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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Peterborough - Labour voting fraud

It seems increasingly certain that electoral fraud won Labour its tainted Peterborough seat. An authoritative report in the Sunday Times which has been repeated in other sections of the serious media has started the discovery of widespread evidence of vote rigging and postal vote abuse. There is also clear evidence, as Conservative Home writes
In it, whilst he conceded the importance of tackling in-person impersonation and voter intimidation, Jackson focused on the challenges posed by postal vote fraud, as well as the evidence behind the Electoral Commission’s belief that it appears more prevalent "in areas which are largely or predominately populated by… those with roots in parts of Pakistan or Bangladesh"
The Electoral Commission's 'target list' of constituencies subject to enhanced scrutiny are largely those which have substantial Pakistani / Bangladeshi populations.

Whichever Conservative candidate wins through to Number Ten, they MUST push through reforms needed to regain for our electoral system the probity that an advanced democracy needs. This means not only radical reform of Blair's postal vote free for all, but the correction of our Electoral Quotient to the +/- 5% level essential for Western democracies, if not the +/- 3% adopted by advanced democracies such as New Zealand.

I'm aware of the deep anger and heat on this matter - so to ensure comments remain within the framework, I'm switching to comment mod for this post. Apologies in advance.


Stephen J said...

Well you know how this is going to end Raedwald.

The Electoral Commission will be called in and find that there is no case for Labour to answer.

Just like Thanet, and just like the referendum majority which should have been not 52/48, but more like 60/40... You can guarantee that the client group referred to in your piece votedLabour/Remain.

Edward Spalton said...

It is some years ago now that I pointed out a potentially large source of postal votes which were capable of being
manipulated - the residents of old peoples’ homes and other care providers. These are people who have quite valid reasons for asking for a
postal vote but are open to influence from staff who may be asked to help with the unfamiliar paper work.

I had been discussing electoral matters with my ( then) Labour MP and noticed that he sort of winced when I raised
this issue. Now, some homes are run by local authority staff who are unionised and many were started by NHS
doctors and staff as private businesses, contracting to provide care - not only for the elderly but for people who in
earlier years would have been in mental hospitals. As in all things, some homes are excellently run - others not so well.

I keep in touch with a mentally handicapped man, now in his fifties, who comes to help me in the garden during the summer. Since the
death of his parents he has been in a really first class home which makes sure he takes his medicines but gives
him a great deal of independence - enabling him to work in a charity shop and have his own allotment garden.
The staff whom I have met are very pleasant. I was surprised when he told me he had voted Labour in the
EU election as his parents were ( small c) conservative, traditionally minded sort of people. It may have been the
Influence of staff or fellow residents. I did not press him on the matter.

At the time I first noticed the possible electoral angle, I mentioned it to local friends in UKIP but rather doubt whether
they did anything about it at time. The residents of such residential homes are quite a large source of potential votes.

DeeDee99 said...

The Electoral Commission adopts the "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" posture when it isn't the Brexit Party.

And there is no chance any of the legacy parties will call for the By election in Peterborough to be re-run. None of them want a Brexit Party win.

When it comes to electoral fraud, the Establishment takes the same view as the local authorities did over the grooming gangs: cultural sensitivities and "social cohesion" take priority.

Cheerful Edward said...

"Increasingly certain"?

It either is or it isn't!

But you say this every time that there is a result that you don't like. Give some reliable evidence and reasonable people might listen.

You lost. Get over it. You can have another go come the GE.

Dadad said...

The Electoral Commission will be found to be 'racist. in its views about certain sections of our population.
End of story.

Ravenscar. said...

Other than, people with serious medical problems, the infirm ie those unable to get out to a polling station, the postal vote needs to be scraped off and scrapped.

Trouble is, it's an EU edict, is it not and one bliar was only too bloody keen to impose on us, straightly that kinda says it all, does it not?

Mark said...

"You can have another go come the GE"

So can they.

Cheerful Edward said...

It's the job of the police, not Local Authorities, to investigate crimes, whether it be the coercion of young people into sex or electoral fraud.

In this instance they have handed over all the allegations to the police. However, that is all that they could do, as they were given zero evidence on any offence.

In Rotherham etc., it was the *police* who failed to act, and on compelling evidence, given to them by parents and by professionals too.

Raedwald said...

In Tower Hamlets it took time, effort and cash from a few brave citizens who challenged the robbery of their democratic rights in the face of police and Electoral Commission indifference.

Perhaps that is the way to go in Peterborough - an election petition under the Representation of the People Act 1983 by a few brave citizens.

John Brown said...

