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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Bettel nuts

The images cannot be unremembered; a hysterical hairy little man in a cheap suit, looking more like Ricky Gervaise than the Prime Minister of a European nation (albeit a very small one) ranting about how much he hates Brexit. And this after he had tried unsuccessfully to set Boris up in a trap to be caught by a hostile crowd of establishment British ex-pats (mostly EU civil servants and their dags, I'll bet) yelling and chanting just yards away. Herr Bettel was nuts.

You can understand Herr Bettel's pain. Luxembourg is a handout State; 5% of the country's GNI, some €1.8bn a year, comes from the pockets of other European taxpayers. Brexit may mean a lower handout for the coddled citizens, coupled with a competitive UK that will be attracting overseas investment  at a time when Luxembourg's crooked corporate tax arrangements (set up by one Herr Juncker - whose criminal conviction hasn't stopped him reaching capo di capi of the EU) are being brought to an end.

However, this was an appalling display of boorish incivility not just towards Boris but towards Britain. Our Head of Government was there representing us, our nation, and this calculated insult from a little Nazi-friendly joke of a nation (they didn't exactly welcome Liberation) that has sponged on our taxes for too long is unforgivable. It was a major lapse in Statecraft.

The vacuous gurning fool who we are told is Luxembourg's PM
Finally, many thanks for the pointers to Brendan O'Neill's superb hour with David Starkey. rarely have I enjoyed a podcast more - and for anyone who hasn't yet heard it I commend it. HERE on the spiked! site. Worth it alone for the vehemence with which he calls Dominic Grieve a shit.

The three day hearing of the prorogation judicial review starts today in the Supreme Court with the appellants' arguments, government respondents tomorrow and 'interventions' on behalf of various concerned citizens (one John Major and others) on Thursday. Ho hum.


Stephen J said...

Yes David is much more fun than his big brother Ringo, who doesn't seem to have done much for the last 50 years. Just about the only bit that I disagreed with was his potted history of UKIP which featured Sked as its founder, which is bollocks. He was "volunteered" as its first leader because he is a lazy academic without a proper job.

It has always been Farage, and he is a unique politician, since he puts his money where his mouth is, most politicians are difficult to fathom, they are so dishonest. Personally, I find that refreshing, even if I had never agreed with his ideas. Nigel's big problem is that until the Brexit Party lightbulb went on, he tended to trust people, who didn't deserve it, he has become much more careful recently.

As for Luxembourg, I prefer Croydon, where the Bet(t)el nuts are real, and it is much greener to-boot.

Just out of interest, I wonder does it fulfil Farage's nation test, is it like Belgium or is it a real country?

Mark said...

The look on the face of this irrelevant nomark says it all. Like tipping 10p at a restaurant, it is of course a calculated insult. As a leaver, I expect no more.

But question for remainers. If you approve of this, or find it amusing, what is it exactly that you are approving of? Serious question.

I suspect the result of this will be that more decent remainers, people who voted remain in good faith, will see that they've been taken for fools and are viewed with even greater contempt by "europe" than we leavers are.

DeeDee99 said...

Hysterical representatives of little, insignificant nations have to grab every opportunity they can to up their profile. Bettel has gone from an insignificant non-entity, to an hysterical, insignificant non-entity. One step up in the league of identifiable insignificant politicians.

Guy Verhofstadt, ranting at the LibDem Conference about the EU Empire, is another.

Every time one of these tin-pot little shits insults a British Prime Minister and screams abuse at the British people for exercising their democratic right (as "gifted" in the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty) to leave the EU, support for Brexit increases.

JPM said...

I understand the spin that you choose to put on this for your readership, Raedwald, but the hundreds of millions around the world will probably see it differently, I'd expect.

JPM said...

Oh, r-w, yeas, that reminds me.

It was a bit humiliating, wasn't it, for England to be defeated twice at football in the World Cup, by a team that wasn't even from a real country?

Mark said...


If you don't give a toss about football, no.

decnine said...

Bettel wouldn't have behaved that way without prompting/permission.

Anonymous said...

I agree it was an insult given that the request to conduct the occasion in a better location was refused.

Just because Luxembourg is a small nation, I don't like people belittling them however. That is the tactic used on us. We should be better and more tolerant.


Anonymous said...

Sums up the contempt that the EU has for us. Better off out of this socialist superstate

Stephen J said...

Everyone beats England at football, not that I am interested, in petty nationalism, whether organised or not, that's a game for remainders.

