit. 

At home PTSD Andrew Adonis and ACGrayling are ever closer to complete meltdown, Adonis throwing petulant tantrums at the BBC for no longer being 'binary' in its output; i.e. for no longer reporting that 'Remain' has an equal chance of winning. With this degree of self-delusion, he's a natural for a cushy job in Brussels. Or rather he would be if we weren't leaving. Which raises the question; what on Earth will all the PTSD Adonises do after next year?


DeeDee99 said...

What's the betting Juncker will have "learnt" from the reaction to his congratulatory missive to Putin and will put Orban in the same basket and write a petulant little lecture instead.

The Hungarian people have taken a good look at the violence which mass immigration of Muslims into Western Europe as caused and said "no thanks" they are perfectly entitled to. Good for them: I wish our own political class had made the same decision 50 years ago. Unfortunately, we (along with France) were the guinea-pigs.

Now the Hungarians need to realise that if they stay in the EU, with the freedom of movement rules, they cannot protect their society. There is only one conclusion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for cheering me up Raedwald.


Hector Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

>Which raises the question; what on Earth will all the PTSD Adonises do after next year?

They'll find something. They always do. |It's the shouting at little people, rather than the issue, that's important.

Smoking Scot said...

Seems to me that slinging the phrase "Soros funded..." at any political group is the easiest way to cripple them fatally within the Visegard.

Something they did magnificently in Hungary.

Here it helps to sling "Blair funded", or Bloomberg as well as Soros.

Keep it up chaps!

rapscallion said...

@Smoking Scot

Talking of that vile and odious specimen called Bliar; I see that even Stephen Glover in the Daily Mail says that Blair's latest appeal to Germany to overturn a democratic vote in Britain is close to treachery.

The comments however are shall we say, interesting. The general consensus seems to be that what he is doing and what he has done goes way beyond treachery.

Which brings me to Adonis and the reptile AC Grayling. By rights, they should be swinging from the gibbet with Blair (and quite a few others as well)

Anonymous said...

'Bliar funded'??? Since when did he fund anything? No, like the EU (and Prince Charles) he uses other peoples' money.

John M said...

And all the while the media outrage over the Selmayr appointment drifts away with each passing news cycle...

Smoking Scot said...

@ Anonymous 13.40

One of his fronts. £9,000,000 his money.

right-writes said...

Yes the bigwigs at the EU are working on a scheme to elect another people.

jack ketch said...

And all the while the media outrage over the Selmayr appointment drifts away with each passing news cycle...

Yep, Juncker will have , as they say his language: "A smiling eye and a weeping one".

terence patrick hewett said...

It was Terry Pratchett who said words to the effect that:

"There is no law for those who make the laws: no law for those who willfully break the laws: but there is law for those who pathetically think that there should be law."

How we are to rid ourselves of the swine above and below who prey on us has got me stumped: but we must find a way or we as a country are lost.

Ravenscar. said...

"what on Earth will all the PTSD Adonises do after next year?"

posed radders.

I couldn't, I really couldn't, by half way through, I'd run out of decent expletives and "all opprobrium", will simply have to do.