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Friday, 13 July 2018

Every Leave constituency where the MP voted to Remain

This list was done just before last year's election and clearly needs updating.

New MPs who entered the House for the first time in 2017 need to be classified. Otherwise, as the next election will be Leave vs. Remain, we have 400 target Remain-MP seats to overturn, both Tory and Labour.

I'd suggest the only way any of the 400 can be exempted from a 'Leave' candidate challenge is by voting down the government next week and declaring for a WTO Brexit.


Update - Saturday am
Peter Oborne gets it - read his piece in the Mail and get ready for the tectonic plates to shift! And I would urge all Leave readers to use the excellent online facility to join the Conservative Party - whether or not you are already members of UKIP or the Labour Party. After all, you carry both a Tesco club card and a Nectar card, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Lets think of new labels then: Nationalists, Federalists, Anarchists, Xenophobes, … not sure I like any of those a whole lot.

Raedwald said...

Reformists, Chartists, Democrats, Renewers, Civilists, Localists?

Or how about Diggers, Levellers or Ranters?

Changists? Advancers? Reconstructionists? Transitionists?

All sound interesting to me - a positive kaleidescope of New Politics!

Anonymous said...

I like your suggestions better. But perhaps its not the labels that are important; after all, the Conservative party seems rather socialist in many of its policies, it is more likely because we have a vacuum where we should have a leader.

John Miller said...

I wonder if the irony of voting remain is appreciated by its voters?

How will the EU be governed when it becomes a true federation and politicians of local parties become glorified Councillors? Will it ostensibly consist of 28 representatives of the local councils?

Well, the EU Commission is effectively ruled by Germany. Mrs May's treasonous act admits as much. But perhaps Germany won't bother with so many puppets and just reduce the number to one. She will rule for life and needn't be bothered by elections. She will of course choose her own successor, for who else could be allowed to choose?

So the voters voting for Remain for the final time are effectively saying, "I am voting to end all this tiresome business of voting and you can govern me how you see fit for the rest of my life."

Who knows, the next German leader of Europe, given the fluidity of gender nowadays, may be able to indulge herself in a little natty moustache?

John Miller said...

I love the quotes under the names, especially Yvette Cooper, Dame Liar herself. Will she become The Donald? You bet!

After all, she has a duty to all those immigrants living with her. Oh, wait...

Mr Ecks said...

Certainly join UKIP even if you agree with nothing except Brexit. It was rising UKIP numbers that pushed Camoron to make his BIG mistake. Fast-rising UKIP numbers will put the shits up the sellout Tories.

Entryism to the Tories in the hope of a vote against the FFC? Not so hot. The Bitch also has plans to shut down for good ANY influence by members in the Party. She will have little chance of pushing it through at present tho'.

The danger with joining the Tories is

1--She will claim it shows support for her bullshit

2-She will use your money for pro-sellout propaganda.

Just join UKIP that is the quickest way to get at them. And write/email etc using the lists on this blog. Bury them in promises of the dole queue for sellout MPs. On the dole under Corbin.

Might as well. If v either Treason May or Corbin win we are heading for a collapsing police state. It will just take a bit longer under the EUTories is all.

Budgie said...

There is something intrinsically flawed about Oborne's position. There have been 11 major referendums in the UK. Every one has been fully obeyed and implemented, except for the 2016 Referendum. That is because a majority of our elected representatives, and the establishment, are at odds with the decision of the people of the UK to Leave the EU.

The Robbins White paper makes clear that the UK will leave the existing treaties but immediately sign up to new treaties, and existing EU programs, which will have exactly the same effect within the UK as now. From Defence to Fish; from a "common rulebook" to CJEU adjudication. It is not just betrayal, it is the imposition of EU rule in perpetuity, with few exceptions.

Whether the existing parties split, and new ones form, is therefore not the issue. The outcome we voted for was Leave. Unless we do Leave and become independent of the EU, the consequences for our popular democracy are dire. The death of popular democracy is far more important than which political parties exist.

Plantman said...

Time for some soundbites/sightbites -repeated loud and often.

OMO - out means out

Popular - a majority no matter how small you agree with

Populist - a majority no matter how big you disagree with

Raedwald said...

Budgie - Yes to your second para. If the Robbins White Paper has legs, and safeguarding amendments to prevent the treaties you envisage are not agreed by the House next week, then those opposed to May's sell-out must send a clear message to Brussels; that we regard any such treaties as unlawful and contrary to the government's democratic mandate, that they will be challenged in the UK Supreme Court, and in any case are at risk of repudiation by a government following May's, and must not be entered into.

RAC said...

NONGLOB(alist) party

Dave_G said...

We need the legal RIGHT to declare non-participation when the establishment fail to implement the democratic wish of the majority.

If May gets her proposal through and we end up with BINO then the 17 million that voted should be able - by law and with zero repercussions - to refuse to abide by any aspect of any decision made not-in-our-name.

This isn't insurrection, this is the application of democracy and I don't know how the Government could charge or take anyone to trial over such a position as any jury made from an equal cross-section of society would (could) simply declare innocence regardless of the charge.

The Government only have control over us if we GIVE them control or allow them to TAKE control. Subtle - and not-so-subtle - open resistance would create havoc for them.

17 million 'late' tax returns? 17 million 'late' council tax payments? 17 million....

John Vasc said...

Excellent work, Raedwald. As of last week, there are several (possibly many) MPs who declared themselves on the Leave side - before or after the June 2016 Referendum - but who have now signed up to May's quisling arrangement. (Grayling, Fox, Gove etc.) I suggest after the next relevant vote on the White Paper, somebody updates with who voted to support it.
Equally, of course, voting to oppose the White Paper may not *necessarily* be a sign of Brexit-integrity: e.g. Kenneth Clarke and many Labour MPs such as Chris Bryant may well oppose it - but only because they want to cancel Art. 50 instead.

John Vasc said...

PS I wouldn't recommend late tax returns - HMRC charges high penalties, and courts always enforce their decisions. But there are legitimate methods of ensuring HMRC gets less tax, and if everybody applies them, the Treasury would be in trouble.

Hectgor Drummond, Vile Novelist said...

Don't join the Conservatives. They're history now, and need to be destroyed ASAP.

John Vasc said...

Btw, Guido Fawkes is reporting the latest polling figures: the Tories have dipped 6 points to 36%, now trailing behind Labour (unchanged at 40%) and UKIP have risen from 3% to 8%.

anon 2 said...

Q: What is the benefit of joining any of the traditional lib/lab/con parties?
A: None. They're all the same --- all Marxist, and all inspired by what they think is "education/education/education."

You see, somehow the Commies figured out that Christianity had gained its power by controlling literacy/education. Some Marxists may even have grasped that Christianity is about the Word, and the Search for Truth. Working from a contemptuous rut of power, greed, and cupidity, however, the 'Lefties' infiltrated the universities and distorted the Christian principle: their method is to manipulate words and so to corrupt truth.
They don't understand that they can't succeed without the Charity (love of God and Godly things) that they have both defiled and forbidden.

The decline has ever been at work, of course -- Beside the Bible, our once admired Literature bears testimony: Chaucer, Thomas More, and Milton all illustrated similar scenarios in their days. But Post-modern Political Parties think they now control 'universal' truth, especially now they've inherited global "technology."

Well. . . . . . . . . Now is the Time: for all good men to REMOVE the Parties.