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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Deep State moves towards conflict

Few would ever have imagined that the deep State - that unlawful cabal of senior establishment, civil service, intelligence, legal, business and political actors - would ever break cover to the extent that they have in the past weeks in a final Ardennes offensive to try to sabotage Britain's exit from the EU.

Like the Ardennes offensive, they are throwing everything into a final gamble, risking all, including the peace of the country, to maintain their grip on power. We must wait until next week to see what happens to yesterday's display of nationalistic Scottish petulance masquerading as jurisprudence. Oh yes - that's exactly what it was. They have no evidence for the defamatory slur they made against the government - a defamatory slur that would be legally actionable had it been made outside the Safe Space of their McLordships' court - and like mini-me Sturgeons they relied, as the Telegraph tells us, "on an arcane 17th century law originally designed to protect Scotland’s right to self-determination before the Act of Union". This was nothing more than Scots establishment foot-stomping.

More sinister are the actors uniting the Parliamentary opposition in an alliance against the government; parties normally so disunited that they cannot even agree within their separate selves what to have for lunch are now phone-conferencing and mounting a co-ordinated response. Even the police are joining in with advice being solemnly given to the public across Scotland to assemble 'grab bags' of the kind we keep on board our vessels in the event of having to abandon ship. Documents, medicines. Thankfully, this Caledonian panic-mongering been met so far wih public ridicule.

We must deal with this deep State offensive in precisely the way Montgomery did with von Rundstedt's offensive; let them expose themselves in a deep salient that strains their lines of supply until their intentions are unmistakable, then chop them off at the knee. This is an existential battle for a free and independent British nation - and in preparing for conflict, the deep State, the enemy within, normally as invisible as a submarine, is showing itself. They're actually making themselves a target.

The Scottish establishment's national police force invites ridicule


Jack the dog said...

Grab bag with no handgun and spare mags? Pathetic. Passport? Cash? Survival blanket? Do us a favour.

Stephen J said...

I wish I had the same confidence in bloody Boris as you clearly do Raedwald!

Because he is going to bet the family silver on Mrs. bloody May, I am sure of it.

Mr Ecks said...

Also the lying remainiac spread rumours that BoJo:

1 Has ruled out TBP pact with extra added insults from a "Senior Tory Spokesman". After Javid DID NOT rule out a pact on Saturday last. This is bullshite from Huff co.

2-Johnson is to welcome back the same gang he just sacked. ?????Well why fucking sack them then? Cockrot

3-BoJo will accept the WA --with or without the backstop.

All horseshit which far too many Brexiteers are repeating as if established as truth.

Remain=middle class Marxist scum and the ONLY thing the left is any good at is lying. They are trying to use the lack of trust created by Treason May. The above nonsense would end the Tory Party and make Boris a hated pariah and laughing stock the rest of his life. They are trying to create the impression that he is weak, shambolic etc.


JPM said...

Well, yes, r-w the signs are that he could rely on opposition MPs to pass it now, ignoring the ERG and the seventeenth-century bowler hatters.

That would get the job done, but do cheer up man.

If enough of you you want a more distant relationship with the European Union, then that can be part of election manifestoes for parties and progressed in the normal, constitutional way.

Are you afraid that the proposals wouldn't stand proper detail-by-detail scrutiny, by any chance, and that there might only be a few of you?

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

The deep state or establishment have never been that unobtrusive or hidden themselves. It's jus that their actions affected fewer people than now. Hillsborough was a classic example of an establishment cover-up involving the Police the courts and government, as is the continuing cloak of secrecy surrounding the grooming gang trials and before that the fact that a blind eye was turned for so long while the heinous acts were carried out.
The air of panic amongst them over Brexit is palpable, the deranged rantings, the demands, the fevered news reports... I've never seen anything like it in my life. It very much resembles group mental instability.
Our unwritten constitution has been twisted and contorted beyond all reason in an attempt to keep us tethered to the EU political machine. It would be interesting for someone in an entirely retaliatory manner to use the same archaic laws to demand the emails and phone records of the remainers to check for collusion with EU representatives. I'm sure they would dredge up some reason why that wouldn't be appropriate.
But at least there is one positive: the curtain of secrecy has been drawn back and the apparatus of the elites is laid bare for everyone with nous to see it.
It will change history.

