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Monday, 23 July 2018

Politics in turmoil - conditions favour the extremists

WE have had an unequivocal assurance from Mrs May in the past few days that there will not be a second Brexit referendum. Of course, that means nothing. Mrs May's past assurances on the Customs Union, free movement and ECJ jurisdiction have been over-ruled by the elite establishment, and today no assurance from her on a second referendum means anything unless confirmed by Oliver Robbins. 

The BBC is giving much airtime to anyone calling for a second referendum at this time because the polls have been swinging towards 'Remain'. However, the polls are close and erratic, and could easily shift back. The most recent, from 14th July by Deltapoll, shows 50/50 but this could be a rogue. 

 Yougov however cautions against relying on polls re-asking the referendum question;
However, just because people think Brexit is the wrong decision, it doesn’t necessarily mean they think it should be reversed. They do not. When we ask what people think the government should do about leaving the EU, just over half (53%) think that it should go ahead with Brexit, mostly on its current course (42%) though 11% would prefer a softer Brexit. A fifth (21%) think that the government should call a fresh referendum instead, while 13% would prefer them just to halt Brexit altogether.

Neither is there much support for other means by which the decision to leave the EU could be reversed. By 50% to 29% people think it would be illegitimate for MPs in the House of Commons to vote against Brexit going ahead, and by 45% to 37% people oppose the idea of another referendum once the terms of the withdrawal negotiations are known.
With confirmation that Vince Cable has been in talks about a new Limehouse Declaration to save the rapidly dying LibDems, offering a broad leftist Remainer umbrella, there is also a poll suggestion that a new pro-Brexit party could get 38% of the vote and rumours that Nigel Farage is in funding discussions to form such a party to attract both Conservatives and the lighter mauve UKIPpers.

A new far-right authoritarian anti-Islamic party could, frighteningly, attract 24% of voters from deep purple Kippers and those with a ' British National Party, National Front, British Freedom Party, British People's Party, English Defence League, Britain First or the UK First Party' background - currently 'banned' from UKIP. Cough cough.  

And with confirmation expected today that Labour will officially go anti-semitic and all the little lefty Nazi Corbynistas can trample the Star of David, the old parties are hardly helping to preserve political stability. 

'Turmoil' I think is the word. 


DeeDee99 said...

Someone should have told the anti-democratic Establishment: "when you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable."

Oh ..... someone did. JF Kennedy.

Shame they weren't listening.

Mr Ecks said...

Fuck the polls. They were weaponised by the scum of the left/Remain long ago.

Remember how leave and Trump both had "no chance" except they won.

They can stuff any second poll. It would be fixed and loaded by Remain scum. And they took no notice of the first one.

DiscoveredJoys said...

So... we might well end up with ConExit as all the Leavers join the New Independence Party, and LabExit as all the pro-Remain anti-racist people join the New Cosmopolitan Party. The LibDems will fall to pieces (again) and individually join the NCP.

They have brought it on themselves.

Nick Drew said...

All that - and not a leader in sight

what you have described is similar to French politics, and it's how a Macron steams through: so many people would vote for an amorphic-but-identifiable, non-polar-extreme candidate rather than ...

you can see why Blair keeps twitching

Tony Harrison said...

"A new far-right authoritarian anti-Islamic party could, frighteningly, attract 24% of voters from deep purple Kippers.."
Please let us not conflate "anti-Islamic" with either far-right or authoritarian sentiments: I am frankly very anti-Islamic these days, owing chiefly to its adherents having altered the urban/cultural landscape of my country so adversely, and to the tenets of that religion being difficult to distinguish from the motivations of so-called Islamist terrorists.
Today's Telegraph report on our Home Secretary's having supposedly agreed not to make problems should the US decide to execute the so-called "Beatle" jihadis - nominally Brits, which is disgusting - reminds us of the equivocal attitude, in parts of English society and its Establishment, to countering Islamic violence & subversion; selective quote:
"..the Home Secretary's letter discloses concerns that laws in this country may not be robust enough to ensure a successful prosecution.
He believes American terrorism laws are more effective. In the letter seen by The Telegraph, Mr Javid expresses CPS concerns over possible attempts which might be made to undermine and divert a UK prosecution with abuse of process arguments over extradition routes..."

