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Monday, 16 July 2018

Cabinet Office Europe Unit - The Enemy Within

Europe Unit - Cabinet Office

Oliver Robbins, Permanent Secretary
Jonathan Black, Director Europe Unit
Five Deputy Directors
Six Cabinet Office Band As
Seven Cabinet Office Band Bs

"The Europe Unit’s mission is to support the development and execution of the Government’s strategy for an orderly withdrawal from, and establishment of a new partnership with, the European Union. Our main roles are to:
  • Give the Prime Minister the best possible advice on how to lead the Government’s approach;
  • Support coherent and timely cross-Government decision-making; and
  • Work with other departments to advocate and deliver the Government’s position with European partners, especially through work as the Prime Minister’s EU Sherpa and Coordinator of the negotiations with the European Commission."
It's no wonder David Davis resigned when the full extent of Theresa May's duplicity became clear. She has nurtured her own 'Remain' unit at the heart of the Cabinet Office to work against everything that DEXEU was trying to do. When Jonathan Black was pictured shmoozing cabinet ministers at Chequers whilst selling the Robbins White Paper, a document unknown to the department that should have written it, you knew a coup had just taken place. A coup led by EUphile mandarins against not only elected members, but against the democratic mandate given by the people of Britain. 

We should have picked up the signals back in January, when a gloomy, pro-remain economic assessment was 'leaked' from Whitehall;  DEXEU denied any involvement, and the finger swiftly pointed to the Europe Unit. But no mandarin was ever moved or dismissed - and we can now speculate whether the 'leak' was not authorised by Theresa May herself as part of a covert campaign against her own cabinet.

Again, at a meeting of EU defence officials, they were joined by another Europe Unit mandarin, Alastair Brockbank, who told them under conditions of strict secrecy that they should 'count the UK in' to their EU PESCO defence force plans, so confident were these mandarins of sabotaging Brexit. And now we have a furious Airbus, manipulated and induced by the Europe Unit into launching a 'campaign Fear' assault on Brexit only to learn that Airbus has lost out to Boeing in replacing our E-3 'Sentry' aircraft.

It is simply intolerable that we should nurture this nest of vipers at the heart of government. The Europe Unit ARE the Enemy Within. They are implacable enemies to our democracy, as dangerous as the 'Spycatcher' nutters in MI5 MI6 in the 1960s who plotted to overthrow Wilson. Except now they are not just plotting - they are actively working to overthrow our parliamentary democracy. It is unforgivable that Theresa May has allied herself with such vipers. She, and they, must go.


Anonymous said...

Pleased to say our ukip branch is reforming with that very thought in mind
We will fight them On the beaches .......

DeeDee99 said...

The EU Referendum ballot paper didn't say anything whatsoever about "establishing a new PARTNERSHIP" with the EU. At no point during the campaign did either side say that a vote to LEAVE meant "establishing a new partnership."

Neither did her General Election manifesto. She has no mandate to sign us up to Associate Membership.

What she, and the traitors in the Cabinet Office Europe Unit are doing, is sacrificing DEMOCRACY so that a few foreign multi-nationals can move widgets from country (A) to country (B) without having to allow for a short delay.

They are setting themselves against the people, just like King Charles I.

They must want another civil war.

Anonymous said...

As I remember it, the "Spycatcher Nutters" were from SIS/MI6 rather than the more solid and reliable MI5. (At the time, certain rogue elements within SIS started to believe that the James Bond books were actually SIS training manuals....)

Sceptical Steve

Raedwald said...

Thanks Steve - corrected

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the author who claimed to have burgled his way across London from mi5.his office belonged to them

Dadad said...

Do you have any hard evidence that we are NOT leaving the EU next March ?

Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.

right-writes said...

The Eu is a "treaty organisation", it is defined as the EU only after the agreement of the participating members.

Its foundation treaty as the EEC (Rome) was the agreement whereby the members co-operate in an old Bismarckian idea, the "Zollverein" also known as a "a customs union".

At Maastricht, the same people plus a few more agreed to build what is known as a single market... also known as a "common rule book".

Mrs. May is proposing that we remain tied to facsimile versions of these two treaties, with another treaty.

Ergo... We are NOT leaving the EU under her stitch up.

May must go and quickly.

Budgie said...

Raedwald said: "... Theresa May has allied herself with such vipers."

Yes, that is the view I took. But thinking about it, unless Olly Robbins has engineered a coup d'etat, the instruction for his secret parallel White paper must have come from Theresa May herself.

That makes her the deceiver. She must have deliberately hoodwinked her own party and the public, probably over some months as you infer, whilst the Robbins WP was in preparation. This is Mrs May's "Dodgy Dossier" moment.

Raedwald said...