We do however, play the best football on the planet in the best league on the planet... Again, not that I am interested.

Gary Lineacre ia housewife from Leicestershire, is 37¾.

Mark said...

Didn't know his IQ was that high.

JPM said...

I'm sure that the Democratic Football Lads' Alliance don't give a flying one.

John Brown said...

If the UK remains in the EU our PM’s will need to get used to many similar receptions like the one given yesterday in Luxembourg.

Firstly because we are not popular with many in Europe for causing a war to stop the last time EU integration was attempted and secondly because the Lisbon Treaty, with the full implementation of QMV, will mean that we will have lost control and any veto over our laws, taxes, spending and policies (trade, energy, environment, foreign, military, immigration etc).

Already the net recipient countries have more QMV votes than the net contributor countries and this is eventually a recipe for conflict and disaster, made worse by the EU’s drive to expand to include Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia Moldova, Serbia and the Ukraine.

Followed by Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Armenia, Georgia, Libya, Syria, Azerbaijan, Israel, Tunisia, Belarus, Jordan, Morocco all of whom receive money we send to the EU for its “European Neighbourhood Policy” (ENP) to help with their preparation for EU membership.

Not forgetting the 7 “stan” countries Mr. Cameron wanted to join in his “Atlantic to the Urals” speech in Kazakhstan in July 2013 and his promise that the UK will do everything it can to help Turkey to "pave the road from Ankara to Brussels" in July 2010.

Mr. Verhofstadt’s “empire”.

Germany is recognising this and hence panicking over the next EU budget decision especially if the UK is leaving.

Unfortunately remainers in the UK are unable to comprehend how the EU will be developing in the future and what will be coming down the line to us. It certainly won’t be the “much the same” as Mr. Clegg lied in his debate with Mr. Farage.

The rude and noisy expats in Luxembourg yesterday don’t care as they have already abandoned the UK, many being older retirees who will have no concern about the long-term consequences for the UK.

It is the youth of the UK who are going to suffer the consequences of the membership of an undemocratic, authoritarian club where we will have no control or veto over our affairs.

Stephen J said...

I am old fashioned Mark... I still use Fahrenheit.

Mark said...

Well lugholes like that would be very efficient radiators

JPM said...

Raedwald, read your first sentence, whilst looking at a typical picture of Alexander "collapsing haystack" Johnson, and ask yourself who looks the most Prime Ministerial?

But thanks again for the real, laugh-out-loud, uproarious moment.

You really can't see it, can you?

rapscallion said...

Stupid stunts like the one Bettel pulled, nearly always achieve the opposite of what was intended. For a start it makes him look childish and bitter. Secondly this sort of stuff always goes down badly in this country. As a rule when the PM goes abroad whoever he or she may be, they are representing us, so by insulting or belittling the PM, you do the same to the country as well. This will have added more people to the leave camp.

As for the O'Neill/Starkey podcast, it was quite superb. Starkey is absolutely correct in his assertion that colluding with a foreign power against your own country's government is indeed treason.

JPM said...

How the blazes can you be a member state of a "foreign power"?

No, it was the likes of Fox and Werrity et al, who colluded with unaccountable, obscure, right-wing US interests against this country, and who were paid by you and me to do it, unbeknown to Parliament etc.

The BBC coverage of events in Brussels had been doctored too. The shots of Johnson and Bettel walking from some distance towards the intended conference had close-up recorded sound of the demonstrators' booing overlaid on them, to give the false impression that Johnson was being met by a deafening barrage, which would have made the conference impossible. In turn that excused his absence.

As the shot panned it became quite clear that there were no protesters remotely near them.

This sort of thing is commonplace on the BBC, as we saw during the Miners' Strike, the Troubles, etc.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

Bettel, like most senior politicians in EU countries, is not a statesman. The EU allows people like him to get into EU local politics because the EU make all the rules. God forbid an actual politician with a plan for his or her country came into power.
Tinkering at the side for optics is all that EU politicians can do. Everything else can be blamed on the EU with a "sorry, it's not our fault guv" shrug of the shoulders.
The same goes for the political pygmies in Parliament who cannot grasp their responsibility is to the people, not to themselves, nor to prove they know best.
Swapping parties, allegiances and political positions in opposition to their election manifestos without triggering bye-elections just shows how much contempt they hold the people in.
In reality it all needs sweeping away and re-focussed on democracy. The ability for the people to trigger bye-elections and reinstate a more representative person in Parliament should have gone hand in hand with the Fixed Term Parliament Act. But now we've learned the issues with the FTPA it's something the people can start to push for.