According to the Guardian 29% of the votes cast in the Peterborough by election were postal votes.

John Brown said...

If I were the Party Chairman of any political party I would be now be concentrating the efforts of my activists to be promoting postal voting by all our supporters.

Anonymous said...

One of the things that I would remind Edward Spalton of - is Ed Miliband's suggestion that Labour should "weaponise the NHS".

What we have seen in the UK in recent years is the 'sovietisation' of our once loved institutions - Common Purpose and the 'Third Sector' have become code for state control over representative democracy and civil society.

It becomes harder to believe that the usual rent-a-mob out on our streets are not representative of our care services as a whole - 'the people' have to hang on to the good and be wary of the bad.

Although, I lost faith long ago.

Sobers said...

A little example of how electoral fraud is easy:
I live alone, have done for ever. A few days prior to the Euros I received a voting card to my address in the name of someone who doesn't live here, and was totally unknown to me. I informed the council electoral register team and they agreed that the name would be stricken from the register. A few days later I go to vote and make sure to have a good look at the list the lady behind the desk has of the register. And sure enough I see my name, and right below it the name of my unknown 'housemate'. I voted late, close to closing time, and the name hadn't been ruled out, so chances are it wasn't used. A few weeks after the election I received a letter to say the name had been removed from the register.

Now in this case I subsequently discovered what had happened, my neighbour had taken in a lodger, who had registered to vote, but got the wrong house number and his registration ended up at my address rather than next door. And as he was new I'd never heard of him. So not fraud, most likely.

However it seems to me there is nothing stopping someone from registering themselves (under a false ID) at a house in every ward in a constituency just before an election, and turning up at each polling station and voting as that person. Even if the occupiers of the houses chosen inform the authorities about the extra person registered at their address (as I did) it seems the name will not be struck until, after the election, so the person will be issued with a voting slip when they turn up. And there is no need to have the voting card thats posted out, or any ID to vote, certainly in the Euro elections, I checked. Whether a General Election is different I don't know.

In my council area there are over 90 different polling stations, and that equates to 2 Parliamentary constituencies, so 40 odd each. I see no reason why a determined fraudster could not have 40 votes in one constituency, with very little chance of being caught. At that sort of rate you'd only need a 100 people per constituency to steal an entire national election, given the number of marginal seats with that sort of majority.

RAC said...

The answer is to get a strong anti left con or coalition party. Ignore the perpetually offended left, cultural sensitivities and social cohesion. Remove the lefty leadership from the armed forces, police, courts etc. Apply the law equally to every one and deal with the certain consequence. Dismantle the last 60 years of globalist gaslighting.

Oldrightie said...

I suppose electoral fraud and child sex abuse and rape won't feature in any leadership hustings, will they?

Cheerful Edward said...

The main problem with the Electoral Commission is that it is grievously under-resourced and underpowered in law, according to my reading.

It had to be dragged through the courts just to get it to do, at least nominally, its job over some of the most apparently egregious electoral abuses in the modern democratic world over Cambridge Analytica and Vote Leave funding, for instance.

I think that was more perhaps down to poor morale and defeatism on the part of staff than any bias, but it's interesting that May also blocked investigations. That's maybe because the gov/Tories/GCHQ are up to their necks with SCL too though.

Elby the Beserk said...

@Ravenscar. said...

No. Until some years ago, postal votes were restricted to those who could not get to a polling station. Then Labour changed it in the 2000s I believe.

Span Ows said...

Needs a complete 100% ban then reapplication. 100% of applicants being visited by a council official; that isn't that hard tio implement, it just needs the will.

Then ID for voting, no exceptions.

Mr Ecks said...

Cheesy--the main problem with the EC is that they are--like you--remainiac trash who pester TBP but turn a blind eye to ZaNu's antics.

TBP should make a big noise. Remainiac liars have been doing so for 3 years about nothing. Now we have a real issue to hit the scum of both the left and remain with.

Anonymous said...

After I moved to my current home I had to put myself on the electoral register. Checked the council website for the voter registration and went to the town library where they had an office.

- I'd like to register to vote
- OK, please fill out this form
- I've got my passport and the tenancy agreement for where I live
- No need for me to see any of those. Now is there anyone else living with you that you'd like to register while you are here?

With that done and as I was at the library, I thought I would get a library card while I was there.

- I'd like to get a library card please.
- OK, please fill out this form. Have you brought your ID?
- I've got my passport and the tenancy agreement for where I live
- Sorry that's not enough, we need to see your council tax bill and a utility bill dated at least 3 months ago.

So the council just didn't care who had a vote, they cared more about who was borrowing library books...