My politics have never been either "far right" or authoritarian: I'm a sort of conservative-libertarian English nationalist. And this is exactly why I am sick to death of that part of our Establishment which has first facilitated the importation of huge numbers of aliens from distant continents, then declines to deal with the inevitable malign consequences.
It is bitterly frustrating that those such as yourself, RW, suggest correctly that those of us wishing something to be done cannot rely on the mainstream Parties to do it. I can't vote for dimwit fascists like the NF/BNP - so what the hell do I do?

Raedwald said...

Tony -

Yes, it's the reason I always distinguish between Islam and Islamism. It's not an artificial distinction. In other words I too oppose challenges to a single national culture - but don't rule any part of the population out from membership of the national club irrespective of their declared religion. Muslims are loyal soldiers, effective doctors, responsible business owners, talented restauranteurs and so on. I won't discriminate against all members of any religion under any circumstances; as a Roman Catholic I have a folk memory of my co-religionists being forbidden from building churches until the 1870s, and barred from employment in Northern Irish firms such as Harland and Wolff until the late 1970s.

John Brown said...

With the BBC propaganda for project fear V2 at its current height I doubt the polls are correct.

If another referendum was called and if (a big if) the stablishment allowed it to be fairly run then I think Leave would win again.

Which is why Mrs. May keeps insisting there will be no second referendum and instead she is working towards thwarting Brexit by tying us into the SM/CU through a new treaty with the EU, even one which leaves us totally exposed to business damaging legislation without representation.

Ian MacMillan said...

Oh dear. It's Rue Britannia, I'm afraid.
Is there someone out there, waiting to deliver a St Crispin's day speech in Churchillian tones, or is that just an old buffer's fantasy?

Anonymous said...

From DP111

Tony Harrison etal

It is not the Jihadis that are the main threat to Western civilisation. They might kill a few hundred now and then, and tragic though that is, they do not pose a significant threat to Western civilisation.

What does is the huge growth in Muslim demographics via immigration, birth rate and family unification. Once this demographic reaches critical mass, then it is Sharia quite naturally via parliament. Infidels are then toast, just as they are in ALL Muslim countries

The exiled Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Mosul, Iraq, is warning westerners about welcoming an increasing number of Muslims into their countries, naively believing that they too believe in democratic principles.
“Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future,” said Archbishop Amel Shimoun Nona in an interview by Corriere della Sera. “I lost my diocese. The physical setting of my apostolate has been occupied by Islamic radicals who want us converted or dead. But my community is still alive.”

Its also worth remembering that despite assurances that radical Muslims are a minority, whenever free elections are held in Muslim countries, it leads to fanatic extreme Islamists who gain power.

The lesson is that Muslims will always side with their brothers who quote directly from the Koran, when an Islamic party has a chance. Till then they will vote an Islam friendly party. Right now we see the Labour party in cultural death throes trying to square the circle of being Islam friendly as well as against anti-semitism.

The UK is on path to cultural destruction. I feel Pres Trump is our only hope.

Mr Ecks said...

"Yes, it's the reason I always distinguish between Islam and Islamism. It's not an artificial distinction. In other words I too oppose challenges to a single national culture - but don't rule any part of the population out from membership of the national club irrespective of their declared religion. Muslims are loyal soldiers, effective doctors, responsible business owners, talented restauranteurs and so on. I won't discriminate against all members of any religion under any circumstances; as a Roman Catholic I have a folk memory of my co-religionists being forbidden from building churches until the 1870s, and barred from employment in Northern Irish firms such as Harland and Wolff until the late 1970s. "

All that Camoron-based crap is why we will lose. Catholics --apart from the odd priest--don't have a culture of sexual predition,violence and oppression. Also you can be a Catholic without being against women's rights and free speech. Neither of which you can support if you belong to your besties. Nor are Catholics running an import/breed/takeover plan with support from the scum of the left both ZanU and BluLabour.

