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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Politicians still don't get it: They're not special

This week we're being treated to the spectacle of our Westminster politicians playing out games far divorced from the reality of most lives. The problem is that they still don't get it. You may have noticed that there's a Conservative leadership race underway, with a candidate meeting yesterday arranged for the press at which senior Tories preened and demonstrated just how out of touch they were with the real world. It was painful. They did a great job of telling us in what high regard they held themselves, and that it was unreasonable if we did not love them as much as they love themselves. Elsewhere, Tom Harris wrote a piece  explaining that matters such as picking a party leader were far above the capacity of we ordinary folk, and it was something best left to professional politicians. And today, William Hague takes a break from oil-wrestling with his driver to tell us to leave everything to the politicians - that we we can get on peacefully with our dreary lives without bothering our silly heads about these things.

Titanic's fate is a frequent meme for the future of the EU. But it is not only the EU that is sinking beneath the waves, but our own political elite. The expenses scandal ten years ago should have been the catalyst for widespread and fundamental reform of parliament, but instead they picked a few scapegoats to serve jail time and covered up the crimes of the rest. People haven't forgotten.

Over 180 years ago the Chartists foresaw the danger of not only the folie de grandeur that being in parliament could induce, but the proclivity to corruption, venality and above all the danger of neglecting to represent those they were sent to Westminster to represent. So the Charter set a maximum term for MPs of one year. It was the only one of the Six Points that we have not achieved since 1838.

What will it take to bang it into the heads of our Westminster elite that they're not special?


mikebravo said...

What will it take to bang it into the heads of our Westminster elite that they're not special?

A 9mm pill possibly?

Cheerful Edward said...

Man Of The PayPal!

Gordon Brown nails it!

What is to stop, say, an EU-hating US billionaire from giving £500 to every ukip and ex-ukip member - I'm sure he or his helper could get their email addresses - to pass on? Nothing whatsoever, is there?

He could even use an IoM intermediary, couldn't he?

Raedwald said...

What's to stop Soros dags giving £499 several hundred times a day to the People's Vote campaign, which applies exactly the same process?

Smear and Sneer, Edward, Smear and Sneer.

Raedwald said...

And that's your last OT post as well as the 1st of your three strikes.

Charles said...

Very good documentary on Mrs Thatcher last night on the BBC. She was the first PM I voted for. I can remember the students at Leeds university cheering when it became clear that she had won. The link to your post is that it featured Heseltine, in all his bitterness. He really was never a Conservative and would have been better off in the Liberal Party, which is so good at telling people what to do.

Hammond is another who seems to think that a no deal exit is an extreme position, funny because I thought that was what I was voting for. I am waiting for Charles Moore to publish his history of the decline and fall of the Conservative Party. I think it will come out in 3 volumes, the first to be published in about 5 years time.

Dave_G said...

We're pinning a lot of our hopes on a sea-change in politics with TBP rising in the polls and promising a different future.

I hope for the sake of peace they aren't just another page from the same book on political corruption that every pol seems to be familiar with these days.

As much as I want change I am also jaded enough to keep a close eye on how they achieve it and the processes being used to undermine it too - we all recall how UKIP-elected representatives dropped their cloak of 'change' when they entered Parliament.

Stephen J said...

That's funny Dave, I don't remember any UKIP representatives entering parliament?

It is true that a couple of tories managed to infiltrate UKIP. This is quite different from being a tory and choosing UKIP or Brexit as your home, these people had no intentions of joining the campaign to win... They wanted to ensure that it lost and lost big.

Somehow, I don't think Nigel will make that mistake again.

If TBP gets well represented in parliament, or better still wins a majority there, the first thing they should do is to move parliament to a warehouse in Essex/Kent near the tunnels and marshes where the land is not so expensive. It might concentrate the minds a little.

DiscoveredJoys said...

I have recently begun to think that May, for all her shortcomings, is not mentally unsound at all. You could make a reasonable argument that the terms of the WA actually come close to the conditions necessary to implement the Lisbon Treaty changes (swap the Pound for the euro, common taxation regime, EU army, loss of veto and introduction of QMV etc.).

In which case May probably believes that the UK's future economic health is much less of a challenge if we are already 'primed' for the next steps in 'ever closer union'. She is not just a Stealth Remainer she is a Stealth Globalist Remainer.

And as a Stealth Globalist Remainer she is playing a far longer game than all the little people (us) and almost all of her Party MPs (our politicians). Things like elections or MPs' corruption or them manoeuvring for leadership are just not important enough in her eyes to merit concern.

We are better off out of the EU and better off without Theresa May.

Dave_G said...

@r-w yeah, perhaps I got over 'enthusiastic' about Carswell....

(Wiki) John Douglas Wilson Carswell is a British former Member of Parliament who in 2014 became the first elected MP for the UK Independence Party, representing Clacton

Still, his example is what we need to be wary of, more so with all ex-Tories or whatever trying to swap sides.

Sadly even those MP's who command even a modicum of respect have been tainted by their collectively traitorous colleagues which is not going be easy for them to throw off despite their good intentions.

It's now becoming comical entertainment listening to the pols come up with 'common sense' ideas in the face of their deselection - vainly trying to garner some remaining credibility but simply exposing their own cynicism.

Span Ows said...

those two linked articles really do show how blinkered they are, it is almost as if, like Ed the troll, they are in a reality satire show.

I do believe Labour Party and others also use Pay pal, pity Brown Bottom didn't check before spouting off and in so doing increase subscribers and monies to TBP.

One year is good but it should be an option for a 2nd year once voted through by a constiuency majority. After (possible 2nd year) a break of 5 years before standing again. This will mean only people with careers to go (back) to will apply.

Span Ows said...

re essex/Kent marshes, I would pop the warehouse bang in the M5/M6 Birmingham/Wolverhampton triangle making travelling distances a little more even. These expenses of course will be calculated on minimum standard fares.

Anonymous said...

Another sign of the monumental self-importance of the elite is when they protest that a no-deal exit is impossible because parliament won't vote for it.
They don't seem to realize that it is long past the point when the people give a toss what MPs want. If the MPs stand in the way of what the majority of the people want, and what MPs promised, the fury is going to be incendiary and the result is not going to be pretty.

Cheerful Edward said...

There seem to be one or two highly self-important people blogging and commenting around the web, IMHO. No, they're -we're- not special either.

Raedwald, correct, there would be nothing at all to stop e.g. Soros doing that, if the Remain organisations used an anonymous, untraceable system such as PayPal.

They don't though. Why would they? And why would Soros, who is quite open about his aims and those whom he assists?

It will make little difference though. Many EU-haters clearly don't give two hoots about the Rule Of Law. Look what they tried to do to Gina Miller et al.

RAC said...

This traitor, this treacherous dissipated husk.
It's like pushing a rope, she'll go every which way but the right way.

".......Who believes that a General Election at this moment – when we have still not yet delivered on what people instructed us to do – is in the national interest?....."

I bloody well do.
The globalist Quisling doesn't, that's all I need to know.