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Friday, 19 April 2019

Toxic Theresa May election broadcast "cost us another million votes"

I was chatting on the phone last night to a London chum after I had accidentally caught the Conservative election broadcast transmitted just before the ITV evening news. I found it extraordinary that the thing had featured May at all - but half way through, there she was. There was no escaping the most loathed woman in Britain. I suspect about half the ITV audience flicked channels at this point. I mentioned this in passing on the phone later - to be told "Don't! The idiots have just cost us another million votes".

As the Telegraph reports today, Conservative canvassers out on the knock have been trying to pretend that Toxic May isn't the leader of the Conservative Party and that she hasn't completely screwed up Brexit. They have been met by angry shouty Tory voters either slamming the door in their faces or venting their anger over the parliamentary and government sabotage of Brexit. For anyone who missed it, the misjudged May broadcast is HERE. I won't embed it. There's some content for which we won't give blog-space. 

I think the difference between these local elections and the Euros is that for the former, Conservative voters are simply going on strike. They will not turn out to vote, far less to campaign or donate. Even if the Labour or LibDem loonies win Councils from us, who cares? Council tax has a legal ceiling (which most English Councils have hit this year) and stuff that Tory voters don't mind paying for - a decent school in their catchment area, pot-hole free roads and a local library - have either gone or can't be made worse by a Marxist administration. For the Euros, they will vote TBP. 

My guess is that an appalling local government result will galvanise final moves to oust May. I suspect many fellow Conservatives think the same. You really can't blame them.

Toxic May talks down to the nation - election broadcast


DeeDee99 said...

Treason May instructing the ignorant peasants not to think about silly things like Sovereignty, democracy and holding a lying, treacherous political class to account for REFUSING to deliver what they promised - and instead focus on the fortnightly bin collection.

Because that's all we're "qualified" to think about.


DiscoveredJoys said...

We called him Teflon Tony (before the Iraq war) and I suspect that Mrs May calls herself Teflon Theresa in her own mind. She chooses not to acknowledge her failings but to always blame others. And that's a sad place to be for a Prime Minister - especially for us.

So is she Toxic Theresa? Traitorous Theresa? Termagant (A scolding nagging bad-tempered woman) Theresa? Tin Eared Theresa? Barnacle May?

Who knows, and who cares beyond using every means to show our dissatisfaction.

wiggiatlarge said...

Mrs May is backing up the theme for Conservative leaflets that came through my door, headline is that local elections have nothing to do with what is going on in the HoC, though we know your very 'cross'.

Apart from the fact I would not vote for them for the obvious reasons, they also conform to the way that representatives are foisted on constituencies by head office all thre live outside the area, a non no for local elections, all three have qualifications in matters that have no bearing on local matters and there "we have achieved" section contains a photo of one of them proudly claiming he got Sainsburys to repaint a pedestrian crossing in THEIR own carpark, the rest is waffle about the roads NHS etc all of which they have no real say in, a layer of troughing we could well do without.

Dave_G said...

No one, not even Treason May, can be THAT stupid or that self-obsessed etc. WTF is driving her? What is it that is being 'held to her head' to pursue such a course of action?

Are there threats against her husband? Herself? I'd (sort of) excuse her if she had kids but......

Seriously, she is acting entirely out of any excusable reason other than some external influence that is set to ruin this country and we should KNOW what/who this external influence is.

Yes, we all have our suspicions but FULL EXPOSURE is what is required to both get her out of the firing line and the process of democracy back on track. This has gone much too far for it now to be 'her' decision and someone should be pointing fingers/naming names.

It's almost as incredulously ludicrous as the Attenborough Climate Change BS they put out last night. FFS.

Span Ows said...

I suspect that was recorded quite a few months ago and the Marketing Dept. simply forgot to check!!! FAIL!.

Termagant May (like it DiscoveredJoys!)says "I started my political career as a local Councillor...." YES and you have been over-promoted EVER since!

Raedwald said...

Span Ows - but the daffodils are out and she's wearing her medicated-to-the-gills Spring face - so I suspect it's either her loyal dickhead SPADs or a calculated act of sabotage by CCHQ ;)

Cull the Badgers said...

It won't wash Raedwald. You are a loyal Tory and you are to be judged by the company you keep. It's not just May, she is a rotten leader leading a party rotten to the core as you admit. Removing her will not make any difference as the new leader will move a few people around but it will be the same rotten people and the stables will remain filthy.

The party must be cut down the ground. If you don't leave you will have to suffer like the rest. As long as you stay in the party your credibility will continue to be eroded.

John Brown said...

“I think the difference between these local elections and the Euros is that for the former, Conservative voters are simply going on strike”.

Sorry, but I don’t think it is good enough for any leavers to abstain from voting in the local elections.

Low turn-out does not worry the remain parties, such as the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems, Greens or SNP as long as one of their candidates wins.

If leave voters decide to wait for the EU MEP elections to vote for a Brexit party they may well find they are too late as Mrs. May will have got her surrender, treacherous and not-leaving Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament either by shoring up Conservative Party loyalty or through help from Labour.

Leavers need to take the opportunity of the council elections to make their feelings known either by voting for a leave candidate, or for an independent candidate, or lastly by spoiling their ballot paper with a suitable message.

Poisonedchalice said...

Round our manor, the LibDems do a good job and always have, so I will vote for them. When it comes to the EP, I will vote TBP.

Remoaners want a second referendum; lets give it to them like a Tyson face-punch!

John Brown said...


If you’re a genuine leaver then I cannot believe that you are intending to vote Lib Dem at the coming council elections.

What is more important, your bin collections for the next 5 years or the UK’s sovereignty ?

If the Lib Dems gain seats at these elections do you think Mr. Cable will declare the following day that the country is moving towards rejecting Brexit or that he is glad that the country is putting their faith in his party’s ability to organise bin collections ?

Leavers must stop voting for remain candidates and parties if they want to ensure Brexit happens and that includes in the local elections, where Mrs. May said she started….

But your post has made it clear to me that I must vote for an independent candidate to attempt to prevent a Lib Dem or any other main party remain candidate from winning.

Chromatistes said...

" ... and apologetic stateswoman of a compromising kind,
such as 'What d'you call her?' 'Thingummy Bob', and likewise - never mind!

[Ko-Ko's List]

Val said...

Bit miffed we are not having local elections here. Wanted the chance to vote for anyone but Remainers.

RAC said...

"she's wearing her medicated-to-the-gills Spring face"
Looks like her make up was done by a mortician.

Span Ows said...

...and daffodils: d'oh, I listened to the video instead of watching carefully but didn't even register in the photo you posted. Span FAIL!

anon 2 said...

She must have all kinds of sticky tape behind the hairline --- hiding those wrinkles she's been collecting.

Andrew Douglas said...

I received an Easter message from the self described chairman of 'Conservative' Party, 'Brandon 'Lewis’ today.

This is my response

Dear 'Brandon'

'It’s hard to believe we’re already this far into the year' and we have not left the European Union despite the referendum result, the General Election and your leader, 'Treason' May promising that we would be out on 29th March 108 times.

' In just over a week, we will have local elections across much of England', in which the Conservative Party will be crushed because of its inability to tell the truth, its overwhelming incompetence and its habit of sending out pathetic missives like this.

Grow up, you snivelling careerist monkey, and get a job more appropriate for your talents.


Dioclese said...

Already voted "No suitable candidate" - and I admit to being a member of the Tory Party, even if they did eject me from the constituency AGM for having a go at our sitting MP for supporting Remain while representing a Leave voting constituency...