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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Three varieties of Remain fanatics

Of the Remainer minority in the Referendum, only a small number are the sort of Remainer fanatics so disturbed by losing that they are prepared to condone any trickery, any betrayal, any perversion of democracy and even violence to deny their defeat. And of that small number of fanatics, there are I think three varieties.

First are the (generally) youthful, naive and selfish. They are not driven by any ideological or economic concerns or any doubts over Britain's future as an independent nation but purely by what they see are their personal losses. They have a sense of entitlement to 'stuff' they imagine is free, such as Erasmus, or Euro railcards, that the EU have cleverly spent taxpayers' money to shower on them for just this reason. Their chance to lig around the EU like gypsies at someone else's expense may be curtailed, they fear. These are the milkchuckers, the silly street rabble draped in EU rags.

Secondly are the more altruistic who genuinely do have economic fears, or fears that we can simply not flourish as a nation without being part of the embrace of the Federast empire. For these I have the greatest sympathy. All I can answer to their fears is that many of them are contrived and invented by cynical users such as the former Chancellor or the current one who use such lies to manipulate public opinion. Their genuine concerns are being used to stir them to anti-democratic behaviour. I think poor Andrew Adonis is in this category; an effete, naive and foolish fop stomping his foot in well-intentioned frustration.

Finally are the ideologues, the zealots committed to the European Empire. These are the Grieves, Soubrys, Starmers and Thornberrys, the Boultons, O'Briens and Graylings. The civil service. The entire bien-pensant patrician establishment, the political class. Globalists all. Their nation means little to them in the scheme of things; they owe allegiance to supranational masters. Of all the remainers, these are the most deadly - and the sole class of remainer fanatic against whom we should exert our time and energy.

Robert Tombs writes today in the Telegraph about extremist Remainers but lumps all three types together as though they were a homogeneous rump. They are not. He's better I think at defining Leavers - but fails to demonstrate that Brexit is about so much more than Brexit.
Millions seem set on voting resoundingly for Brexit at the European elections. They are angry with politicians but not intimidated by the future. I realised that we might well vote to leave the EU when I saw a Eurobarometer poll (carried out by the EU itself) in 2013, showing that Britain was the only member country in which the majority believed they could better face the future outside the EU. This belief reflected a realisation that the EU was failing, and a confidence based on Britain’s history that it could succeed.
Watching the Brexit Party's London rally via iPhone clips on Twitter yesterday evening I felt, as a Conservative Party member, a little like a plump lamb at a kebab convention. But such thoughts are for the weekend. For today, congratulations to Nigel and TBP and all my fervent wishes for you to smash the polls tomorrow. 


rapscallion said...

" I felt, as a Conservative Party member, a little like a black waiter at a KKK dinner"

I think you could have picked a better metaphor than that Radders, Given the current state of your awful party I would have said that you were "a little like a naturist waiter at a white tie dinner"

There are some notable omissions from your list of fanatics; May and Hammond.

Raedwald said...

Damn. I certainly didn't intend any aspersions on TBP that my allusion implies - I'll change it. Tx

Sackerson said...

Not quite fair to the young. I think they are naively idealistic and have what my wife calls an "I'd like to buy the world a Coke" outlook.

More worrying are people like Verhofstadt who are True Believers although they are old enough to know better. Save us from enthusiasts.

Raedwald said...

sackerson - yes, the vast majority of the young tend to be as you describe, but I am writing in particular about those "prepared to condone any trickery, any betrayal, any perversion of democracy and even violence to deny their defeat" - a minority of the young

Agree about Verhofstadt. He genuinely frightens me. Not just the Nuremberg histrionics but as the BBC documentary demonstrated his tolerance of unacceptable intolerance around him.

Andrew Douglas said...

Talking if Verhofstadt, did anyone see the Beeb documentary with him driving his formula one car, and visiting his Tuscany castle? A career politician from the age of 22. Corrupt? Moi?

Span Ows said...

The 'young' remember, in fact anyone under 45, have never known anything but "EU rule" so will be very nervous about leaving to go it alone.

Agree re Verhofstwat et al being VERY dangerous, just imagine in an SS uniform and it fits perfectly.

Kudos to Rapscallion for his comment and to Raedwald for immeditely editing; the plump lamb line works well!

mongoose said...

It is not Remainers that I object to. If a person thinks and says that we shouldn't leave and is open about trying to thwart the will of the referendum, that is perfectly fine. What is not fine, is the cunthood, the weaseling and the cheating. 500 and how many MPs voted for Article 50 and March 29th. Everyone of that number who has since cavilled and fecked about is unfit to be an MP "Oh, but we didn't know", "Oh, but things are clearer now"... Oh, do fuck off. In the national interest, of course.

leila said...

Verhofstadt is inherently evil and has financially benefited from Greece's austerity in the form of shares in appropriated national businesses. He probably helped draw up Goldman Sachs' lying balance sheet to get Greece into the EU in the 1st place. In a similar vein China took ownership of Zambia's main airport this week for non payment of debt.

Anonymous said...

China is at the East India Company stage of its world Empire.

That airport will need security guards, which are the beginning of the force that will control Zambia.

Don Cox