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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

EU hubris will reap destruction after Brexit

There was a reminder from Malcolm Rifkind of all people on Politico EU of all platforms of a risk of Brexit I had hitherto not clocked -
France and Germany know that for Europe to implement effective policies with maximum impact regarding Russia, China and other regions, the bloc will have to work closely with the U.K. — even after it is no longer part of the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council and loses its power to veto EU initiatives.
In much of the foolishness, the idiocy, the recklessness born of hubris to which the EU is so susceptible - an army, a foreign ministry, their own seat at the UN, the panoply of a State - it has been the bulwark of UK common sense that has counselled against the grossest stupidities. Now of course they can act like kids in a sweet shop.

Juncker has been whining that he had no official presidential palace in which to host visiting dignitaries and neck cognac served by liveried flunkies. He has, quite rightly, been accommodated in a hotel when in Brussels. It's clear what he wants his legacy to be.

And without the UK veto, they are liable to mess up again in the Balkans, reignite the war they fomented in Ukraine and earn the vicious spite of Erdogan. They will send gobbets of EU army (four men, three flags and an EU plaque) where they are calculated to cause most resentment, and create mayhem as an 'enhanced' observer at the UN.

I predict that without the restraining hand of the UK, the little men from little nations playing with a power they cannot comprehend will reap their own destruction. Puff, hubris and braggadocio will bring them down. As it has always done. 

Will the EU try to get the Egmont Palace, currently used for event hire by the Belgians?


Jack the dog said...

Radders I'm not wholly convinced that the UK has been much of an effective bulwark against idiocy. Certainly in recent years policy has been mostly in the hands of strident EU shills and appeasers.

Have you any examples? I'm genuinely curious!

Raedwald said...

In recent practice as Rifkind writes "London has sided with Berlin and Paris — and not with the White House — on the Iran nuclear deal, climate change, free trade and in opposing the relocation of Western embassies to Jerusalem"

However I'm pretty sure that we've restrained the EU's independence from NATO, so far at least - no direct evidence, but many circumstantial pointers

James Higham said...

Nice angle. Whilst our theatre for the Beeb goes on, the EU itself is also my focus - there really do seem enough elements present now for it to implode, thus to be dissolved in favour of the next bloc they dream up.

Anonymous said...

The little men from little nations are, as we know, mere puppets of Germany (whatever Macron thinks). And we now hear that The Empress Herself may reluctantly accept the entreaties of her subjects to take up the most powerful position in the EU (why not make German control official, after all)
and then what, German re-armament....

DeeDee99 said...

The idiotic Baroness Ashton was the EU's Foreign Affairs Kommissar when the Ukraine adventure took place.

I'm afraid the UK's presence in Brussels was hardly a brake on their foolishness.

Mark said...

Whether the UK has been a brake up until now (I think it probably has to some degree), going forward it can be no longer.

Had we voted to stay, or had there been no referendum, that would have been it. A remain vote would have been seen, not overtly perhaps, but certainly to the Euro nomenclature, as the final triumph over their enemy of centuries.

And if you are a euro fanatic and your sap is rising at that statement, don't start drooling on about "little englanders" or "dreaming of empire". This constant projection rather makes the point.

The EU a German empire? Absolutely. Did France and others really think (and British Euro whores let's not forget) that germany could be "tied down" by such a rancid and corrupt political structure? Particularly after they had handed total control of their economies to Berlin. The delicate, subtle, paternal and thoughtful management of the eurozone on their behalf makes me seethe with envy and how I do so loath - with an absolute passion - the knuckle dragging Neanderthals who have deprived us of these wondrous benefits.

Unfortunately Radders, their hubris and arrogance won't bring THEM down, just inflict misery on the peoples of Europe (alas, the benefits of EU munificence don't remain within its borders).

Is there now ANY brake on the political hubris of these people? Do they have any real idea of who they are thinking of butting heads with?

DiscoveredJoys said...

You could make an argument that the EU is just a long set of tongs for Germany to rule the EU indirectly.

Up until now this remote handling and numerous vetoes of other states have resulted in the lethargic response of the EU to 'events'. But with the results of the Lisbon Treaty unfolding the somewhat cumbersome checks and balances will be overwhelmed by the 'ever closer union'. The UK will be folded into the mix by the Lisbon Treaty, or beaten into submission by the Withdrawal treaty.

