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Thursday, 12 July 2018

The enemy within

The concept of 'the enemy within' surfaces regularly through time and history precisely because the threat is real. Two quotes only.
A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. - Cicero
We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands. We always have to be aware of the enemy within, which is much more difficult to fight and more dangerous to liberty. - Margaret Thatcher
That Brexit has been turned from the democratic will of the people of Britain into a disastrous betrayal of voters is wholly the doing of an enemy within the very heart of government. Today the political class will publish its Brexit White Paper, which their administrator Mrs May has already cleared with Frau Merkel. The elite have ensured their well padded nests remain comfortable, and bugger democracy. As Quentin Letts had it in the Mail yesterday
For me, an elite is an essential part of any aspirational society, for it can create a top tier which those on lower strata can aim to join. Yet an elite must be porous. It must not try to fence off its privileges. That is what our elite, in the law, the BBC, Civil Service, the Confederation of British Industry and elsewhere have been doing. Horrified by what they see as the ignorance of the pro-Brexit lower orders, they are fighting dirtily to maintain their Brussels career paths, their industrial subsidies and those EU regulations which create oodles of work for them.
We have allowed those who think they know best for us, a privileged elite of powerful and well connected bureaucrats, who see the best future as one in which Europe's unelected bureaucrats rule unfettered to secure the best outcomes for all we poor benighted fools, to cement their gains of a power near which they should never have been allowed. Our mandarins are simply an enemy within, fighting with great power against the democratic wishes of the people. 

They have run away with government. Our Prime Minister is no more than Olly Robbins' compliant tool, like a wind-up doll speaking crass saccharine lying words that rob us of our State. Olly and his chums are ever present and all powerful. They are our enemy. And make no mistake, they must be defeated.


DeeDee99 said...

It's been obvious for a very long time that the Mandarins are fully signed up to the EU Project.

EU Directives Gold Plated, before they were signed-off into British Law .... making many more comfortable, final-salary-pensionable jobs for the boys and girls. Cheers going up in the FCO, when the Lisbon Treachery was signed by Gordon Brown, bypassing the Referendum we were promised.

There needs to be a complete clear-out of:

The House of Commons
The House of Frauds
The Senior Civil Service
The Quangocracy, including the Senior BBC

But how on earth do we make it happen. We don't "do" French-Style revolts.

right-writes said...

The solution would be to pick a new party and vote for it.

If UKIP had the right leadership, it could change the face of British politics.

This is what the Labour Party did in the early part of the 20th C, even if it hasn't represented the working classes since around 1930. It did however persuade a significant portion of the voters to support them, so it is possible.

The difference in this case is that the "sinking ship" is the CONservative Party.

As things stand, the democratic deficit is clear, and people might be readily persuaded by a good argument.

Cull The Badgers said...

We should start. 'The streets' are all that is left now.

Anonymous said...

Cull The Badgers,

but there is no one who has come forward to lead. Boris has proved himself no more effect than Billy Bunter, Farage is in retirement - probably, Davis doesn't look like he's got the energy and that leaves JRM. Cometh the hour cometh the man, lets hope!

RAC said...

Off topic but this just made me spray my cup of tea, you may enjoy also....

pete said...

..if you've not seen/heard this...

Anonymous said...

Enemy within seems to be blocking IP's , now there's a tell !

RAC said...

Ah someone moved fast.
After Farage left I always felt it strange how quickly UKIP fell apart, the seemingly totally unfit people who took over makes one wonder in retrospect if they were inserted for a purpose.If they were it does show good forward planning from the globalists.
BTW I just did a quick look and could find no ban on links so here's another, fraid this one's more like gallows humour.

anon 2 said...

Pete @ 11:12 ... Now there's a perfect example of Franco-German Claptrap. The background din is appalling (so I shut it off). Oh - and that's the first time I've ever been blocked on a comment section.

Raedwald said...

anon 14.39 agree - it astonishes me that there are supposidly literate people out there credulous enough to give credence to this guff.

John Vasc said...

Hear hear. And what a mendacious bunch they are.

I remember in 1971 talking to a well-heeled English barrister who was practising in Brussels. We should join 'Europe', he told me. It was a great project. Even as a callow (and strongly pro-European) student I knew the problem: 'But that would mean ceding our national sovereignty,' I pointed out. He replied, smoothly, 'Ah, but that's exactly what a government and a nation has the power to do - to allow its sovereignty to be conceded in a higher cause.'
I realised then that these were fanatics who would stop at nothing.

RAC said...

@ anon 2 said at 14:39 You've got to view every thing through a filter. Globalism is power hungry, money hungry, control freak psychopaths. They're every where,every race,religion, political party, financial org., you name it some of them will be in there.
Whenever I see a video or report like that I question whether it's reverse propaganda, in so much as it blames one particular group but by doing so taints the the anti globalist movement.
Take a look at President Trump, Israel never had a better friend in recent presidents yet the globalists are going after him like mad dogs.

anon 2 said...

Thanks, Radders @ 14:56.
Trouble is, it's what many "supposedly literate people" had to do to get their graduate degrees. Such "difficult material," they accept, is brilliant. And anyone who clearly articulates an alternative had ". . . better be careful. There are a lot of people round here who like this!"

cascadian said...

Our Prime Minister is no more than Olly Robbins' compliant tool......yes, but also enslaved to dreaded feminism and other temporary debilitating fads.

She must be replaced of course, but who would take on the entrenched legislative arm and mandarinate? It would require an "outsider" of considerable ability who could ignore most of the accepted orthodoxies spouted by the university "experts", BBC, the perpetual grievance-mongers, UN and others. A person of the same calibre as President Donald Trump, financially secure, confident and visionary, and even he is having trouble gaining traction against the "swamp" dwellers itemised above.

I have no doubt this person must come from an entirely new party, the old liblabcon are entirely beholden to and form a significant portion of the swamp (turkeys will not enthusiastically embrace Christmas). UKIP may not be ideal but it is the ONLY party embraced by voters who want to be freed from the EU.

What is needed in the governance of the country is a "big-bang" similar to earlier banking changes, a leader of the type who relates to normal people and is willing to tell BBC interviewers to fuck-off occasionally. A normal person with foibles unlike the recent automatons bred only for platitudinous answers and a willingness to accept managed decline. That person is certainly NOT BoJo.

Above all you need someone who believes in winning, not a compliant order taker who needs pre-approval of her proposed negotiating points from a foreign entity, so that she may submit further to embarassing appeasement.

Budgie said...

Reading Stewart Jackson: "Robbins et al blocked the publication of the [DExEU] White paper from at least March [2018] because 1) they'd lose policy control and 2) ipso facto its contents might not be the Hotel California Brexit they delivered at Chequers" (see

I did not realise there were TWO quite different White papers - the DExEU one and Olly Robbins one. Few others seem to have realised this either. Most have concentrated on the awfulness of the presented (Robbins) White paper. They have missed the fact that by blocking a department's White paper in favour of his own, Robbins has effectively engineered a coup d'etat.

cascadian said...

As an example of the kind of person required to implement a thorough cleaning of the "swamp"

Doug Ford was characterized as a know-nothing-hick he absolutely crushed the existing orthodox parties in the last election-because he spoke common-sense.

Time will tell if he can maintain this momentum, my point is that people of this calibre exist and can rise very quickly to successful positions if the electorate use their inate good sense.

cascadian said...

For the benefit of anybody who does not speak Canajan:


in the video attached to the above article.