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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Cameron's £9.3m tax 'diversion' to Remain campaign to be investigated?

The DCMS Committee has called for the donor of 'Britain's biggest ever campaign donation' to be investigated by the police.

That would be the £9.3m diverted from UK tax funds to the Remain campaign by David Cameron, then. 

REMAIN SPEND: £28,359,066
LEAVE SPEND: £13,436,241


John M said...

The Remainer media are showing no shame at all. Today's Guardian is running a piece of office fiction masquerading as a news article in which they complain of a 'conspiracy' by the Leave side to break a campainging embargo in the aftermath of MP Jo Cox's murder.

And there was me thinking that it was in fact the Remain side who used that sad event as an excuse to flood the newspapers with 'Vote remain, it's what Jo Cox would have wanted' bollocks, and none less so than from her own husband...

Budgie said...

Remain not only spent more in 2016, it also carried on campaigning after the result. Leave said "job done" and went on holiday to celebrate. Now even the blindest and most starry-eyed Leave voter can see that we won the battle, but have (nearly) lost the war.

Remain propaganda has been very clever. Rather than attempting to defend their own comprehensive lies, Remain immediately established a narrative that the Leave campaign was a series of lies - despite failing to enumerate them. Now, as far as the BBC is concerned, the Remain version is "fact".

Another key propaganda line was that Leave voters didn't know what they were voting for. In reality it is perfectly common for people to vote for different reasons at all elections, yet somehow the propaganda line managed to de-legitimise Leave voters, and isolated Leaves from their fellows.

Then of course Remain has copied the EU's motto of "keep on voting until you get the "right" result" to push a "second" referendum. Remain has managed two tricks here: to switch the outcome we voted for (Leave) into merely a vague "departure"; and creating the illusion that the "second" referendum will be valid, but the "first" was not.

I fully expected the EU to be immensely obstructive, as it has proved. I did not expected Remain to continue campaigning, nor the establishment to close ranks and simply discard our vote. My estimate is we have only a tiny chance (<10%) of actually leaving the EU treaties (and not signing up to new bi-lateral treaties with almost the same effect - May's spectacular).

Anonymous said...

And so they should

There is a story about that money that has yet to come out

Where did it really go?

Span Ows said...

@Budgie: "Now, as far as the BBC is concerned, the Remain version is "fact""