Mr Ecks said...

Your power of self-reassurance is epic Cheesy.

But the time is coming to consider the punishment of remain scum like yourself. A nation filled with active traitors like you really needs to identify and control such filth for the future. Heavy punitive taxes designed to impoverish remainiacs along with opportunities for you to piss off into the arms of your EU masters and owners looks to be the best programme. We have suffered from pipelines bringing IN migrants. For the future we need lines to get trash like you out and into your new forever home--The EU . With your own little hamster wheel if you are lucky.

Mark said...

So the actual referendum has been vaporized? The last election too by the sound of it!

Have to confess Cheerful, I'm starting to rather warm to your sheer detachment from reality.

This village you live in, what number are you?

Mr Ecks said...

Now it seems the Major and Miller team-up has been told to piss off by the High Court who say pirogue's are not the business of courts. Leaving the Scots Beaks even further on a limb.

Yesterday BTW--"rumour" day shall we call it--we find that Jeremy Vine on the EU funded (1.3 billion euros a year-of OUR money as well as the licence scam)BBC R2 was expounding on the very theme the rumours were organised around "Is Boris strong in public but weak and vacillating behind the scences?"

What an astounding co-incidence.

Ravenscar. said...


I think that your synopsis, personally speaking would be very hard for me to gainsay.

In desperate measure, in remainiac retreat blowing up the constitution like an retreating army detonates bridges, like a ripper dragging up a railway or road, they simply do not think through the consequences of their scorched earth and wanton destruction. Observe it we do, they seek only to destroy, It all begs, if, we'll ever be able rebuild any bridges, certainly not all of them I would posit.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said:

'Few would ever have imagined that the deep State - that unlawful cabal of senior establishment, civil service, intelligence, legal, business and political actors - would ever break cover to the extent that they have in the past weeks in a final Ardennes offensive to try to sabotage Britain's exit from the EU.'

Indeed, and I think the list you extend would be even longer if you include international actors - you know who you are - because the stakes are that high, aren't they Mr Soros? Col. Bob Stewart said it plainly outside the Palace of Westminster with his Parliament versus the people comment: "the people voted to leave and those in there are trying to stop it.."

Credit where credit's due Boris and Dominic look pretty relaxed at the mo. Remember Article 50 is treaty law and treaty law trumps UK law right up to the time we leave = 23:59 31 10 19.

And we are leaving.


Stephen J said...

Slightly off topic is a quote in the Telegraph from Nigel Evans, thus:

"Remainers love using the courts but the only court they don’t want to hear from is the court of public opinion in a general election, because they will be found guilty of contempt of the British people."

I liked it anyway.

Dave_G said...

Draghi has just 'left the room', effectively leaving Lagarde holding the baby of massive QE in Europe.

Another delay in Brexit will only expose yet more cracks in the fabric of the EU and a greater urgency for the UK to leave it all behind!

The EU are on the edge of a curving waterfall and have one foot on the algae covering the rocks.

Pat said...

It might well be to leavers' advantage if Labour become convinced that they can win an election. Then they might vote no confidence, thus triggering the necessary election. Otherwise I can see this Parliament going its full term.

Sgt 73rd Regt said...

Surely after this Brexit debacle is settled it is time for the UK to look at drafting a written constitution. The "unwritten constitution" has been used and abused by the Remainers time and again to try and overturn the will of the UK public.

Ravenscar. said...

Pat said,

"It might well be to leavers' advantage if Labour become convinced that they can win an election. Then they might vote no confidence, thus triggering the necessary election. Otherwise I can see this Parliament going its full term."

Why not, they can all pull their stipends cream the exes, go on 'fact finding missions' pilfering the public purse. Do, create no end of shite, and fuck the country beyond imagining. All and all out trashing and then, hope that the public forget.........and put off the inevitable turkey shoot but only postpone it: the day of reckoning.

Raedwald said...

Sgt - I know it sounds unbelievable, but I still think we're better off without a written constitution. It's a straightjacket and hands control of our governance to courts and lawyers rather than democratic decision making. Your question needs a longer answer and it's on my mental list of posts to do ...

Mark said...

I think the point of a written constitution Radders is who would write it.

It would be a British version of the Lisbon treaty written by the very people who have been doing their damnest to destroy democracy these last 3 years.