Oldrightie said...

Cheerful misery guts reaction to your post, Raedwald, shows you hit the mark as well as did Starkey. There are far too many "shits" in the remain camp who have spewed their excrement and lies for nearly four years of bile, vomit and yes, shit. As for an EU State. Never heard of the word, Federalism, JPM Cnut? Or the word used by Verhofstadt, Empire? Give us a break.

Anonymous said...

JPM said @ 11:02.

'As the shot panned it became quite clear that there were no protesters remotely near them.'

The two short videos in this link would suggest otherwise mate:

The Press and the Mob


Mr Ecks said...

Cheesy --What a wanker you are. "Hundreds of millions" won't give a shite. But to a socialist climbing middle class traitor-turd like you image--ie bogus lying--is all that matters. Because it is all you have and all you are.

Boris showed good spirit in telling them to fuck off. They are trying the same humiliation tactics that worked so well with Treason May.

May is pure scum, nasty and dictatorial --ask the HO staff about that--to those she regards as below her but cringingly servile to those she regards as her betters. Typical remainiac trash. You would have thought that as a remainiac and active EU Agent her EU handlers might have treated her well. But in fact they humiliated her without limit. Several times she sat in a windowless room for several hours waiting on the deliberations of EU trash Grandees. The supposed Leader of A Sovereign nation that has beaten most of the bastards many times and saved several of them from each other at vast cost to ourselves. She took that because she is a weak cowardly and treasonous cunt.

Time is at hand for the expulsion from this nation of traitors like you and May Cheesy--to the bosom of your EU owners. Minus all you middle class money etc-we'll keep that.

Span Ows said...

LOL, oldrightie has it spot on about poor JPM, who is thrashing about lashing at anyone and anything. hehehe.

JPM, 11:02: "How the blazes can you be a member state of a "foreign power"?

Easily! Just move the quotation marks: "member state" of a foreign power

Span Ows said...

P.S. great title of this blog post Raedwald.

JPM said...

Yes, how dare the Prime Minister of a country, speaking for four hundred and fifty million people, behave with anything other than grovelling servitude towards Alexander "the French are turds" Johnson, eh?

Mr Ecks said...

You are a turd Cheesy--so what? Some of the French --EU crawling traitors like you--are also turds. And Macron's costumed thugs who have spent 6 months beating the shit out of other Frenchmen who choose not to accept EU/Globo-elite impoverishment--you are all turds.

If you hadn't heard about the EU's antics in France--that's cos the EU owned BBC --who get 1.3 billion euros out of OUR pocket --haven't bothered mentioning brutal violence just across the Channel.

That is why we hate the EU and its Quisling scum like you Cheese.

Mark said...

Well you can't polish a turd Cheerful.

Sackerson said...

@JPM: "the Prime Minister of a country, speaking for four hundred and fifty million people" - if he's the PM for Luxembourg he speaks for <600,000. Or are you saying that the EU is indeed now one country?

fnord said...

From here in the States all the information I get on this issue is from here and a couple of other blogs, and a smattering of clips on YouTube from BBC, Sky, LBC, so I'm not conversant with the general tenor of public discourse.
Given that, however, I'm under the impression that the word 'treason' was not in widespread use. I imagine that is going to change.

Anonymous said...

This non-entity from an insignificant country has got his five minutes of fame. He will be well rewarded for this by his EU masters.

John Brown said...

The behaviour of the Luxembourg PM after his meeting with Mr.Johnson gives the impression he was not a happy person.

What could have caused this ?

Perhaps it was because Mr. Johnson told him that the UK intended to follow President Trump’s advice and sue the EU at the International Court of Justice for not following their Lisbon Treaty’s Article 50 paragraph 2 in 2 respects :

Firstly by insisting upon a Withdrawal Treaty which does not allow the UK to lawfully leave unilaterally.

Secondly by refusing to negotiate the future relationship at the same time as setting out the arrangements for the UK’s withdrawal.

Saito said...

@Raedwald You say that the Head of our Govt. was in Lux. representing us. The empty lectern says otherwise. Mr. Johnson could have taken a question and then terminated the session if the noise bothered him. Perhaps his audience would have given him a hearing. We shall never know.

Where was the gumption Boris keeps lecturing the country about?

Jock Ular said...

Woody Johnson is standing up for the Hulk. Why can't the little'uns pick on somebody their own size?

Next thing we'll hear that Ireland is threatening …. oh wait!