Budgie - I rather think of those mandarins like Viziers, whispering poison into the ears of the Sultan. Mrs May does not posess an intellect like Michael Gove, nor the emotional intelligence of a natural leader. She is utterly dependent on the research, briefings and advice of her Viziers. Simply, she has neither the wit nor the balls to have come up with this herself.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, What you say is true, Mrs May hasn't the wit to write the government (Robbins) WP. Or the DExEU WP.

But I'm making a separate point. Unless there has been an actual Viziers coup, Mrs May must have authorised the production of the Robbins WP. And done so months ago.

This is not speculation, or exasperation - the logic determines that she has been looking everyone in the eye for months and lying. Just like Blair with his "Dodgy Dossier".

We can speculate that the heart of the matter may be a Stockholm, or a symbiotic, relationship with the likes of Robbins. But that doesn't alter the fact that she has demonstrated a capacity for lying that no-one seems to have realised before, including me.

Raedwald said...

Ah, with you. Yes indeed. And having authorised the production of the Robbins White Paper many months ago, the question now is whether she lied to Parliament at any time since doing so.

Time to browse Hansard ...

jack ketch said...

Apparently JRM had a 45 minute meeting with the whips this morning and rumours abound that there is to be a 'compromise' ....*paging Mr. Grieve*

Bill Quango MP said...

Dadad said...

Do you have any hard evidence that we are NOT leaving the EU next March ?

Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.

Well, we are leaving. Hooray!
And immediately signing up to everything we just left, but modified a teeny smidgen. And calling everything we have left, yet resigned to by a brand new name.

This is obvious. As Theresa herself explained on the Marr show.
We will be free to leave any EU institution and disobey any EU law we like. That would immediately bring down the government that does it because they have then agreed a hard border in northern Ireland, but in theory, we would be free.

We are not really leaving. Anymore than a Highway Environmental Hygienist is not still a road sweeper. Even when given the new, fancy title.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Just so Radders.

This has been a brazen display of cynical and serial lying far beyond anything I am aware of in history.

She has to be forced out for this, regardless of the consequences.

It cannot be tolerated that a British PM consistently sets out to lie, lie and lie again and on an issue of such fundamental importance, and get off scot free.

John Vasc said...

Yes, Budgie is right - there has been lasting, determined lying by May, of an almost sociopathological order.
We thought she was simply incompetent in giving way on so many vital areas, making so many unforced errors - agreeing to sequencing, which is plumb against the clear letter and spirit of Art. 50; the 8 December Joint Report with the Art. 49 NI backstop 'if no agreement is reached' - an obvious vulnerable target; the uncharacteristic political weakness and lack of counter-arguments when faced with the obviously destructive intentions of Grieve, Soubry, Wollaston etc; giving Hammond the Treasury, making no attempt to prepare the country for the eventuality that the EU would make no FTA, and not even openly demanding one...
So essentially, her U-turn goes back to the triggering of Art. 50. It was not that she had 'no plan' - her plan was to let two years go inactively by and then cave in just in time for the EU to ratify her quisling 'agreement'.

And when they bin the White Paper, her next move will be to demand we join the EEA, and she'll call that 'Brexit' too.

Bill Quango MP said...

And when they bin the White Paper, her next move will be to demand we join the EEA, and she'll call that 'Brexit' too

That move began today - See CapX promoting it.

johnse18 said...

But aren't we already in the EEA so don't need to join it?

Dadad said...

I think we are in the EEA via our EU membership, so we leave when we leave.

What a shame.

Budgie said...

Dadad, Those who offer the EU control over our country to secure a trade deal, presumably know why they would not make the same offer to the USA. Or indeed to China, India, etc. I am assured by Remains that the EU is not a superstate or an empire, therefore the largest national customer we have currently is the USA, with Germany in second place. So perhaps you would be satisfied if they split their control of us 60:40.

John Brown said...

The reason that the upper echelons of the Civil Service, who are part of the EU swamp, together with the HoL, and many EU funded quangos and organisations such as the BBC, CBI and IFS, can continue to try to thwart Brexit, whilst the PM lies to Parliament and the country about her Brexit intentions with impunity, is because the majority of the HoC are totally opposed to Brexit despite many of their constituencies voting to leave.

It’s not just the PM and these Civil Servants who need to go but most of the HoC.

But is this ever going to happen ?

anon 2 said...

We need to find ways to put up and support our own Members for Parliament - and to rid ourselves of the Political Parties and whoever is funding them.

And we need to do it now. And Fast.

After all, it's that or . . . .

Anonymous said...


anon 2 said...

Looking over this again, did a double-take at "... EU Sherpa " Fascinating. How long have our governments been defining duties in sub-continental terms? Really, one doubts if "sherpa" is imported from, or even known to, our euro meisters.

So .... who's behind Sharia May's work on this?