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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

So, Oliver Robbins sneers at Brexit committee

With a deep sneer of contempt across his twisted face, the unelected official in charge of sabotaging Brexit faced down MPs yesterday. His expression says it all. 


right-writes said...

There he is...

The Secretary of State for Turd Polishing.

Now go away and die.

Oldrightie said...

He's not alone. A whole regiment of these long bought and paid for EU quislings have been preparing for this present coup for a good 20 years. Their salaries quietly boosted with income via our payments to the Commissars of Europe.

Their "friends" in Parliament quietly supporting these corrupt, smug and snide new Establishment elites. Not one fit to be called human beings. We really are in a dark and nasty place. Our only but likely vain hope, the rise of a new political Party led by a decent and honest figure. I suspect Anne Marie Waters will never be permitted to do that, sadly.

john cheshire said...

Why didn't Dominic Raab demand the removal of this Robbins character as a pre-condition for taking over from Mr Davis?
Why hasn't Mr Raab now resigned?
Why are known communists being recruited by the Civil Service and why is a known communist in such a prominent position negotiating our withdrawal from the collectivist organisation, the EU?
What is Mr Rees-Mogg and his fellow patriots doing to ensure that the Robbins person is removed from the next team?

john cheshire said...

Brexit team, not next team.

Oldrightie said...

Raab has been turned. Usually by money or a career path to lucrative earnings.

jack ketch said...

The real news isn't that May has deep-6'd Raab, isn't that JRM has admitted that BrexSShite will mean a financial nuclear winter nor yet that Raab has admitted that he's been doing a 'Joseph' , filling the barns before the lean Cows arise from the Thames.

The news that really matters is that the Great Coitus InTerry-ruptus Bill won't be enacted until 2120 or so...maybe.

Its hard to disagree with Davis -channelling Orange Juice.

Budgie said...

Unfortunately the Tories have put party before country. Again. By delaying a showdown with Mrs May - again - they allow her, and her Remain plans, to gain traction. She is also clearly in thrall to Olly Robbins, revealing a thoroughly unpleasant psychological flaw.

It is difficult to predict what will happen now. I did argue here, and elsewhere, some years ago that anyone who thought the EU would be reasonable hadn't been paying attention for the last 40 years; and that Art50 was trap. I couldn't quite believe our establishment would literally overturn our decision in the Referendum, but there is little doubt about it now.

The idea that the UK is somehow intrinsically too small, or too incapable, to be independent is, of course, just Remain propaganda. The problem is that, like the cheats they are, they hide that ground behind bluster. It's too-oo difficult they wail; or, Leaves are thick; or, like Jack Ketch, they prove Godwin's law by saying Brexit and the SS are synonymous, and/or rely on schoolboy sniggers about shit.

Budgie said...

So, what do we do now? We have no illusions now. We know the history. We know the likely outcome. How can we make the faint possibility of actually leaving become more likely? Big demos don't really hack it. And unfortunately many Leave supporters are reluctant join one. Here's my list for what it's worth (I would love to know of other suggestions):

1. Don't give up - they are relying on us rolling over.
2. Don't pay the BBC TV tax - get your news from the internet - try it first with a BBC-free fortnight, you will be amazed.
3. Write to your MP - mostly you won't get a sensible answer, but the pressure is useful.
4. Avoid buying EU (inc Eire) produce and products - every time you find an alternative it is one more little victory for us.
5. Donate to real Leave campaigns.
6. Comment on newspaper and other websites; write letters to papers.
7. Join UKIP, even if you don't want to be active, and even if you vote tactically later.

Mr Ecks said...

You appear to be phasing into your own reality Ketch.

The rest comes from reading too much remainiac shite. Keep going and you will be ready for the funny farm.

We leave March 2019. Or Corbin will be taking your future soon after and won't be doing much laughing from then on.

Mr Ecks said...

Budgie--she still has to get her revised sellout past the HoC after the EU makes the extra demands they ARE going to make. She has put Oily in charge of crawling up the EU 's arsehole but they can't take the Mogg amendments. They can't take her original because of the migration clause . They know that she will let in who they tell her to but the clause is a power several of the 27 will want. However they might fudge their own scummy rules that far. Not for the first time. But the Mogg changes they can't accept. So she HAS to crawl back.

She can't get a sellout though without using ZaNu and the rest. Even Tory jellytot MPs realise that to do that to force through an absolute POS sellout is a bridge too far.

We are far from done yet. She has NO chance of selling her turd to the people but she is trying to control the Jellytots over the summer. We need to put massive pressure on them. They may be EU arse-kissers but they love their jobs and the money. And a Corbin UK dole queue will not suit them. Hell McNasty might well remove their --expensive-cop protection. Even from the grandees. He doesn't like Tories at all doesn't McNasty.

Keep up the pressure. Join UKIP even if only for one year. Put pressure on the scum.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Robbins is indeed a nasty looking piece of work, and bears more than a passing resemblance to that other nasty s.o.b. Martin Selmayr, son of fascist who is himself a fascist.

As for Raab, I cannot understand how it is he hasn't resigned.

May has gone totally off her rocker, she probably thinks the sun will fry our brains for the next two months and she will get away with it.

I think she is mistaken, and there is enough stuff in the press and commons to defeat her one way or the other in autumn. Unfortunately not the hanging drawing and quartering she undoubtedly deserves, but at least sacked.

John Brown said...

I agree with Budgie above.

I write regularly to my remainer Conservative MP who once wrote to me saying he was “severely Eurosceptic!

I have not bought any French agricultural products since 1990 when French farmers set fire to one truckload of live British sheep, killing 219 of them as well as poisoning, slitting throats and dousing others with insecticide.

[As recently as 2015 French farmers attacked and destroyed seven British lorry loads of fish which had in fact been caught by French trawlers and landed in Scotland before being shipped to France.]

I also would not buy today a German car after the diesel emissions testing scam. I see in the US a Volkswagen executive has been jailed and compensation paid, whilst in the UK no action has been taken at all.

I intend to extend this policy.

As previously mentioned I will be joining UKIP, and I think I will also join both the Conservative and Labour Parties in order to partake in any possible votes or polling.

right-writes said...

Although I have similar feelings to John Brown above, I do not recommend joining the CONservatives or Labour...

UKIP does not allow people that were/are members of extremist parties to join.

Andrew Scarborough said...

That picture says it all.

Anonymous said...

Mr Robbins looks to me like a man who is planning to be the dictator of Europe (including Britain).

His ambitions are under threat, and he is fighting hard.

Don Cox

Cascadian said...

Time for May to negotiate trade deal with EU-2 years and counting, many yUK concessions required, no deal apparent.

Time for President Trump to negotiate a trade deal with EU-approx one month, many EU concessions.

As they used to say on O Level exams-compare and comment.

It is beyond obvious that Chief Negotiator Maybe DOES NOT WANT A DEAL and is anyway incapable of negotiating.