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Monday, 30 July 2018

Is tiny Brexit puppet Minister Raab taking Steroids?

The one thing that struck folk most about Dominic Raab's appearance alongside his Brexit boss Oliver Robbins at last week's Select Committee appearance is how small he is. His boss towered over him not just intellectually but physically. 

And although being the Remain elite's puppet Brexit minister can't be wholly stress-free, tiny minister Raab, we're told, was tough - a Judo black belt, no less. Perhaps he joins William Hague in sweaty naked man-wrestling in the Commons basement gym. We aren't told. These pastimes are often enthusiastically followed by diminutive men; one wouldn't be surprised to find Speaker Bercow in a karate robe. 

Gyms, narcissism and little men go together. So the revelations in the Express by a good time girl who briefly worked for Raab are interesting. He was more interested in achieving his gym-bod than in his ministerial work, she claims. And also that he flew into uncontrollable rages at the most minor irritations. 

Well, gyms, narcissism and uncontrollable rages also frequently go together - and when they do, they are frequently symptomatic of Steroid use. I think Mr Raab should tell us whether our puppet Brexit minister is taking these stimulants or not. I think journalists should ask him. We should know.   



Mr Ecks said...

Karate I believe not Judo.

His lack of moral fibre and moral courage in helping the Fish Faced Cow's failed attempts to urinate on Brexit shows what kind of loser he is.

He should spend the rest of his life having to share a room with Hague and his driver.

auralay said...

I have long thought that all politicians and top civil servants should be subject to compulsory random drug testing. If it is important for athletes to be drug free, how much more so for those who seek to rule us.
I believe several petitions have started but made little headway. Quelle suprise!

john cheshire said...

1. Doesn't Sebastian Coe offer judo lessons for 'free'?
2. I agree that all politicians and senior Civil Servants should have compulsory drug testing.
3. If the President of the USA has regular health, including mental health, checks then I'd suggest all of our cabinet ministers ( because of collective - there's that word again - responsibility) should also be required to have an annual physical and mental health assessment and the results made public. Perhaps too, any signs of a predisposition this socialism/ collectivism could be classed as a mental illness and result in the individuals being disbarred from holding any public office, at any level.

Budgie said...

Raedwald: "gyms, narcissism and uncontrollable rages also frequently go together" Frequently? Do they? I suggest it is actually very infrequent. Politician's personalities and prejudices are an issue where it impacts on their competence and conduct. But not just for gossip. The fact that Raab is peddling May's (Robbins') WP Remain trash says more about him than his stature or his purported narcissism and gym-fixation. I wouldn't think being demoted to bag carrier goes well with narcissism either.

Raedwald said...

They do. Steroid use by narcissistic gym warriors, body sculptors and preening self-regarders is widespread - probably a 1m UK user market ( Irritability and agression are side effects (

I'm afraid on this one Budgie you're quite wrong.

John Vasc said...

We are rapidly learning that few MPs can be found who are not eager to sell their souls and their purported 'convictions' for a ministerial salary, car, and driver.

There is a special place in hell for those turncoat 'Leaver' ministers who decided to remain cosily in post after Chequers drove a coach-and-horses through the referendum vote: Gove, Leadsom, Grayling, Raab, Fox, McVey, Mordaunt.

Like May, they are all pretending that they don't notice that what they are supporting is directly contrary to their declared position. That suggests either crass stupidity and credulity, deliberate self-deception, or outright fraud.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Despite my advancing years I still go to the gym & do squats & deadlifts, in a vain attempt to stave off anno domini. I guesstimate maybe one fifth of the youngsters are using steroids. Bad skin, fresh zits, short tempers, stretch marks from gaining mass too quick. What really puzzles me is they’re prepared to put up with testicular atrophy. Not to mention heart trouble in middle age. Twats.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I do wonder if there's a correlation between steroid use and certain tattoo designs

Dave_G said...

I'd be more interested in politicians financial background (and personal association background) than their physical condition.

You can be fit as a fiddle and corrupt as a .... well, politician.

As for mental status, well, their position attests that quite succinctly.

jack ketch said...

"find Speaker Bercow in a karate robe."

Robe? ROBE??! Like some Kungfu Master in a grainy 80s Run Run Shaw flick? Karateka wear 'Gi's , Korean martial artists wear a 'dobok'. At least call it a 'karate suit'

BTW -incase anyone missed it, according to Breitbart and the Times , PMT.May has privately agreed to ECJ jury-is-my-dick-son.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, You may be right, but I understood your remark to be exaggeration for effect. Nothing wrong with that, except I felt you had gone too far.

John Vasc said...

Just the very gentlest of reminders for Gove and Raab, and the others who support the Chequers Sell Out:
"Vidkun Quisling was put on trial during the legal purge in Norway after World War II. He was found guilty of charges including embezzlement, murder and high treason against the Norwegian state, and was sentenced to death. He was executed by firing squad at Akershus Fortress, Oslo, on 24 October 1945.

Benjamin smith said...

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