Time you forgot your ancient left-sucking Franco-crap Radders and opened your eyes to what is going on. Let nameless murderers from the Bute and also unnamed acid splashers (on a 3 year old--on the same day as a big anti-mosque building protest takes place in the same town) open your eyes.

You are part of the problem not any sort of solution.

Raedwald said...

Wow. How can I maintain my position in the face of such erudition so elegantly expressed.

Good luck with that new deep purple party, Mr Ecks.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

On Islamphobia - There is no irrational fear of Islam ie Islamophobia. What there is, is a rational fear that the authorities have deliberately allowed ingress of a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion, bent on the destruction of historic cultural Britain.

Muslims in Britain were/are responsible for terrorism, for the rapes of tens of thousands of young White girls, and criminal activities on a large scale. Thousands of Islamic cells are in operation - that is ones that security agencies are awre off. In addition, they intend to impose sharia in the UK.

Our intervention in Iraq was probably wrong, but what it has shown is that the allegiance of supposedly loyal Muslim citizens of Britain, lies with Islam and not Britain. It can never be acceptable to have large numbers of people living in any country whose loyalties lie elsewhere. That way lies civil war and a catastrophe for all.

We already are in an existential crisis, primarily due to the ignorance of political elites, and for garnering votes for Labour. They have gifted future Britain with a nasty civil war that will make Bosnia look like a garden party.

Mr Ecks said...

Snide is all you have Radders. You know the truth but you won't face it. Hell --you moved to country that is seeing some sense and stopping the import.

jack ketch said...

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and those plastic patriots of BrexSShiteurs get to enjoy the sight of yUK ministers hawking their sorry arses around the 27 pleading, whining and snivelling "please please stop nasty Barnier being soooo mean its unfair *sob*" and that despite Barnier giving in to Brit pleading not to further weaken May by substituting her White Paper for bog roll in the Commissions' toilets.

Javid continues to work towards BrexSShite meaning BritStan, while JRM makes sure than his chickens are all safely tucked up in their EU hen coop.

It is going to be a long summer and silly season this year. It seems May is so scared of a leadership challenge that Parliament may make a start on 'renovations' early.

Anonymous said...

Tony H / Radders

I think Brigitte Gabriel uunderstands the Islam/Islamism issue very well:

Mr Ecks said...

Your remainiac double agent traitor scum are trying to sell us out but that is Leaves fault rather than the fault of active traitors like you.

Nobody asked useless arse-crawling Tory remainiac stooges to kiss any part of your EU masters anatomy Ketch . If we still had patriots instead of shite at the top your EU mates would be reeling. They will still reel after we go NO DEAL.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, You do seem to have (developed?) a tendency to bottom-clutch and be BBC-ish. It is a fact that after the Reformation Catholics in Elizabethan England, and in the UK post 1603, supplied a pool from which traitors and fifth columnists attempted to overthrow UK governments. Politicised Catholicism was no benefit to the general population, including ordinary Catholics. That is why Catholicism was discouraged.

It is a bit like Islam in the UK today. The vast majority of Muslims may want to get on with their lives, but they do provide back up to the extremists, and the extremists do provide the terrorists. Islam is not solely one of the world's religions, like Christianity or Hinduism, it is also an ideology of conquest and submission. We cannot therefore simply bottom clutch, sneering at the attempts by UKIP, for example, to deal with a problem that hasn't been faced here since the C16th and C17th.

When people see their whole way of life and culture threatened, there is going to be a reaction. Trying to ignore it, or portraying the current British opposition to Islamification as extremist will not work. Not least because comparing "deep purple UKIPpers" with actual Islamic extremists is wild exaggeration and nonsense with it.

Tony Harrison said...