The alternative is to leave now. I am not a sugar cube to be dropped into a hot drink!

rapscallion said...

France and Germany don't need to work with us after we've left. Why would they? We have been got rid of and any brake we might have been (which wasn't very much) is now removed.

The EU is German Foreign Policy by other means circa 1870 onwards. Anybody who doesn't think the EU is German run needs to a) look at a map and b) look their economic power - and this is why Anonymous at 06:33 is wrong. They don't need to re-arm. They've learnt that the military approach ends in defeat and that much more can be achieved by economic means. Just because the German flag doesn't fly from every building in continental Europe doesn't necessarily mean they're not in charge. They are, and everybody possessing even one brain cell knows it.

As ever, we are better off out of this, and politically we need to start running in the opposite direction from what the EU is doing. We don't need to do anything except retain covert communications with all the EU nations bar France and Germany so as to sow discord, but also as a line of communications when they need rescuing - Again. That has to come at a price too.

Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake, Napoleon said. So the best thing we can do is to sit back and watch them make a complete and utter pig's breakfast of the whole affair.

Cheerful Edward said...

"The euro will be dead and buried by Christmas 2012" - Nigel Farage.

Mark said...

"Hic" Jean claude junker.

Anonymous said...

I believe I acknowledged Germany runs the EU and therefore has no need of re-arming to take over Europe. My point is, once they have Europe, and if then they decide to re-arm, for what purpose? All eastern Europe, rebuild the Hapsburg, take your pick, or all of the above. Where is the restraint?

Cheerful Edward said...

"UK common sense"?

With this blatantly reckless, lying, Toad Of Toad Hall fool poised to be PM?

That reputation has been trashed before the world more times than I can count since 2016.

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing on Twitter how much trouble Deutsche bank is in. Would this have any bearing on the discussion?

Mark said...

"Blatantly, reckless, lying toad of toad hall fool"

Damnn, you'd think he promised to try and break up the USA or something!

Not sure why. Did Trump threaten to withhold the Jack Daniels.

Verhofstadt "even the franco-german motor won't be able to work for long without the lubricant". Different kind of lube methinks!

Mark said...

I'm sure the world is watching. Why would they not be?

Where did the Japanese PM say "apart from the trump lunatic asylum".

Oh, he didn't did he?

Dave_G said...

And quietly (as far as media reporting is concerned) the Italians release details of their parallel currency aimed at dislodging the influence of the Euro

Then there is the Lisbon Agreement Date, 2020. Regardless of what we might think is right/wrong with it there is no disguising the Agreement means a further erosion of National identity and increased centralised control - all things Brexit stands against.

I see things 'sliding into place' as a precursor to change - massive change - either politically, economically or, drastically, as a result of conflict. You can almost feel the tension.

Cheerful Edward said...

Mark, square brackets mean "inserted by the author" here.

Add that to the list of things about this country that you don't know.

Mark said...

@Cheerful Edward.

Calm down dear!

It's a long list I have to confess. I am chastened, truly. Thank you for clarifying so succinctly why my opinions are of no value.

I really must learn to stop having them although how I can possibly do that outside the EU I really don't know.

Elby the Beserk said...

Hubris indeed, Raedwald. The intent of the EU was to ensure Germany never (over)ran Europe again.

Result. Germany runs Europe.

Problem. Hubris is always followed by Nemesis.

Elby the Beserk said...

Anonymous Cheerful Edward said...
"The euro will be dead and buried by Christmas 2012" - Nigel Farage.

19 June 2019 at 11:09
The Euro cannot be cured - or it would have been so by now. Why? Because of the dichotomy between the Med and N Europe Eurozone countries. 10 years on Greece and Italy are fucked. Buttfucked in the case if Greece. The Euro will collapse the Eurozone, and that will bring down the EU. My family are long lived - so I hope to live to see this.

BTW. Read Roger Bootle on this very matter. He'll explain it to you far better than me.

rapscallion said...


Correct, you did acknowledge Germany runs the EU. Therefore saying "once they have Europe" is superfluous. They already have Europe. They won't re-arm, They've learnt that lesson the hard way - twice. There is no internal EU restraint on Germany. The only restraint is external; Russia and the USA.