RW, thanks for your comments. I cannot help but feel you are ingenuous, somewhat starry eyed, in your refusal to condemn Islam. Sure, our history of persecuting RCs like yourself is not to be forgotten, though this followed RC persecution of non-RCs of course; but the key thing is that we share a common culture despite ultimately trivial differences of denomination – we’re all English – and all those CofE churches throughout the land were of course RC churches until the 16thC. As a sailor you will be aware that saluting the quarterdeck on boarding a ship is a holdover from making obeisance to the (RC) cross which used to be there, until Henry VIII...
Islam is an alien religion, non-European, and in its totalitarian intolerance it resembles the Christian church of the Middle Ages: its adherents ultimately revere Islam more than they respect the laws & customs of whichever European country they inhabit. Those Muslim doctors etc you mention are fine, but poll after poll since 9/11 and before reveals consistently a high level of support (or at least sympathy) for Islamic violence against the West; a great many Muslims in Europe think sharia law should be introduced; almost daily incidents across our continent remind us of the fundamental incompatibility of Islam with Western values.
Again, I do not like Islam: our feeble governments should cease their appeasement of Islam, stop bending over backwards to demonstrate their multi-culti inclusiveness & liberal compassion, stop permitting the building of mosques. Yes, I do mean that. I’d have thought that Austrians share your folk memories, not of anti-RC persecution but of the awesome threat of Islam in Medieval times.

Dave_G said...

Radders said:

Muslims are loyal soldiers, effective doctors, responsible business owners, talented restauranteurs and so on.

...which should really have begun "REAL Muslims are......" and gone on to explain their adherence to the 'one book (Koran)' and all the violence, subversion, misogyny etc that fills it.

I have no problem with ANY person or culture that comes here to adopt OUR values and integrate into OUR society. The problems began when we allowed immigrants to create their OWN societies and impose THEIR cultural practises - practises that undermine our laws as well as our morals.

The Muslims that Radders refer to are like Assad Shah (the Glasgow Shia Muslim murdered because he 'didn't follow the true faith') who themselves are victims of Islam - 'true' Islam as the convicted killer (and thousands like him) like to profess.

The fact that Islam has it's own internal issues should also be a warning. I don't care if Muslims want to kill other Muslims over theocratic argument - the fact that they want to kill 'us' because we don't even want to be PART of their 'argument' is the real issue.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

A second referendum will allow the elite to put this to bed once and for all by splitting the leave vote. Chance are the questions would be:

Do we
(a) leave without a deal
(b) leave with a deal
(c) Remain.

That way remain gets a solid 48% as before and the 52% leave get split in half, if the votes stay as they were in 2016.

How many voters from Remain would swing to leave to teach the Bastards a lesson for mucking about with democracy and not accepting the first result is anyone's guess.

Budgie said...

Dave G and Tony Harrison, Very well said. Just a minor point for Dave G, Assad Shah was an Ahmadiyya Muslim, hated by both Shias and Sunnis.

John Brown said...

Mark The Skint Sailor :

Second Referendum :

I think the suggestion was to use the AV (Alternative Vote) system.

So this would most likely end up as "leave with a deal" = leave with a treaty so we would be in the SM/CU/ECJ etc. but as a vassal state with no representation.

Not a problem for hard core Remainers as their willingness to submit to the EU means they are not believers in democracy anyway and will be pushing the EU to enact legislation to force us to adopt the Euro and any possible UK damaging legislation, and continue with freedom of movement.

The problem will be for those Remainers who still live under the delusion that somehow remaining in the EU will enable us to reform the EU. This will not be feasible as a vassal state.

Ravenscar. said...


our politicians have surrendered, damn right Britain is in "turmoil", Good God almighty even my mother gets it.

You moved away Raedwald because, you could see it coming.

Anonymous said...

Once Sharia takes hold in Britain it will a long dark night of a 1000 years. All the symbols of our historic culture will be wiped out, - slowly at first but quickening pace with the decades, till nothing is left.

That is why I opt for a far less evil, even the NF, to remove the very real threat of the Dark Night. Once the threat is removed, we can remove the NF by election or force. But at least we wont be in a civil war against a totally alien ideology or people.